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Minority Day observed demanding elimination of extremism

HYDERABAD: August 11, 2017. (Abbas Kassar) Pakistan minority day was observed across country. In this regard, main event was held at Diocese of Hyderabad church of Pakistan which was addressed by Bishop Kaleem John. Similar ceremonies were held in other cities of country where the leaders commemorated 11th August speech of father of nation Quaide Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Speaking on the occasion Bishop Kaleem John said 11th August is being celebrated across country as father of nation had made speech in national assembly of Pakistan on this day in which he had said from today you are free to go to your places of worship: mosques, churches or Mandirs.

He said state has no concern on your faith, creed, caste and sect. We would start from this basic principle that all are citizens of Pakistan. Bishop said on this principle Christian community loves Pakistan with all their sources. He said we had laid down our lives from Tehrik Pakistan to Taabeer Pakistan. In our capacity as Pakistani we are sincere, loyal and peace loving to our country. He said our lives for peace and solidarity of country.

He said they provided great leaders to country. Most of our armed forces heads, presidents, prime ministers and heads of institutions have got education from Christian educational institutes. But, he deplored, that minorities were not given equal rights, minorities are ignored for higher posts. He said even today were imparting health and educational facilities. He emphasized country can advance with implementing 11th August 1947 speech of Quaide Azam. He said they want peace, brotherhood, interfaith harmony, equality and religious freedom while terrorists, religious extremists, anti-Pakistan and anti-social elements were attempting to cause lawlessness and terrorism to weaken country.


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