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St. Philip Parish Karachi celebrates Women Day

Karachi: March 9, 2017. (Father Bernard Bhatti OFM) What a joy and blessing to celebrate Women's Day with our parish women, both Christians and Muslims women participated in the program. It is high time, that the women must get involved in every field of life.

It is a part of our parish's vision that the women must be given equal rights and opportunities to come forward in every field of life, most of all where they can exercise their innate talents, skills and God given abilities.

The purpose of organizing such a event is to say 'Thanks' to all the women who continually serve, family and society at large.

The reality of life for women in our beloved country Pakistan is not easy at all. Just imagine 3, 000 women were killed in the name of honor in last three years.

It is an incredible to accept the reality of life for women. The challenges start at home for the women. The family keeps on humiliating women just using and misusing the name of the cultural, tactics. This very fact and reality of life prevails in the society.

There also been lot done by the government for the rights of Women, though, there are many laws made in favor of women, but they still need to be implemented on grass root level.

There is a need of awareness at all levels, family and society, so that women could live their lives according to their nature.

We were fortune to have two women speakers, Dr, Shaban MBBs working for the poor and the needy at Essa Nagri, and Baji Bashira who is running a Nursing College. Both of them, are very much involved for the uplifting of Women.

There is a great creative energy among the women, if a right atmosphere is provided they can transform family and the society as a whole.

There were 765 women came from all the areas of the parish to take an active part in this day.

We, all have to play our role to spread the word that the Women are equal to us all. There is a need to understand them, and to be ready to support and show our concern and care for them, only than we can bring about the change in the society.

I am thankful to all the women who came to attend the program. I am thankful for their dedication, commitment, and support toward the life of the parish. I am also very thankful to my pastoral team for their hard work to make this very day memorable and successful.


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