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Mohinder Paul Singh awaits justice on desecration of his religious turban in Pakistan.

Chicha Watni: February 25, 2017. (PCP) In Islamic Republic of Pakistan where Muslims shoot anyone who defiles name of Prophet Mohammad or can burn hundreds of homes and Muslim police can put you behind bars under Section 295 A, B and C PPC, one Sikh who is citizen of land is waiting courts to frame charges against Muslims who desecrated his Turban which is his religion symbol from over one year.

The name of that Sikh community member is Mohinder Paul Singh whose ancestors are inhabitant of land when Pakistan or Islamic Republic not existed and Muslims of this Islamic Republic of Pakistan were field workers of forefathers of Sikh Community.

According to details, Mohinder Paul Singh was travelling in a bus owned by Faisal Movers Company in 2016 from Faisalabad to Multan but when bus reached in city of Chicha Watni stop when he and other passengers who were all Muslims complained against driving attitudes of bus driver.

Instead of resolving complain about bus driver, Riast Gujjar, Arshad Gujjar, Baqar Ali and others targeted only Mohinder Paul Singh on complain not other Muslim passengers.

The Muslim culprits abused religion of Mohinder Paul Singh and attacked him. They took turban of Mohinder Paul Singh and threw it on ground.

It is Islam which declares Christians, Hindus, Sikhs and all other religions communities individuals as infidels Kafir and bear it Islamic duty to insult and liable to be killed.

Mohinder Paul Singh took stand after desecration of his turban and entered in Police Station to file case against Muslim culprits under blasphemy laws. The Muslim police was reluctant to register his case but on his insistence registered case 169/16 under Sections 295 A /506/148/149 PPC dated July 2016.

On February 24, 2017, was date of hearing in court of Trial Magistrate Mian Hassan Tariq where Mohinder Paul Singh and his attorney Javed Sahotra Advocate were present.

The charges were supposed to be frame today but Police and Muslim culprits were threatening Mohinder Paul Singh for compromise on which case was adjourned for hearing on March 10, 2017.


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