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Rwadari Tehreek Protests against the Terrorist Attack at Election Rally at Peshawar

Lahore: July 14, 2018. (PCP) Rwadari Tehreek on July 11, 2018 held a protest in front of the Punjab Assembly against the Bomb attack at the Election Rally of Awami National Party at Peshawar on July 10, 2018. 20 died including the ANP election candidate Barristor Haroon Bilour while approximately 65 were injured as result of the deadly attack. The deceased ANP candidate Barrister Haroon Bilour was set to contest for July 25 elections for a provincial seat from KP 78 Constituency. Haroo Bilour is the son of Bashir Ahmed Bilour, a senior ANP figure who, himself, was martyred in a suicide blast back in 2012.

Members of Rwadari Tehreek during the protest chanted slogans against the suicide terrorist attack and expressed solidarity with the families of the victims and demanded indiscriminate action against the terrorist outfits who are killing innocent people and have spread an atmosphere of threat and terror in the Pakistani society.

Chairman Rwadari Tehreek Mr. Samson Salamat while addressing the peaceful protestors said that “the attack on ANP election rally is actually an attempt to refrain progressive political parties to participate and contest in July 25th elections, similar to the 2013 General Elections when Awami National Party and Pakistan Peoples Party were in particular targeted, attacked and were not allowed to do their election campaign.

“We strongly condemn these kinds of dirty tactics and acts of terrorism and demand that the care-taker government and all relevant institutions should fulfill their constitutional duties to ensure the safety and security of every citizen and especially provide security to the candidates who are contesting the general elections” Mr. Samson Salamat added.

Mr. Samson Salamat further said that “we remind that Government to implement the National Action Plan which was made in early 2015 as a policy document to weed out extremism and terrorism but unfortunately badly lacks the implementation. Therefore, we once again demand that indiscriminate action against the outfits who are involved in violent extremism and terrorism”.

Mr. Samson Salamat appealed the people of Pakistan to fully participate in the general elections and vote sensibly and vote for those political parties or candidates who believe and support the narrative of human dignity, equality and non-discrimination and never support extremist thoughts, violence and terrorism”.