Christian declared to be constitutional "Infidels" by government of Pakistan. By Nazir S Bhatti

In 2010, all Muslim political parties in parliament of Pakistan passed 18th amendment in constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan. In Section 16, this amendment substitutes Article 51, in which Clause 4, reads as "In addition to the number of seats referred to in clause (3), there shall be, in t


Why Sharia4Pakistan campaigner Anjem Choudary living in United Kingdom? By Nazir S Bhatti

Who is Anjem Choudary? Why he is living in UK? What is Sharia4 Pakistan? Why he calls Pakistan regime, an apostate regime? Why he condemns Malala Yousafzai? Why he is preaching Islamic Jihad sitting in UK? Why he wants Islamic Sharia around globe? These entire questions are very important to be disc


Blasphemy law and Kingdom of Kuwait. By Nazir S Bhatti

I just started reading a news item about first fruit of Arab Spring “Tunisia”, on June 7, 2012, which was very surprising for me because there was not any extra-judicial killing on basis of religion of any Tunisian during regimes of dictators but suddenly news flashed that an apostate beheaded in de


The forgotten Pakistani Christian Martyrs. By Nazir Bhatti

We are observing 15th anniversary of Martyr Feroz Masih, who was killed by Karachi Police firing in front of Governor House on February 13, 1997, during a peaceful protest procession against Muslim mob attack on a Christian village Shanti Nagar in Punjab province of Pakistan. In clouds of tear gas s


90% Pakistani Christian favour Refugee Status from UN after rising violence. By Nazir S Bhatti

I recieved an e-Mail from one of my friend on Facebok to whom I have never met nor knew in person. He wrote it in Roman-Urdu lanuage which I am copying as it is: "Dear Brother, Aj kal ki jo situation ha pakistan mein Christians ki wo sab achhi tarah jantay hein. I humbly requested you to please try


Christian not feeling safe in Pakistan. By Nazir S Bhatti

After broad day light murder of Punjab Governor Salman Taseer by his bodyguard in Islamabad and threatening marches by Islamists in Pakistan have created feeling of insecurity among millions of Pakistani Christians.
The undue support of lawyer fraternity to killer of Salman Taseer and slow pace of


Pakistani Christian pay tribute to Shaheed Salman Taseer. By Nazir S Bhatti

“Today is January 9, 2011, and day of Sunday; a prayer day of Christians in Pakistan: There is portrait of Shaheed Salman Taseer next to Altar in a Cathedral of Lahore. There are hundreds of portraits of Shaheed Salman Taseer in Churches all over Pakistan during Sunday Services. It is our very simpl


Pakistan Christian Congress condemn life threats to Asia Bibi

Dr. Nazir S Bhatti, President of Pakistan Christian Congress PCC have strongly condemned slogans chanted in protest marches by Islamic parties “Hang Asia Bibi” and “Do not Touch blasphemy law” on December 31, 2010.
Nazir Bhatti said that it is shameful for Christian members of National Assembly eve


How to End HomeGrown Terrorism in West? Part 1. By Nazir S Bhatti

As usual I was listening radio broadcasting on night of October 5, 2010, when heard news of Drone attack killing German Muslims in Waziristan, a tribal belt in Pakistan bordering Afghanistan. The radio commentator invited one German television anchor to comment on news of killing of German Muslim yo


Low Turnout disappoints organizers of London Protest by UK Pakistani Christians.

I was looking for news item about London Protest by UK Pakistani Christians scheduled on December 19, 2009, but not found in any web search. I thought may be I will find it on Facebook where any participant of protest might have left any comment or picture of rally but non was there also. I found on


Joseph Francis Case: Pakistani Muslims converting to benefit from blasphemy law: By Nazir S Bhatti

Mr. Joseph Francis is in prison which is alarming bell for clergy in Pakistan that they can also face such situation if background check is not properly conducted of Muslims who approach them for fake conversions. If Bishop Samuel Azriah have thoroughly investigated about Mohammad Basharat before pe


Nawaz Sharif can not be reliable partner in war on terrorism. Nazir S Bhatti

“Success of Long March by Islamists in Pakistan shall encourage Taliban insurgency in Afghanistan”
The long march ended in restoration of deposed judges on March 16, 2009, leaving behind impression of weak federal government led by moderate Muslim PPP, ANP and JUI while a success of lawyers, religi


Pakistan Christian Congress files petition with UNO for Refugee Status for Pakistani Christians. Nazir Bhatti

Mr. Ban Ki Moon,
Secretary General,
United Nation Office,
New York.

Appeal to award Refugee Status to Pakistani Christian on constitutional genocide and persecution by Muslim in Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

His Excelleny,

I, the undersigned , Nazir S Bhatti, Chief of Pakistan Christian


Congratulations to readers on 9th anniversary of Pakistan Christian Post. By Nazir S Bhatti,

Editor's Special Note
We have successfully achieved completion of 9th anniversary of Pakistan Christian Post on Internet here today on December 2, 2008, by blessings of Lord Jesus Christ.
The hate e-mails from extremist Muslim groups and Pakistan establishment to end PCP again failed this year to


Terrorists can enter to target western interests under cover of Muslim apostates asylum seekers: an exclusive report in memory of 9/11

The socio-political landscape suddenly set a change when Muslim extremists killed 2,974 innocent people in an attack on September 11, 2001, in USA. It was terror action of 19 Muslims who entered in USA like thousands of other foreign students after financial check up to support their academic expend

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