The wicked - the great ones, and the smaller ones. By Joseph Costa


One day, while praying, Maria Valtorta included the following words in her prayer to Jesus: "Marta would like You to show Your irate Face to cause fear. I, however, ask You to show Your loving Face to conquer as You have conquered me." And Jesus replied: "It would be useless. Love is not understood. If I appeared like that, some would deride Me and some would flee. ... Love is not felt by someone with a blameworthy love with the devil." Yet, Jesus has long warned us of this, in a way, some 2000 years ago, when He said: "But ah, when the Son of Man [Jesus] comes, will He find faith left on the earth?" (Luke 18.8) This particular verse once troubled or perplexed Pope Paul VI [I think it was he]. Of all the sermons I've attended in church throughout my lifetime, I have never witnessed a priest giving a sermon on this particular verse. Maybe too many chicken-little, preaching good-time Christianity. But Jesus, in the Gospel He dictated to Maria Valtorta, expands on this, and says of His second coming: "Unfortunately, I will come. I say, 'unfortunately' because My coming will be one of Judgement, and tremendous judgement. If I were to come to save you, I would not speak like this and would not seek to put off the times of My coming, but, on the contrary, would anxiously rush to save you still. But My second advent [coming] will be an advent of severe, inexorable [severe unforgiving], general Judgement, and for most of you it will be a judgement of condemnation [to Hell]." Jesus, true God and true Man, pursuant to the Gospel that He dictated to Maria Valtorta: Jesus Christ elaborates further, thus: "On another occasion [see above, at the beginning], I said, 'you [Maria Valtorta] would like Me to appear and show Myself.... But, even if I showed Myself, where is that residue of faith and respect in hearts [in men] which would make them bend with their faces to the ground to ask Me for forgiveness and mercy?' "Even now you ask Me for a sign of power, which, since it is the Power of the Holy One - of the Holy of holies - ought to be inexorable [severe unforgiving], tremendous punishment of an incalculable number of people, for - I repeat what I have said a thousand times - the great sinners exist because the mass [most of humanity] is all more or less guilty of the same sins as they are. "But - and I say this to you [Maria Valtorta], poor soul, to whom I have granted the vision of Me as Triumphant [of Jesus glorious in Heaven on 10/1/1044] to infuse strength into your being, weakened in your dying flesh and desolate in spirit because of the trial [temporary abandonment by God - Jesus] you have endured and the horrors surrounding you [World War II - the Allied bombings near her home/domicile] - I cannot give this sign. Not because God has lost his capacity to act. Nothing is impossible to Me as God. But it is the hour of the power of Darkness [of Satan]. And men have spontaneously wanted it. The kingdom of Evil [Hell] is already established. Anything I were to do would be rendered null by man's will. Any Good would be destroyed by Evil. "I impotently witness all humanity's race towards spiritual death [for Hell]. There is no gift, benefit, call, or punishment by Me that will serve to arrest this spontaneous shipwreck in Satan of mankind, redeemed by Me [by His Crucifixion]. Like an enraged bull, humanity is demolishing everything: reason, morality, and faith, and it is heading for a crash against what slays it [instigated by Satan]. The profaning hand of man rises up for a new crime which does not deserve forgiveness. And the Father [God the Father] does not want to forgive. He lets you perish [in Hell] as you have wanted to. "The only thing I can do and do - and I do it out of mercy on the saints [the remnant holy ones on earth], who, as rare as flowers in the desert, still pray; they pray, not making an avowal of custom and hypocrisy - is to hold back the wrath [anger] of My Father, who, weary of the crimes of a race [the human race] for which My Blood has been shed to no avail, goes on wanting and wanting to apply Justice to you. And justice, since you are blameworthy, would mean tremendous punishments which My Mercy does not want to be added to those you cause yourselves on your own. "Maria [Valtorta], I know I am wounding and demoralising you. You had hoped for joy from My Easter. Roses after the thorns. Smiles after the tears. You are a victim [a victim soul - a co-redeemer]. The thorns and tears remain even in time of Easter, for it is necessary to stay on the cross for the sake of this perverse humanity. "I ask you [Maria Valtorta] to remain on the cross [to continue suffering, as a co-redeemer] for Me. To save the world has been My dream. To save souls My joy. The world is lost for God [like that prior to the Great Flood], but souls can still be saved - those who still have a soul, languishing but still alive. I ask you for charity [to continue suffering] in their regard. It is Jesus, a beggar for love in His role as the glorious Risen One, who asks you for this offering [i.e. of Maria Valtorta's pains] of souls so that His Kingdom will still have subjects. Jesus Christ elaborates further, thus: "How often man, especially in these times, asks, 'Why, Lord, don't You intervene and punish? Give the proud, the wicked, what they deserve. If You are just, how can You let the wicked triumph and Your faithful suffer?' "Children [all of us], I shall remind you of some Words in the Gospel: 'Before removing the splinter from your brother's eye, take the beam our of your own.' (Matthew 7.3-5; Luke 6.41-42) "It is true that you are tormented by the 'great sinners.' But not even you are without sin. Your sins, much smaller than the enormous ones of the corruptors of the world, have continually been building up until provoking God's indignation. "You must consider that God, Perfection and Justice, judges the great and the small, and He is repelled by the great sin of the great and the lesser sin of the small. If, then, He were to intervene to punish the great, as you implore, why is it not licit for Him to punish you for your repeated and numerous sins? [Such widespread numerous sins, worldwide, as abortion, divorce, accursed adultery, fornication, fornicating hordes of single women having babies or aborting them, contraception, same-sex sex, same-sex marriages, pornography, prostitution, paedophilia, pederasty, euthanasia, drug use, bribery, and on and on - all things contrary to the Ten Commandments.] "They [the repeated and numerous sins] are the sins of whole nations. Their citizens have forgotten God and replaced Him with numberless other gods, ranging from a 'man' to an idea, from an idea to a set of moral - that is, amoral - habits, among which there is not one that is approved by God. [amoral = without morals or such concerns] "What happens then? [Similar to] What happens with a landslide involving sand. There are places on the earth where, because of a special structure and composition of the terrain, sands transported slowly but continually by the winds build up at one specific point. Centuries are required, but the time comes when the build-up is such that it can no longer be supported by that furrow in the earth, and it shakes it off, provoking catastrophes which swallow up towns and whole cities. "If man were careful, he would take steps to counterbalance the work of the winds [of the temptations to sin] with his own work and sweep away these deposits [small accumulating sins] with a tenacity to that of the elements." Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit. Mary, Help of Christians, pray for us. The foregoing is pursuant to the Gospel that Jesus dictated to Maria Valtorta, the Bible, and my analysis. PS If, on some rare occasion, you should find someone who's rather hostile to the Gospel that Jesus dictated to Maria Valtorta, just simply ask him this: "Which 'Diana' are you trying to protect?" If he conceals the 'Diana' he's covertly protecting, simply tell him that the ancient silversmiths did not conceal the 'Diana' they were protecting... and rebelling to protect her. (Acts 19.27-28) ------------------------------------------------- Excerpts from the Writings of Maria Valtorta cited herein are with permission from the Italian publisher: Centro Editoriale Valtortiano srl, Viale Piscicelli 89-91, 03036 Isola del Liri (FR), Italy. -------------------------------------------------

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