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A Christian Commander in Pakistan Navy feels pride to serve country

Commander Tanweer shahid of Pakistan navy who hails from Pakistans Christian community cannot imagine a career more rewarding, full of pride and respectful than being a commissioned officer in Pakistans Armed forces. Growing as a commoner is street of Multan and having completed his basic education, he joined Navy in July 1999. In 1996, he was commissioned as Sub Lieutenant in operations Formation of the Navy. In 2000 he became a lieutenant and in 2005 he got married with a beautiful girl GERRY daughter of Lieutenant Commander (R) George who was living in New York City and by the grace of God marriage ceremony was solemnized in New York at St Michael Church while he was on office duty in United States of America. As he grew in the service, he was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant commander in 2014.

While speaking his enthusiasm he says, It gives me pride and satisfaction to be part of one of the prestigious institutions of Pakistan. Being citizens of Pakistan and being Christians, we all have to abide by the sacred instructions in the Holy Scriptures to be loyal and obedient to the state and government we are in and to contribute towards its development.

Currently, he is serving on operational assignments in Pakistan maritime security agencies; and along with other segments of force contributing to safeguard maritime interests of Pakistan, such as law enforcement, benign tasks and defending sea frontier. Highlights of his career is evenly punctuated with illustrious positions assigned to him. In addition to various operational appointments on board various classes of naval ships, his important assignments include serving as a commanding officer of a maritime security corvette, senior staff officer, deputy director, executive officer of a missile craft and patrol corvette, training officer and officer in charge at various bases.

Commander Tanweers academic profile is reflective of his consistent inclination towards self-growth. As he believes that process of learning and improving ones self only ends with death. Rightly so! He attributes his academic spice to La Salle high school, Multan (a missionary school) and his committed and sincere teachers at every stage of his academic pursuits. Commander, upon completion of his initial training at Pakistan naval academy, was awarded B.Sc (honours) in naval sciences from university of Karachi. Later, he did post-graduated diploma in public administration and master in administrative sciences (HR) in 2010 from the same university. As an essential study, he qualified M.Sc in war studies (maritime) in 2012 from national defense university. He expresses his profound gratitude to government of Pakistan and navy for sending him in France for higher studies. There, he earned BEMS (post-graduation in higher military studies) in year 2014 from joint staff college and master in defense & industrial dynamics from university of Paris. He returns to Pakistan before being assigned of a command position.

Being a marine navigation and Electronic Warfare specialist, he terms his life as Naval officer to be full of fun, enthusiasm, service to motherland, demanding and fulfilling. He remains thankful to almighty God for choosing him to be of value to Pakistan, its masses and Christian community. The officer sounds humble while he speaks of his achievements and credits it all to God, Pakistan, the Navy, his family, teacher and friends, who at every stage encouraged him to be a better person every next day.

He believes, it is a blesses responsibility of every Pakistani, irrespective of ones color, caste, creed or religion, to do good and keep doing it for the progress and growth of our country. He maintains, To serve our homeland, it is not essential to only be in Armed Force, but everyone, in every capacity, can significantly contribute to the socio-development of Pakistan and make its flag fly proud.


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