Severe Words of Tough Love from God the Father: By Joseph Costa


Following are some severe Words of 'tough love' from God the Father. His holy Words are obviously self-explanatory. Foolish is the man who does not heed those holy Words of our beloved Father: God Almighty. Better severe Words of warnings, than stern chastisements without warnings. Below, the Father reproves, severely, the way society today worldwide is living, a living contrary to His 'code of life,' a living no different from the way that the wicked ancient Canaanites in the Middle East once lived, when alive then, in the Holy Land - a land now comprising mostly today's geographical Israel. God, the Master of life and death, in a severe decision, in His Justice, then commanded the ancient Hebrews to exterminate all the ancient Canaanites. Before them, God Himself, by His Power, had already destroyed, 'with fire and brimstone,' wicked Sodom and Gomorrah, both of whom now lie at the bottom of the Dead Sea, the dead beneath the dead, never to rise again. And before that, God destroyed all wicked humanity by the Great Flood of water over the whole earth, preserving only 8 holy persons - Noah and his family - and the selected pairs of animals. And before that, God punished our primogenitors [first parents]: sinful Adam, with hard work; and sinful Eve, with pain in child bearing; and both with other punishments, including expulsion from the easy-living, wonderful Garden of Eden, which was then located near Masada in today's geographical Israel. And before that, God cast rebellious Lucifer [Satan] and all the other rebellious angels from Heaven into Hell, for endless eternity. Hell is 'perfect in its torments.' Rebellious, rebellious, rebellious, is man! And man, even today, cognisant of what he's done in the past for millennia, continues to rebel against the divine commands of God Almighty, One and Three. God, the God of the Bible, is eternally beyond censure, least of all by dust, that is man. Those who fancy themselves greater than He, may think not, much like Lucifer thought not, when he thought yes, when he thought yes he was like God, and maybe even still thinking yes even all the way down into the Abyss. The Holy Spirit says emphatically: "No one can arrogate to himself [the right] to make observations nor impositions towards God, even if the manner kept by God towards individuals, nations, or to the whole of humanity, seems unjust to him, short of either becoming sacrilegious or proving to be incredulous." The next major punishment to come, at the appointed time, is the prophesied three days of darkness and chastisement of wicked humanity, the revelations of which have long been given to us through a number of Catholic saints, including blessed Anna Maria Taigi (1769-1837), whose body is still wholly intact, incorrupt, and fresh, as if she had died just recently, after all these many years - obviously as a sign of divine favour by the true only God, the God of the Bible. About 2/3 of humanity will perish in the chastisement: a cleansing. People in general simply just don't get it. Or, more correctly, people don't want to get it. Wickedness is forbidden by the true only God, the God of the Bible, the God Who is One and Three: Perfect, Infinite, Almighty. There is no other God outside of Him, and man is mere dust, even if that, in comparison to Him, Infinite. Usurpers of the true only God, the God of the Bible... abound today, just as they have in past ages. Those usurpers, really, are nothing but multi-forms of Satan, Serpent, cloaked in putative pious disguises, according to the occasion, in order to trick, trip, his followers into Hell. Satan eats his own. The three days of darkness and chastisement of wicked humanity seem to have been long prophesied in the Old Testament of the Bible. It is said therein: "Behold, the day of the Lord comes, cruel, with wrath and fierce anger, to make the earth a desolation and to destroy the sinners from it. For the stars of the heavens and their constellations will not give their light; the sun will be dark at its rising and the moon will not shed its light. I will punish the world for its evil, and the wicked for their iniquity; I will put an end to the pride of the arrogant, and lay low the haughtiness of the ruthless." (Isaiah 13.9-11) "The fear [love] of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge; fools despise wisdom and instruction." (Proverbs 1.7) "Knowledge of God is love of God" Some people, mockers of God, culprits cunningly portraying themselves falsely as innocent victims, deride God when learning about His past chastisements of sinful men, saying to the effect: "I thought God was love, merciful?" Of course God is love, merciful, and a loving traditional father, as famously articulated in Jesus' parable of the prodigal son and of his magnanimous merciful father. But what would they have God do, if they, sinful men, persist in sinning, enjoy it, and do not want to stop sinning? In effect, essentially, they want a reversal of roles: they want God to sanction their continual breaches of His immutable Ten Commandments, the rules of the game for living, using the ruse of mercy, heretically, elevating themselves and commanding, as a superior God, as a new Lucifer, extorting, saying implicitly, as thugs: "Hey God, handover to us Your mercy and comply with our demands, not what You want, but