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J Salik inaugurates Salik Beauty Soap with Feet-Washing tradition of Holy Thursday

Islamabad: April 13, 2017. (PCP) Mr. J. Salik said I wanted the Humble Inauguration of J Salik Beauty Soap by using it to fulfill the beautiful tradition of Feet-washing started by Jesus Christ

On the occasion of Easter Convener World Minorities Alliance and Organizer Awami Maseeha Party Mr. J Salik performed the tradition of Feet-washing by washing the feet of depressed lay men with J Salik Beauty Soap (Charity Soap) today, Thursday 13th April, 2017 at his residence, House #1, St.#31, G-6/2, Melody, Islamabad.

On the occasion J Salik told while addressing that the tradition of Feet-washing was started by Jesus Christ (Hazrat Essa), when he washed the feet of his disciples to give us the lesson of extreme humbleness. He said that I want to start the use of J Salik Beauty Soap with this beautiful tradition of Jesus Christ and this is the humble opening ceremony of J Salik Beauty Soap (Charity Soap). While talking about J Salik Beauty Soap (Charity Soap) he said that J Salik beauty soap is an effort to give jobs to our poor community and we are indending to spend the 70% of its income for Charity purposes.

J Salik Beauty Soap is a Charity Soap and 70 % of its income will be used in Charity.


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