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Bishop Dr. FS Bhatti presents his new Poem HOPE


In world of trouble where no hope

In world of depression where no rope

In world of blood shed where non stop

In world of friendship where is loop

In front of brutality

Where always loop, cop

In world of hopelessness

Where always stop

In world of Jesus Christ

Where always hope, rope

Critical Summary of Poem “Hope"

• After sin of Eve, wife of Adam because of Satan, there were troubles everywhere. Adam had been separated from presence of God. Earth had been cursed because of their sin. Satan is trouble shooter in the garden through Adam and Eve until today. There had been no hope.

• Without God, this world is place of demons everywhere, full of depression. Rope symbolize mediator who can help Adam again to come into presence of God.

• Because of cursed earth of whole world, first murdered of Abel took place by Cain. God spoke with Cain from heaven; your blood is calling ME from earth. Where is your brother what Cain said, I am not responsible of him. Then blood shed had been continual until today as nonstop.

• Friendship is precious gifts of God who had sincere heart for other friend like Jesus Christ who shed his holy blood for us, but it become loop with selfishness as written Micah 7: 5

• In front of brutality in this world, no one can escape from loop and cop.

• During 4000 years, God had been sending prophet in this world to warn and alert people from sinful world and destruction even in age of Prophet Noah whole world had been destroyed with hopelessness because of their sins. God always stopped on sin to bless the world.

• In world of Jesus Christ, where is hope and rope. From First Adam, sin came into this world and separation happened between man and God but second Adam, Jesus Christ brought salvation and reconciliation man to God as mediator into this world, and we all find in Christ hope and rope in presence of Holy creator God.