what we want: let us mercifully continue to enjoy our sinning, to mercifully continue breaking Your Ten Commandments, and mercifully let us continue to sin to our hearts desires. Do not interfere, God!" Such sinful men, snakes, are turning, or rather, are attempting to turn, God's own love and mercy upon Himself, as a stick to bash God's Head with. A reversal of roles, really! But God is never fooled, cannot ever be fooled, least of all by haughty little ants in the service of Satan. God is the Boss, not Satan; nor sinful man who's really less than dust, even if that, compared to God Almighty. And God has laid out, clearly, explicitly, and unequivocally, the 'code of life,' the unbreakable rules, the Ten Commandments, that a man must obey fully and faithfully in order to enter Heaven. Going to Hell is the other alternative, the horror of horrors, and there are no other choices. As simply and as clearly as that: either obedience of God's Ten Commandments and up into joyous Heaven to Jesus, God; or disobedience of God's Ten Commandments and down the gurgler to the fiery Abyss to Satan. Pursuant to the Father's Divine Dictation given to Maria Valtorta: God the Father says to us - [In the excerpt below, the Father expresses His severity, i.e. 'tough love,' towards us; we who sin continually, we who are always wanting or demanding words of mercy and goodness and sweetness, while obstinately persisting in sinning.] "The word stating the truth seems harsh to all of you [men]. You would like only words of mercy. Can you say you deserve them? Isn't the severe Voice [the Father] that speaks to you of punishment, inciting you to repent, also mercy? And do you perhaps repent? "This wish to hear promises of goodness, this yearning to receive only caresses from God, is a perversion of Religion. You have turned this sublime reality which is Religion in the true God into epicureanism [i.e. refined sensuous enjoyment]. You want enjoyment from it. You don't want to devote effort to it. You want to relax into a comfortable compromise between what has been commanded [Ten Commandments] and what pleases you. And you would have God adjust to it. This spiritual vice was once called 'quietism.' It is by spiritual doctors. I am more severe and call it spiritual epicureanism [spiritual refined sensuous enjoyment]. "You would like to receive only what caresses the senses from Religion, God, and His Word [Jesus Christ]. For you have come so low that you have made the spiritual sensual. You thus want to give it entirely human sensations and thrills. You resemble those madmen in other religions who with suitable ceremonies provoke an abnormal psychic state to enjoy the false ecstasies of their paradises. You no longer understand the great, the greatest mercy of God. And you call harshness, terror, and threats what is love, counsel, and an invitation to repentance so as to receive graces. [Some people don't believe in repentance, foolishly believing that Heaven is theirs, as of right. They are wrong!] You want words of mercy. Do you say you want them in order to have the strength to rise again [from the abyss of sins]? Do not lie. You like them because they are sweet. But you would remain as bitter as poison on God's Lip. "Of what use are the words of mercy and the entirely loving visions [given to man via the Gospel that Jesus dictated to Maria Valtorta] which have been granted to you for a year as a final attempt to raise your paganised souls to God? For the joy of many, for the ruin of some, and for the sanctification of a frightfully small minority. Christ's destiny continues: to be a sign of contradiction for many. [(Luke 2.34) The contradiction: going to either Heaven or Hell] "Today I am speaking. I am speaking to show that My mercy is still infinite in not burying you [humanity] under a torrent of fire - you that are guiltier than the Sodomites [= the wicked inhabitants of Sodom (and Gomorrah), whom God destroyed with fire and brimstone: Genesis 19.24-25]. "[In the Bible] It is written: 'You punish the corrupt little by little; You reproach them for their sins and admonish them so that, in setting malice aside, they may believe in You (Wisdom 12.1-2).' Haven't these tremendous periods been increasing very gradually? Have I let you be stricken all at once in such a hellish way? No. Punishment has been increasing in form and duration for decades and decades, and you have been granted miraculous aid [such as via Our Lady of Fatima's] at intervals which freed you from it [punishment] and which you have used it [interval] to prepare an even fiercer scourge [punishment] by your own will. "You [men] have never become better. Malice and unbelief have always increased, mockers of God. And now? Now, if I did not know how I created you, I would wonder whether you have a soul. For your works are worse than beasts. Do you dislike being told this? Do not act in such a way as to deserve these words! "[In the Bible] In [the book of] Wisdom you read the following concerning the [wicked] Canaanites: 'You regarded the former inhabitants of Your holy land with horror, for abominable in your sight were their works, which they carried out with spells and wicked sacrifices. They ruthlessly killed their children and ate the entrails of men and drank their blood in the midst of Your holy land. You wished to destroy those parents who destroyed defenceless souls [i.e. the children of those parents]..... (Wisdom 12.3-7).' [Today's children, millions of them, are now being routinely ruthlessly murdered by abortion, unseen; or their conception prevented, stymied, by contraceptives, unseen; but all seen by God Almighty Who cannot ever be fooled. Countless of these aborted babies have even been killed alive, without anaesthetics, by painful barbaric dismemberment, in bits and pieces, so that their consenting wicked murderous mothers, and their complicit murderous abortionists, may fool themselves that they have not murdered a living baby. I doubt that even the wicked Canaanites stooped so low, in wickedness and barbarity, to this level of satanic practice that's so widespread in society today, as a normal way of living. Those who give support to abortion are obviously accomplices: pro death... in many cases, by painful barbaric dismemberment. In addition, something else wicked that was never done by the ancient Canaanites but done by today's society: the incomes of future children are routinely being stolen by most governments and euphemistically called government debt, whereas it is truly government theft, a thieving so that the current generations may live in opulence end splendour; and callously leaving the burden of having to repay that government debt to future children. It's a maiming, or near killing, of their livelihoods.] "O generations of men today, don't you recognise yourselves in these forebears [wicked Canaanites] of yours? I recognise you. You have grown in malice. It has become more Satanic. But it always makes you belong to this tribe [of wicked Canaanites], which is detestable to Me. Satanism has spread, virtually becoming the religion of states. Great and small, educated and ignorant, and even in the houses of God's ministers - people want to know and think they know by way of spells bearing a definite seal: Satan's. "You don't perform the sacrifices of the Canaanites? But you perform worse ones! You immolate, not flesh, but your souls and those of your fellows [to Hell], trampling upon God's right and man's freedom. For with mockery and domination you have gone so far as to outrage the consciences [men] still able to remain faithful to Me and you oust them from the throne of their faith, which raises them up to Me, corrupting them with accursed doctrines [? heresies ?], or you slay them, believing you can strip them of faith thereby. No. On the contrary, you thereby robe them [men] in incorruptible faith. But may you be accursed for the corruption you sow in order to take the faithful [men] away from God. "And don't you recognise yourselves, generations of parents who mercilessly kill [damn to Hell] your children morally by communicating to them, who are innocent, your incredulity, your sensuality [lust, sexual vices], and the whole store of rationalism and bestiality you are filled with and, moreover, who now finish killing these children - no longer supported by any spiritual pillar - in what remains in them: the flesh, allowing them to prostitute that flesh like lustful beasts, consenting to and happy with this prostitution, which enables you [parents] to live and take pleasure through the sacrifice of your children? "[In the book of the Bible] Wisdom does not exaggerate at all in calling you [parents] the executioners of defenceless souls [children]! You take better care of the beast you raise for sale and the plant you cultivate to get its fruit than your children. They are weak and you do not strengthen them by giving them either God's Religion [true Christianity] or at least that of civil honesty and family love. "Fathers, you are no longer the protectors of minors. Mothers, you are idols and not angels to your children. You [are] failing to fulfil the purpose for which I set you in that place [for mothers to be loving: to teach their children to love God and love their neighbour, and to love holily their husbands]. You abdicate your duties and your rights. You cause Me disgust. You are idolater idols. Idols because you are without spirit [without a holy soul]. Idolaters because you worship all that is less than the spirit. You have worshipped man, consenting to going so far as to worship the body - to going back to worshipping the body, like the pagans found by Christ, or neopagans [= new pagans], doubly guilty of paganism because of being ones and being ones after having received the true Religion [real Christianity]. [Those who abandon Christianity and convert to other religions, so called, are doubly guilty of paganism.] "Even in moments of mourning or joy, what do you do? Idolatry. You venerate or worship what is perishable. You have no thought for the spirit [soul] and its Creator [God], and 'this is a deceit for human life, inasmuch as men, seconding affection or tyrants, give the unspeakable Name [of God] to stone or wood or painted cloth (Wisdom 14.21).' I Am. Only I Am God. "Do I seem to be giving you a thrashing? Well then, listen: 'It does not suffice for them to be so mistaken about God, but, living in the intense warfare of ignorance, they give the name of peace to such great evils. They immolate their children, make wicked sacrifices, and spend the night in vile orgies. They keep neither their lives nor their marriages pure. But one kills another out of envy or afflicts him with adultery. Everything is disorder: