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Open letter to Mr. David Kinnaman for restoring good image of US Christianity by Hem Raj Jain

Dear Mr. David Kinnaman: I have just read your book “unChristian” in which your main assertion is that the US Christianity has image problem among Christians & non-Christians.

The US Christianity is not the only religion which has an image problem. The people criticize and blame maximum only those religions which are capable but don’t do enough to solve the myriad problems being faced by the people all over the world (especially in this age of inevitable & desirable globalization). The US Christianity is blamed because it is capable of solving problems of mankind but is not doing so.

I am not a Christian but from whatever I have read about Christianity mainly nine fundamental messages (upon which Christianity ought to be practiced) emerge out of the life & preaching of Prophet Jesus Christ (i)- Compassion (human rights in present terminology) towards even those who are looked-down by society (ii)- Cosmopolitanism and not tribalism [Prophet Jesus Christ (a Jew) gave succor to non-Jews also] (iii)- Healing of sick persons by invoking God through Prophet Jesus Christ (that is why I support participatory philanthropy for health-care by US Christianity and not by US State) (iv)- Stateless (rather minimum State) society as Prophet Jesus Christ said that even disputes should not be taken to State (Judiciary) otherwise complainant / Plaintiff may land up in jail (which I know is true as I was put in prison for two months for contempt of court for my ‘crime’ of approaching court for relief) (v)- Reasonable distribution of wealth among the people and not the present vulgar disparities in income / consumption (vi)- Respect for life and women (vii)- Non-violence of the highest order (even more than my religion Jainism which is known for non-violence in which 23rd Jain Prophet Parshwanth faced ‘upsarg’ by Kamath) where Prophet Jesus Christ faced ‘upsarg’ in the path of the God through crucifixion (viii)- Forgiveness and not revenge (ix)- For salvation what is required is faith and not merely (rather in addition to) efforts (‘Karma’ in Hindu / Jain terminology)

Fortunately, there is a solution to image problem of US Christianity. For this you are requested to motivate & mobilize your friends and colleagues (the US Christians) to spread the message of Christianity all across the world, to start with, by solving the problem of Palestine by launching ‘Palestine Resolution International Human Rights Organization’ (PRIHRO) by US Christians (instead of US Muslims as suggested by me in PCP article) and by addressing problem of Caravan as mentioned at :- and

I hope you will motivate & mobilize US Christianity and US Christians to commit itself for spreading the Christianity all over the world especially in the interest of bringing succor to suffering mankind.

If you think it will help then I can assist you in this mission, even in person [I can even mobilize half of the volunteers (that is ~ 3 million volunteers) for PRIHRO (to be launched by US Christians) from India alone]


Hem Raj Jain

(Author of ‘Betrayal of Americanism’)