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The government has no mandate to deform Constitution says Imran Khan

Islamabad (July 3, 2002) Imran Khan, Chairman PTI, has said that the Multan gang rape incident shows the breakdown of the justice system. As long as the powerful are above the law and the poor and the week are paraded through the streets in humiliat
Imran Khan was talking to a youth delegation, which called on him with regard to the PTI's grand public meeting on July 6 at Liaqat Bagh Rawalpindi. The Liaqat Bagh meeting is expected to be the first major public showing of the party as part of its election campaign.

The PTI Chief said that the PTI is disappointed on the failure of the government to adhere to its 7 point agenda. Rule of law does not exist in the country as is evident from the Multan gang rape incident. There is one set of laws for the powerful and another for ordinary citizens. He said the PTI government would make examples of individuals who commit crimes such as the Multan incident.

He said the youth have a special role to play in mobilizing the people. The PTI rests its hope of national revival on the youth whose future is at stake. I intend to go from town to town to mobilize the people and change is round the corner as no amount of political maneuverings and manipulation can stop the tidal wave of change, he added.

Imran Khan said I am an idealist and I have always taken risks in life as those who are afraid of the unknown never achieve higher goals in life. I have chosen a difficult path instead of opting for a comfortable life. I am determined and confident that "my vision of a just and prosperous society will come true."