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Christian leaders of APCL, ICC, NMA and PCCF staged protest in front of EU Building not PPP

According to sources close to Pakistan Christian Post PCP, The Christian leaders in Europe staged protest in front of EU Parliament Building in Strasbourg France on June 6, 2016, for rights of Pakistani Christians.

More than one dozen Christian leaders and activists gathered in front of EU Parliament from UK, Italy, Denmark, Germany and other EU countries waving one Pakistani National Flag with Banners of their respective Christian’s organizations and submitted signed memorandum to EU office.

Pakistan Christian Post contacted organizers of protest of June 6, 2016, for press release but none was issued except posting of some pictures of social media which was picked by only one Christian media out let in Pakistan which left impression that organizers of protest were only interested in coverage of their own choice of media.

Whenever, there is any protest of Pakistani Christian Diaspora in EU and North America it provides it provides great support to Christian activists in Pakistan who are facing hardship in struggle to achieve equal basic democratic rights in Islamic Republic of Pakistan as well as creates ray of hope among oppressed and persecuted Christians.

Whatever situation may be, protests of Christians in EU and NA never became as disputed as it was of June 6, 2016, protest in front of EU Parliament Building in France.

Mostly Christian political activists complained that Church leadership highjacks their protests while majority of protestors were congregates not political activists in New York, Toronto, London, Brussels, Washington or any other EU or NA city but any of protest remained “Protest of Christians by Pakistani Christian Diaspora”

When Christian leaders started their journeys to France to participate in June 6, 2016, protest, their ultimate goal was to raise voice for rights of Pakistani Christians not to support any Muslim political party in Pakistan.

It must be considered that host or organizer of June 6, 2016, protest in France have invested some funds to entertain participants in his home but to put struggle of community in bag of his favorite Muslim political party PPP cannot be justified.

It is noted that host of this EU protest have joined Pakistan Peoples Party PPP few months back unless he always kept his NMA flag high for demands of Pakistani Christians.

As some section of Pakistani electronic media have portrayed June 6, 2016, protest of Christians is not fair and disinformation by tools of PPP.

Such tactics will damage Christian cause and spirit of Christian leaders in EU and NA who spare time in busy life style of these developed countries to rally for rights of their brothers and sisters in Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

Pakistani Christian nation pays homage to Sarwar Bhatti, JJ George Advocate, Shamas Advocate, Nawaz Salamat and other leaders who travelled to participate in June 6, 2016, protest in front of EU parliament Building for their rights.

By Nazir S Bhatti