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Man forced to flee his home in London after leaving Islam

London: February 16, 2017. (PCP) Faisal Bashir a 43 year old married man with two children is the latest public victim of apostasy hatred in the UK, in what is becoming a growing phenomenon across Britain according Guardian article

In 2014 he contacted the BPCA for help and support after he became disturbed by the hatred within Islam and strong messages of divisions that were being taught in local Ilford mosques. He chose to stop practicing Islam but suddenly found himself being targeted by men from the local mosque.

Faisal was living behind BPCA's offices at the time and his children attended many of our community center projects including art, sport and dance workshops that provided opportunities for disenfranchised and deprived children and young people.

Faisal has told the BPCA that he was abused daily and men from a local mosque would turn up at his door determined to convert him back to Islam, after they realized he and his family had stopped going to mosque and the family's attitude to Islam had changed.

Faisal was called an apostate and told that he had betrayed Islam while threatened often. On several occasions men claiming to be 'Sharia Police' threatened to arrest Faisal and his family.

Despite frequent calls to local Police, Faisal believes little was done to resolve the persecution he and his family were subjected to. He feels more should have been done and has called for a review of hate crimes of this nature, in the London Borough of Redbridge.

Faisal has told BPCA that the bullying reached unprecedented levels leading to his moving away from the area in 2015. He said: "Local Muslims started to threatened my wife and children and kept us awake all night. They often said Islamic prayers outside my home at high volume at times they knew my family and I would normally be sleeping.

"When a local Police officer told us they could not help and that we should move away, it dawned on me that I had no other option."

"I feel let down by both the local council and Redbridge Police they paid little attention to our plight."

Wilson Chowdhry Chairman of the British Pakistani Christian Association, said: Faisal's description of persecution is similar to that faced by many Muslims choosing to leave the faith who become shunned by their community for their 'apostasy.

"Attacks such as these of converts fro Islam in the UK are not new. The level of hatred faced by Nissar Hussain a Christian convert from Islam led to him being hospitalized for two weeks after he was attacked by two men with pickaxe handles in November 21015.