80% Christians condemn Parliamentary Secretary Mushtaq Victor statement on PCP polls.

Mushtaq Victor Member National Assembly of Pakistan and Parliamentary Secretary for minorities Division issued a statement "Minorities in Pakistan enjoy unprecedented rights" on September 30, 2005. Mr. Victor is not a first Christian leader to issue such statement because who so ever entered in rul


The dream comes true: Clergy in Pakistan regains control of Christian politics on November 17, 2005 after 20 years through Joint Elections.

Catholic Bishop of Karachi observed the Black Day announced by Church leadership in Pakistan on incident of Sangla Hill with Press Conference along with few priests in Karachi Press Club. The APMA leader Michael Javeed was chanting Slogans with small gathering out side Press Club demanding judicial


"Ziarat-e-Mariam' pilgrims under new threats of looting, assault and misconduct with women by Punjab Police

Like United Presbyterian congregation, one village was allotted to Catholic Christian peasants also in district Shekhupura under colony schemes of Punjab provincial government. The Catholic Church of Pakistan funded rehabilitation costs and named it "Mariamabad" after Holy Mary.
The village Mariam


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We have voiced against Blasphemy laws, Prohibition and Hudd Ordinance, Joint Electorate, violations of Christian Personal Laws, Human Right abuses and all other discriminatory laws. We have demanded Dual Voting Rights with Separate Electorate, Representation Proportional to Population, Representatio


Christians reject Muslim political leaders interference in affairs of church of Pakistan.

We like to discuss views of 27% readers who voted in support of Muslim leaders involvement in church affairs in Pakistan. We are forced to assume that these voters are not Christians. The polls were conducted on Internet edition of Pakistan Christian Post and we have large number of Muslim readers a


Message on 4th Anniversary of Pakistan Christian Post

Sure, it’s our great success and achievement because any Christian individual or establishment in Pakistan has never dared publication of any newspaper since 1947. The Christian nation in Pakistan has always witnessed ignorance to their issues by national newspapers owned by Muslims and govern


Christian demand Separate Electorate system and challenge government to hold referendum on Joint Electorate. By Dr. Nazir S Bhatti

The May 12, 2004, by-Elections of National Assembly in Karachi under joint electorate have swallowed four precious Christian lives by target killing as punishment by political sponsored terrorism. The Christians never witnessed such election violence during separate elections which was termed by the


Who is Clement Shahbaz Bhatti? By Dr. Nazir S Bhatti

He never led any major Christian protest procession against blasphemy laws nor observed any hunger strike except couple with Martyr Bishop John Joseph on persecutions of Christians in Pakistan but still he claims himself champion of human rights! He was never arrested on press conference contents ev


The Case for the Immigrant In America - The Past Should Be The Example For Our Future.

How many American's cheat on their taxes and try to justify that saying they deserve a break for all the hard work they do? How many parents work so many hours just to have an annual vacation for their family so they can 'be close', but they really have no idea what their kids are up to day to day


Martyr FEROZ MASIH, A National HERO of Pakistani Christians.

The peaceful rally of 25 thousand Christian protestors faced firing, baton charging and tear gas shelling by Karachi Police before Sindh Governor House, Karachi, without any warning where Feroz Masih sacrificed his precious life against injustice of administration. The Police firing also injured mor


Need of Christian University in Pakistan,

The missionary schools and colleges with better buildings, experienced staff and English medium of instruction in Pakistan remained business concerns and only served the children of feudal lords, businessmen and officials of civil service when Christians never enjoyed privileges nor were beneficiary


How to win the war against terrorism?

Unfortunately, it allowed fundamentalist Muslim leadership to alienate Muslims and commit atrocities against Hindus in Mopla, now the Malabar district of Kerala, on Aug1, 1921. Dr. Annie Beasant records the following in her report titled "Malabar's agony" in New India, dated 29 Nov 1921, "that from


Who pushed Pakistani Christians under siege of MMA?

ANP, Awami National Party, The only Muslim progressive political party in Pakistan which regained power in NWFP and Balouchistan provinces since 1947, the independence of Pakistan, lost elections by MMA in 2002 elections, openly faced and resisted MMA Shariat Bill in house and in public forums when


Need of Christian Daily Newspaper in Pakistan also invites support from Pakistani Christians living in Western countries.

These Muslim newspapers after independence of Pakistan by policy ignored to raise voice on Christians discrimination and persecution in Muslim majority society of Islamic Republic of Pakistan. The Muslim national media even denied that Christians were their ally in Pakistan movement. The Muslim news


65% Christians disapprove the role of their representatives in parliament under joint elections.

On a question conducted by the PCP about the role of present Christian parliamentarians, as general opinion of the Christians, indicated that they have lost their approach to their candidates under joint elections, comparing to the elected Christians representatives under separate electorate from 19

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"Trial of Pakistani Christian Nation" By Nazir S Bhatti

On demand of our readers, I have decided to release E-Book version of "Trial of Pakistani Christian Nation" on website of PCP which can also be viewed on website of Pakistan Christian Congress www.pakistanchristiancongress.org . You can read chapter wise by clicking tab on left handside of PDF format of E-Book.

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