Christian's representation in Senate of Pakistan urged.

According to legislation point of view, the Senate of Pakistan was never taken very seriously by the other minority leaders of Pakistan because Senate of Pakistan was famous to approve all the bills forwarded to this house after legislation by the National Assembly of Pakistan. It was also viewed t


Islamic laws imposed in NWFP and Balouchistan provinces.

The Ml-Q is generally know as the B Team of the military ruler Parvez Mushraf with not any particular agenda of Islamic Laws in their party or election manifesto but still this collation and bargain of lead to MMA is not strange in political circle of Pakistan. The military rulers only wish to prolo


WCC report of pastoral team visit to Pakistan is unbalanced and substandard.

Many commissions, sub commissions and human right organizations use such reports for the ready reference. Therefore, The reports of WCC are not such reports that it may be read and just forgotten like ordinary daily routine items when this establishment of churches becomes more forceful with heavy a


George Felix on Quaid E Azam and Nasir Saeed on Faith Under Fire.

The nations unite their new generations on brave role of their elders in the history. The social and cultural heritage of any nation is being used as weapon to motivate to launch united movements to achieve rights in society and preserve their independence. The Christian nation in Pakistan do not fi


Killers of Aslam Martin and other six Christian employees of Justice and Peace are still at large.

On Karachi massacre the Christian leaders also demanded the registration of murder charges against the police officials present in the area of the site of the sad incident on negligence to arrest the Muslim terrorists and resignation of Interior minister of Pakistan.

The Christians have witnessed


Why Christians campaigners of joint elections in higher courts against the elections amendments now?

The demand of joint elections was usually made from time to time by the Bishop conference of Pakistan and the church based NGOs on intimation and directives of the Pakistan Peoples Party and government agencies because the government never appreciated the voice of christens own elected representativ


Jihadi Groups announce formation of Islamic Army in Pakistan.

These groups have not taken responsibility of the bomb attacks against police only but in this announcement they have claimed that now all the Jihadi groups are unite in Pakistan and they have formed the Islamic Army to teach lessons to the police officials involved in the investigations against the


Christians concern over MMA vows to introduce Shariat laws in Pakistan.

The terror harboring government in Afghanistan led by Taliban was infect the production of these religious parties with the help of ISI wing of armed forces of Pakistan and they were looking forward to topple the military government of Pakistan in the Taliban style invasion in Pakistan in near futur


Now Christians beg for role in future government.

We have no objection on the system of elections for minorities in Pakistan. If it is joint elections or separate elections system for them. Our concern is the leadership of Christians who enter in the dialogues with the government on the political issues. If our leadership is able and committed to t


Bishops shall regain political control on Christian after 17 years in Pakistan.

Before separate electorate the Bishops have been visiting the governors and president to discuss the social and political problems of Christians and only the relatives and friends of the clergy in Pakistan were the beneficiary of the government privileges for the general Christians and the deserving


Aslam Martin, a great Comrade and leader, Martyred by Terrorist to end Christian peaceful struggle in Pakistan.

During his services, I found him living in Christian colonies for months to establish contacts with the local Christian youth and lecture them on Christian issues on his awareness campaigns. It was his great service for Christians to live away from home in the same city away from his family for Chri


How to win the war against terrorism??

On fall of khilafat rule there was no such reaction witnessed among the Muslims of the any other part of the world except the Indian Muslims. Unfortunately it allowed fundamentalist Muslim leadership to alienate Muslims and commit atrocities against Hindus in Mopla, now the Malabar district of Keral


Joint electorate is conspiracy of anti Christian and anti Pakistan elements.

The first elections under joint election system were conducted in 1971 under the military government when a Christian jurist as an administrative tool, introduce the joint election system, in the legal framework, a political package as election code in the country. The Christian minority in Pakistan


Under Islamic laws of compensation, Deceased Taxila Christian nurses get 100,000 Rs. each comparing half to the Muslim women.

The laws of compensation and evidence is one of the major factor to turn the Christians to be the second class citizen when their compensation and wittiness is not equal to the Muslims but half in any court of law in Pakistan. The law of compensation goes further stating that if any Muslim man rapes


Where is remedy of six years of precious life in prison of Ayub Masih?

Its very interesting that Ayub Masih was the first victim sentenced to death and verdict with held by the High Courts when in past all the Christians sentenced by the session courts have been granted bails and acquitted by the High Courts. After the daylight brutal murder of Justice Bhatti of Lahore

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