Christian employees of Hyderabad city corporation and advance Christmas salaries.

It's never a bonus payment but an advance payment and administration have no obligations to keep this issue alive. The Muslim employees have not met with any such situation that these advance payments have been delayed or neglected as whole to celebrations but Christian employees face problems every



Response of Asif
Firstly neither Christianity nor Islam encourages Homosexuality. The writer on Homosexuality in Toronto did not touch the Bible or Jesus Christ (Peace be upon him). He was apparently blaming certain churches. Churches, like mosques, do not necessarily represent Chritianity or Islam


Fall of Kabul and fear of safety of Christians in Pakistan.

The two-nation theory collapsed in moments with fall of Dacca but theory of Islamic teachings shall need healing after the fall of Kabul. The pillars of Islam like 'Jihad' shall need lengthy discussions and reforms after Kabul incidents. The independent movements in different parts of world shall al


Under Islamic Law of Evidence and Compensation, half value of fifty thousand rupees paid to Christian victims of Bahawalpur.

The discrimination on religion grounds is always denied by the government on national and international forums and the claims of equal rights to all the citizens are confirmed but recent acts of half payment to Christians is unjust and violation to the basic fundamental rights guaranteed in the cons


Christians are 13 % of population of Pakistan. international media urged to reveal facts about christian population in Pakistan.

It's very important to bring in the notice of international media the facts that Christians are 13 % of the population of Pakistan. We claim that in 1947 at the independence of Pakistan 5 % quota in government services was only allocated to Christians because they were 5 % of the population of Pakis


Discrimination of christian nurses in pakistan.

Christian nurses have been protesting and staging hunger strikes as reaction to such incidents, whenever any courageous nurse brings this in knowledge of some Christian associations and other staff, on not having proper enquiries or departmental actions against those involved culprits. It looks lik


Future impact of Pakistan decision to support US attacks on Taliban.

General and chief of ISI Hamid Gull, the key player to organize students of religious schools in NWFP and Balouchistan provinces as 'Taliban" and to set forth for take over the Afghanistan administration, was also a project of armed forces kept secret by the civil elected government of Pakistan at t


Distribution of Liquor on religious grounds.

The Christians of Pakistan strongly protested and urged that consumption of liquor is sin in Christianity and alcohol is not used in rituals as the government have stated but due consideration was not given on their demand to ban liquor completely in Pakistan. When we discuss this issue its importan


Christian minority in Pakistan

Do you have any suggestions as to how someone in my country might assist him? I thought that a polite letter to the Pakistan embassy might be all I could do, but on the other hand maybe a letter from an American might hurt more than help him, since so many people hate Americans right now. It woul


Threats of life to PCP editor.

Muslims majority have treated the Christian nation in Pakistan as second-class community and adopted measures to oppress their voice on all forums. They have not even dreamed of that Christians can establish their own media in pakistan as they have been witnessing since 1947, the independence of pak


Fathwa of Jihad and to kill two Pakistani Christians to one Muslim by US strikes in Afghanistan is UN Islamic.

The pact of Najran by Prophet Mohammad with Christians also defy such calls by Muslim religious leaders, further in details, an example to clarify the christian world can be viewed according to the Islamic history that Prophet (PBHU) entered into two treaties and six pacts with Jew and Christian tri


The fear of attacks on Pakistani Christians.

As Laden have been in Afghanistan from decades under protection of Talban government, operating his word wide actions and accepting the responsibilities of east African US embassies bombing few years ago and openly favoring the action in Kashmir and Chechnya. The US administration demanded the Talib


Drug trafficking in Christian areas by Mafia and agencies, a plan to make Christian youth addicts.

The second reason of such separate Christian colonies is the social problem existing among different religious communities in Pakistan. Muslim majority hate to eat and drink with Christians and do, t allow them to eat and drink in the restaurants in the same utensils which they use. Muslims capture


Judgments and Hearing of Christian Marriages and Divorce cases by Muslim Nazims of City Governments against personnel Laws.

To think over that the cases of marriage and divorce of Christian shall be in the hands of these Muslim Nazism's and Nab Nazism's or duly appointed Muslim by these city government is Unacceptable to Christians, Keeping, in view their demands in past to appoint Christian Judges in the family courts t


Discriminative Admission Policy In Higher Studies Institution For Christian Students.

We can easily access that if such an important portion of population cannot produce a single doctor and an engineer, the prosperity of that community can fall below zero. Since 1947, Independence of Pakistan. Christian has Quota of seats in medical, engineering collages and universities through out

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