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Pakistan seeks Interpol Red Warrant for Altaf Hussain in final phase to nail MQM

Karachi: February 9, 2017. (PCP)As Pakistan Establishment breaks up MQM in different factions to end voice of Urdu speaking community of Sindh it steps forward to seek arrest warrants of MQM Founder Altaf Hussain who hold British nationality and based in London.

The Interior Ministry of government of Pakistan gives green signal to Federal Investigation Agency FIA to forward decision of Anti-Terrorism Court in Karachi which is holding trial on violence after August 22, 2016, speech of Altaf Hussain and issued his arrest warrants.

Pakistan establishment is supporting one expelled MQM leader Mustafa Kamal to form a faction of Urdu speaking community political group with name of Pak SerZameen Party PSP.

It is an eye opening that Mustafa Kamal who heads PSP faction of MQM with poor family background is now spending millions on renting offices and residences for his team on monthly which surprises political analysts in Pakistan but none dares to raise voice on it. All TV Channels cameras move on Kamal Mustafa on directions of some powerful tools while he have not any ideology instead was elected Mayor of Karachi on nomination of MQM Founder Altaf Hussain and later sent to Senate of Pakistan on his recommendation.

There is formed another faction of MQM by hidden forces which is called MQM Pakistan led by Dr. Farooq Sattar. The MQM Founder Altaf Hussain awarded tickets to middle class Urdu speaking individuals for Provincial Assembly of Sindh, National Assembly of Pakistan and Senate of Pakistan and made MQM number four political party in parliament but now all of these are in MQM Pakistan faction.

Altaf Hussain struggled and united Urdu speaking community under banner of MQM and made possible to reach middle class individuals in parliament while all other political parties in Pakistan give tickets to business tycoons, retired army generals and feudal lords.

It is feared that after crushing MQM, the Pakistan establishment will target PPP and ANP which have always opposed military intervention in political affairs.

There are doubts that Pakistan will be successful to extradite MQM Chief Altaf Hussain with such Red Warrants when British Judicial system upholds human rights and Pakistan not fulfills human right standards where thousands of political activists are missing after 2000, many are killed in detentions and investigation centers.