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Sindhi Nari Sangat holds Census awareness rallies

Jamshoro/ Kotri: March 9, 2017. (PCP) Activists of Sindhi Sangat Sindh and Sindhi Nari Sangat Sindh held census awareness rallies in Jamshoro and Kotri. Rallies were organized to create awareness about population census among the people of Sindh. Activists of Sindhi Sangat Sindh demanded illegal immigrant living in Sindh must be counted separately as nonresidents.

Responding to the central call given by the chairman Sindhi Sangat Sindh Mansoor Khaskheli, Activists of Sindhi Sangat Sindh and Sindhi Nari Sangat Sindh held census awareness rallies in Jamshoro and Kotri. In Jamshoro activists of Sindhi Sangat Sindh and Sindhi Nari Sangat Sindh taken out rally for census awareness outside Jamshoro press club, a large number of activists men and women participated in rally.

Addressing the crowd leaders of Sindhi Sangat Sindh and Sindhi Nari Sangat Sindh Nawaz Sindhi, Sadam Behrani, Ambreen Sindhi, Khair ul nisah Qambrani and others said that population census was done after every 10 years throughout the world in order to count the population, plan for their food and distribute national resources as well as for political representation. The population census in Pakistan was done last time in 1998 and now after 19 years it is planned for March 2017, people of Sindh should know that their inclusion in the house and population census was their constitutional right, they should take full interest in getting themselves counted and recorded correctly.

Federal government must address the concern of Sindh because the transparency and eligibility of the census process is our serious concerns. We have fear that Sindhi people may be converted into a minority on their own soil through tampering with the head count and manipulating data. Fundamental reservations concerned the results of the 1998 census, in which the population of Sindh was perceived as having been shown as less than the actual number, depriving the province of its due share in the NFC award and other fiscal grants and aid. The federal and Sindh governments should review the concerns of the majority of the provinces population. They should take serious notes of the demand that millions of economic refugees from the countrys north and its trouble spots be registered as part of Sindhs population separately, in a non-resident category and more than forty lack aliens are illegally residing in Sindh while somehow illegal immigrants Bangladeshi, Irani, Afghani, Indian, Burmese have got fake CNIC but they are not Pakistani citizens because they have violated citizenship act of 1951.

Activists of Sindhi Sangat Sindh appealed to Sindhi peoples to participate in census and spread awareness about census from city to city and house to house, they further said if many families are living in one house under a combined family system, each family should be counted separately along with its head. Although govt has announced census in March 2017 but millions people of Sindh still have not got CNICs, how they will be counted in census? Sindhi Sangat Sindh demands govt should send special NADRA teams to remote areas of Sindh Thar, Kacha, Kohstan and others. While fake CNIC cards of illegal immigrants must be canceled before census.


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