Youth is positive alternative to present Christian leadership in Pakistan.


Christian youth in Pakistan is the only substitute and capable to lead the poor community in new millennium in prevailing circumstances instead of present clergy and other leadership in social and political field which failed to achieve the goal of e

For instance, its crystal clear fact which we are not ready to accept some time and whenever these fact surface from any corner we take it personally and term it as an anti Christian drive. Its also facts that truth is not easy to be swallow but were still have the time to visualize our situation without prejudice. We know that clergy in Pakistan is not well educated because this clergy did not came on being on any heavenly call but on circumstances that the parents unable to view any bright future in society for their children pushed them to ministries that their children may have good and luxurious life which they thought was not possible in open field of Pakistani society. Those children received education in seminaries but some time that never remained their goal too because they were moving to another life. We also can not say that all the present clergy have no the call of Lord for them to lead their community in spirit of Lord but the numbers of such are very low. So, we cannot count present clergy quite up to standard to face the crucial means of political science because these clergy members have been in seminaries without any touch of society happening. They never passed through the situation in which general Christian student felt oppressed when Muslim students refused to drink in same glass of water in school, refused to sit next to him in class benches because he was Christian, refused the job being reason of his Christianity, refused admission in professional colleges being Christians, refused service of food in local restaurants when he was hungry on being Christian, refused to sit in class because his parents were unable to pay his tuition fees in time, refused to be entertained by local police official when his friends and relatives were involved in fabricated cases by authorities being his religion and poverty when on other hand the clergy during studies never experienced such problem. Its fact that they are unable to truly understand the community problems. We know that they are forced to indulge in political field by the authorities when they find their malpractices in foreign funds for church and blackmailed but they are supposed to take care of their congregations. The Christian congregations are moving to dead ends, using drugs, having second marriages by conversion to Islam to save their ill deeds like such. The Christians of Pakistan need more powerful in spirit of Lord, which is basic for their salvation and identity. The clergy of Pakistan have their duty to lead their congregation in spirituality, which are neglecting by their involvement in politics.

Therefore its need of time that new blood may be penetrated in Christian leadership and Christian youth is the only hope. The Christian nation has bad experience of leadership and time demands the young, energetic, capable, courageous and dedicated leadership in this new millennium. We know that there shall be resistance to young leadership by the old corrupt and so called leadership but that shall be on end soon because Christian youth is ready to face the such elements in move to secure their legitimate equal social, religious and political rights in Pakistan for prosperity of Christian nation.

Nazir S Bhatti.

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