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Hindu Marriage Bill passed by National Assembly of Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: March 9, 2017. (PCP) An outstanding demand of Hindu Community in Pakistan was fulfilled after decades when National Assembly of Pakistan Hindu Marriage Bill 2016 here today after amendment made by Senate of Pakistan.

Pakistani Hindus were facing difficulties to register their marriages with relevant local municipal committees on which their children were denied entry in national data base which enables to issue National Identity Cards and necessary travelling documents abroad.

The Hindu Marriage Bill 2016 falls short to prevent enforced conversion of Hindu women to Islam as it not clarifies that weather Hindu marriage dissolves as any Muslim converts them to take in marriage.

According to Islamic teachings on which Pakistani Judicial system stand if any women converts to Islam and marry any Muslim man then father or husband of any Christian or Hindu cannot file police report of abduction and rape weather minority community woman is forced under pressure to record statement before any magistrate that she accepted Islam with free will.

The kidnapped and forced to marriage with Muslim man Christian or Hindu women are not permitted to meet their husbands or fathers before such statements before judges.

The Minister for Human Rights Kamran Michael piloted the bill in the House.

According to Hindu Marriage Bill 2016, it will enable the Hindu community to get their marriages registered and separation cases could be resolved in the courts.