General Bajwa doctrine have laid foundation to break up Pakistan. By Dr. Nazir S Bhatti


The tringle of Pakistan Army wing ISI, Supreme Court of Pakistan and National Accountability Bureau NAB under Chief of Army General Bajwa doctrine firstly disqualified and elected Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif by SCP and then NAB came forward to send him to jail for years on concorded allegations of corruption. The national general elections of 2018 were rigged by ISI and one new character to head Pakistan was brought named Imran Khan who was former cricketer and leader of political party Pakistan Tehreek Insaf PTI.

The ISI was fully aware that BJP led Narendra Modi in elections of 2019 is very clearly campaigning to revoke Article 370 of Jammu and Kashmir but to stop it happen General Bajwa promised one visiting Indian Punjab politician to open Kartar Singh corridor during oath taking ceremony of Imran Khan as Prime Minister of Pakistan. This Bajwa attempt was to threat India that Pakistan can put new spirit in dying struggle of Khalistan for Sikh community.

In Elections 2019, Indian people voted for Modi in such a majority that it became only one majority [arty in parliament of India on which BJP acted and on August 5, 2019, passed a bill to take Kashmir as Indian tertiary taking away Article 370.

The protest were arranged by Pakistan around world capitals which was duly participated by Sikh community who supported Khalistan. Its feared that Bajwa doctrine will fully support Punjabi Sikhs to expedite struggle for Khalistan and may be recruit them and provide terror training to threat India.

Will Pakistani ISI recruiting and support to Sikhs of Khalistan movement will be success? This is what we have to discuss in here!!! The thousands of Sikhs visit Pakistan every year as pilgrims to Pakistan as they have all holy places in Punjab of Pakistan. Some of visiting Sikhs from India and majority visiting from Western Countries and North America can become tools of ISI and easily trained by ISI organs under Bajwa doctrine but it can not be any success story while India can extend its support for Balochistan where already very strong insurgency is in progress and daily corps of Pakistan Army personnel are coming to Punjab. The media persons are not allowed to report independently entering Balochistan nor in former FATA area which is merged in Khyber PakhutunKhawa province.

The media in Pakistan under severe censorship and to speak on issues of Pakistan Army and Supreme Court proceeding is totally ban which is under supervision of ISPR the press releases by this wing of Pakistan Army.

The Pakistan Army have already break up Pakistan in 1970 when East Pakistan became an independent country Bangladesh but it is assumed that Pakistan Army have not taken any lesson from it and again in action to break up remaining Pakistan.

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