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Minorities not to accept lower class status but equality

HYDERABAD: December 17, 2017. (By Abbas Kassar) Speakers at a seminar Role of Media In Addressing Issues of Minorities have said the minorities in Pakistan including Hindus would no more accept status of Dalit or Lower Class but would continue to strive for equality as they are also citizens of Pakistan.

Speaking as chief gust Akash Santorai the noted journalist said they want to live with dignity and asked society not to revive old attributions under which Hindus were treated like serfs.

The seminar was organized by Hindu minority council and addressed among others by Akash Santorai, Noman Sahto, Mukesh Meghwar,Mehran Memon and Shankar Meghwar.Santorai took exception of Media by saying that it was discriminating against them. He said NGOs desire Hindus, Meghwar, Bheel, Kolhi and others shall not make advances and remain illiterate as they are today so that they(NGOs) can continue to get funds in their names such is the mission of politicians who also continue to exploit Hindu minorities.

He said they want end of stamp of hatred. He asked Hindus to stand up for change that was in offing adding that if “we accept that we are untouchables then how change will come.” He said even their so-called leaders (Patels) were against change as they only need a bottle of alcohol. They are not interested in equal rights of their own community. He asked media to stop writing lower class and upper-class stunt. He said today’s world is of discussions, debates and everything be based on proofs.