blood, murders, thefts, fraud, corruption, unfaithfulness, tumult, perjury, oppression of the just, instability in marriage, adultery, and indecency, for the abominable worship of idols is the cause, beginning, and end of all evil. They abandon themselves to their pleasures or prophesy what is not true or live unjustly and unhesitatingly swear falsely, for, trusting in lifeless idols, they think their false oaths will bring them no harm (Wisdom 14.22-29).' "But was [the book of] Wisdom dictated before Christ or is it a text written for the present moments? And would you [men] still like words of mercy? "Have you ever seen a people fleeing under very heavy hail? It flees and flees and is struck because the large hailstones pursue it on all sides. If I were to speak to you [men] as you deserve and speak as Myself, God the Father, you would be like these people struck by unrelenting hail [struck by punishments]. "Goodness [God] speaks, and you fail to understand. Justice [God] speaks and you find it to be unjust. You are afraid and you do not correct yourselves. Are you fools or evildoers? Madmen or possessed? Let each [person] examine himself or herself. And is it for these that the Father's Son [Jesus Christ] was sent to die [as a Sacrifice on a Cross to save men from Hell]? "In reality, if it were possible to find error in God, it should be stated that such a Sacrifice was an error, for its infinite value is null for many. An error, yes, which bears witness to My Nature. For if I were not Love - O men, blameworthy as you are, who feel I do not treat you with mercy - I would not have given you the Redemption [and Heaven would never have been accessible to man]. Yes, if in reality I had acted as you [men] act, wanting one hundred percent or even one thousand percent when you do a little good, I would not have granted you grace. For the graces - all of them - beginning with the grace of the Blood [of Jesus Christ Crucified] shed for you, are overlooked by you, scorned, and turned into disgraces. "... ... words are love and silence is love and severity is love. Only you [men], in the sovereign love pervading all that comes from God, are lovelessness. And this is your condemnation." Real prophet Joel's exhortation continues to apply to this very day: "... Return to the Lord, your God, for He is gracious and merciful, slow to anger, and abounding in steadfast love, and repents of evil [punishment]." (Joel 2.13) "The fear [love] of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and the knowledge of the Holy One is insight." (Proverbs 9.10) Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit. Mary, Help of Christians, pray for us. The foregoing is pursuant to the Gospel that the Father dictated to Maria Valtorta, the Bible, and my analysis. God had once clearly commanded the ancient Hebrews to exterminate the wicked Canaanites completely, but they, the Hebrews, did not complete the job, thereby disobeying and displeasing God. So God, via His angel, said to the disobedient Hebrews: "... you have not obeyed My command. What is this you have done? So now I say, I will not drive them out before you; but they shall become adversaries to you, and their gods shall be a snare to you." (Judges 2.2-3) God therefore cancelled the Hebrews' licence to kill the wicked Canaanites on His behalf, and a new licence has never ever been re-issued. Sometimes I really wonder whether the satanic culprits, the filthy devil-men, who are now terrorising and torturing and killing innocent people with satanic cruelty in the Middle East, are the descendants of the remnant wicked ancient Canaanites that the ancient Hebrews did not exterminate and instead let live, contrary to God's command. Disobeying any command of God, whatever it may be, does have consequences, as the Bible tells us, again and again and again. Jesus says: "Not to obey [God] and not to want to subject oneself is like a sin of idolatry, the book [Bible: I Kings 15.22] goes on to say. In fact, what do you do by not subjecting yourselves [men]? You reject God by rejecting His Will. You repudiate Him as Father and Lord. But since man's heart cannot remain without adoring something in place of the true God, whom you reject, you adore yourself [narcissism], your pride, your money; you adore Satan in his most intense manifestations. So it is that you thus become idolaters. And of what? Of quite horrid gods that hold you as slaves and unhappy slaves." Saint Paul says: "Be sure of this, that in the world's last age there are perilous times coming. Men will be in love with self [narcissism], in love with money, boastful, proud, abusive; without reverence for their parents, without gratitude, without scruple, without love, without peace; slanderous, incontinent [lacking self-restraint in sex or its desire], strangers to pity and to kindness; treacherous, reckless, full of vain conceit, thinking rather of their pleasures than of God. They will preserve all the outward form of religion, although they have long been strangers to its meaning." (II Timothy 3.1-5) ------------------------------------------------- Excerpts from the Writings of Maria Valtorta cited herein are with permission from the Italian publisher: Centro Editoriale Valtortiano srl, Viale Piscicelli 89-91, 03036 Isola del Liri (FR), Italy. -------------------------------------------------

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