Religious Harmony. By Noel Alfonce


These days peoples using religions for their own benefits, people are doing terrorism in the name of religion which is prohibited in every religion, there is not any religion allow to kill someone in the name of religion. Followers of every religion are trying to make their religion and their selves superior than the others. Even some people cross all limits just to convince others and if someone not agrees with their opinion they kill them, thinks that they are doing this for their God and God will be happy and bless them for this act. Not any religion preach extremism or terrorism, every religion teaches about love, peace and humanity, again I want to say that some religious leaders are using their religion for their own benefits and they don’t hesitate to send their followers in danger for their own wish. Today terrorism is the biggest problem for the entire world and almost every country is trying to beat it. There is some misconception about this terrorism, some countries think that it’s Islamic Terrorism but some think that it is a political game to grab the power and scared the people. Those countries who named this religious or Islamic terrorism are trying to crush it strictly and many times people who are not involve in terrorism become in trouble just for their religion. Here it is to understand it’s not religious war and if it is then every Muslim will be the part of this war but we can see clearly that majority of Muslims are against them and time by time they raises their voice against extremist and extremism, there are very few people who are defaming Islam and they are using the religion as a tool for terrorism, and the more important is those who are supporting these terrorists by morally and financial, world have to find these people and crush them brutally so nobody can defame any religion for their benefits. Either its Al Qaida or ISIS or Tahreek-e-Taliban Pakistan or Afghan fighters, they all have to understand that someone is using them for defaming Islam, because definitely it’s not religious war or “Jihad”, these organizations have to think that people who are encouraging them, why they are not sending their own children for this “so called Jihad”. Today all Muslim and Non Muslim countries are fighting against this terror, our beloved country Pakistan is top on the list who are fighting with them, we paid so much sacrifice in the shape of Trade and lives, our civilians were killed in this war, our Army, Frontier Corp and Police gave sacrifice to win this war, terrorist get a biggest defeat by our Army. No doubt our Army is world’s best army and not only we but all countries even our enemy India knows the potential of Pak. Army. Now this is a time for all religious and political leaders to sit together and fulfill their duty by teaching their followers that all of the religions not allow to kill someone, to steal, to rape or to drink Alcohol. In the end I pray that our army and al the peace lover’s effort become successful and our world become Peaceful. Amen

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