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Christian youth arrested under blasphemy charges

Gujrat: July 17, 2017. (Kashif Nawab) fake complaint of blasphemous act against a 16-year-old Christian boy Shehzad Masih s/o Shafaquat Masih has been registered First Information Report No. 273/17 under section 295-C Pakistan Penal Code on the complaint of Nadeem Ahmed s/o Saghir Ahmed in the jurisdiction of Dinga Police Station District Gujrat. The complainant and his compliances alleged Shahzed using derogatory remarks and obtained his statement under influences using mob pressure. The family of the accused is staying hidden at present.

Shahzads parents worked for a local hospital by the name of Shahmim Riaz Hospital under the management of Dr. Tariq. The parents quite their job and Shahzad started a job there. He was serving as peon at the hospital for the past six months. A month ago, a Muslim man named Ishtiaq Qadri who involved Shahzad in discussion over religious debate that finally ended up in dispute. When Dr. Tariq was intervened and the issue was resolved. On Thursday, July 13, 2017, Qadri again withheld Shahzad into discussion and blamed his using derogatory remarks against the Holy Prophet. He brought the fake issue into the attention of Muslim community a mob of Muslims tried recorded his statement under pressure on severe threats. This issue was created on a dispute with no reality at all.

Shahzad is the elder son who has two younger brothers and a sister.

However, Muslim extremist have planned a mob really in this connection on July 17, 2017. It has been a norm in the communities presently to revenge Christians into blasphemy to settle their personal issues and disputes. The family has This has not been the first time, but however, thanks to the Social Action Transformation of Humanity who timely took the action and saved the Christian community as well the family.


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