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Jhang Police arrests Christian man on fabricated charges

Punjab, Pakistan: August 10, 2018. (Asif Munawar) Pakistan where members of minority community are easy prey of police but a remote district of Punjab province of Pakistan known as Jhang is famous for involving Christians in false cases. It is same notorious city Jhang where Police as drug pusher sold contaminated alcohol few years back which killed dozens of Christians and other but none of police officer was brought to justice.

Mother of one Christian named Ashraf Masih appeals to Punjab Chief Minister for a transparent enquiry on arresting his son on drug possession charges for selling to his customers.

Christian mother told reporter that Jhang City Police arrested his son on August 4, 2018, at 4 Pm when he was coming from his duty and claimed to recover drug from him.

She told our correspondent that Ashraf Masih not smoke cigarette even and working as Sanitary worker in DC Jhang office where some Muslim employees had enmity with him after some religious dialogues who with help of police made him arrest.

According to FIR lodged by City Police Station Ashraf Masih as arrested after their credible informers report that he is heading to sell drug to his customers on Chinniot Road where he was apprehended and drug was recovered. Police have lodged FIR Number 214/18 under Section 9C, CNSA.