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President Trump confident to overturn court ruling on ban for Muslims from seven countries

Washington: February 4, 2017. USA President Donald Trump flays temporary stay order by Washington State Federal Judge on his executive Order to ban visa for Muslims courtiers on watch list by previous administration as Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Iran, Sudan, Libya and Somalia for 90 days.

President Trump wrote on Social Media; “When a country is no longer able to say who can, and who cannot, come in & out, especially for reasons of safety &.security - big trouble!”

“The opinion of this so-called judge, which essentially takes law-enforcement away from our country, is ridiculous and will be overturned!”

“Interesting that certain Middle-Eastern countries agree with the ban. They know if certain people are allowed in it's death & destruction!”

Meanwhile, according to Reuters “The Department of Homeland Security will stop flagging travelers from certain countries targeted by an executive order from President Donald Trump, a spokeswoman said on Saturday, in order to comply with a federal court ruling”

The Justice Department intends to file an emergency stay of the order at the earliest possible time, the Department of Homeland Security spokeswoman said.

In a similar move, the U.S. State Department, will allow people with valid visas into the United States, an official said on Saturday.