Death of M Joseph Gill is great loss of Christian's nation in Pakistan.


M Joseph Gill is no more with poor Christians to listen their miseries any more. He was is the first and last leader in Pakistan history among Christians to be sentenced for one year imprisonment, 25 lashes and one hundred thousand rupees fine by the

He was the first and last leader among Christians to rehabilitate thousand homeless poor Christians in the metropolitan city of Karachi during his councillorship but left no shelter for his family when passed away last week. He was the first and last Christian leader in Pakistan who is there wherever the Christians faced injustice and oppression. Sure, Christians shall wait for such humble, courageous and able leadership for decades. He is the first and last Christian leader who never bargained on principal.

I first met him in St. Paul school Karachi. He was different from other students in many aspects, he was very hardworking and popular among the school. Years later, I met him again when he was elected councilor from Karachi. He welcomed the Christians from far-flung areas and entertained like friends and relatives at his home, which made him very popular leader of them. His door for every body was opened day and night.

Apart from all his ability of leadership and simple attitude he was the easy target and prey of opportunist and parasites elements in Christian community. Whenever I met him, I pointed him to stay away from these so called community leaders but he said these are my people and I can not leave them when they approach me on public cause but same elements blackmailed this simple and true human being for their own benefits and made millions.

The Joseph Gill town in Karachi where he settled hundreds of poor families shall keep his name and leadership alive forever. His imprisonment and sufferings for Christian nation in Pakistan shall keep him alive. His campaigns for equal rights for Christians shall keep him alive. His hunger strikes, rallies and press conferences for keep him alive in the hearts of Christians. His love for his people shall make him everlasting sign of love and lesson for coming generations that man can live and lead his community without money and luxury of life if he is truly dedicated to his cause and mission.

Mr. Gill is no more with us now but his impression shall remain with us. He was true leader of Pakistan Christian congress. He was true leader of Christians. He was true leader of Pakistan. Christian nation pays homage to him and his family.
Nazir s Bhatti.

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