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J Salik protest with slug on head against silence on killing of Muslims in Kashmir and Burma

Islamabad: May 18, 2017. (PCP) Convener World Minorities Alliance Mr. J Salik protested with slug in his head along with the picture of General Secretary UNO Mr. Antonio Guterres against the international silence on the worst cruelty with Minorities (Muslims) in Burma and Kashmir on Thursday 18th May, 2017 continuously for two hours from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM at his residence, House #1, St.#31, G-6/2, Melody, Islamabad. There was banner on the wall behind him with slogans, Stop killing minorities in Burma and Kashmir, the international silence on cruelty with minorities is suspected. He was fully covered with slug.

While addressing on the occasion J Salik said that the protest with slug is not a new theory but very old as Holy Bible tells that after the proclamation of Jonah (Hazrat Younas) people including the king of Nineveh did the same to make the God happy, so that God will change the decision of their overthrown, and it worked. He said that we need to do the same to get rid of this cruelty. He said that the national flag should be down and prominent people should sit down instead of using luxurious house goods for forty days at least. He said that I want to make it realize to the international powers that we all have to go to the slug at last so we have to play our role to save the people otherwise how will we face our God. He said that the silence on the part of the UNO and other international institutions for human rights amounted to criminal negligence.He demanded to call all the stakeholders including Papa-e-Azam, Imam Khana Kabah and Bishop of Canterbury to resolve the issue of Minorities in Burma and Kashmir on immediate basis.


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