The duty of parents to teach their children the good, virtues. By Joseph Costa


Parents not teaching their children properly, or not at all, results in degeneration of society. We see this every day, everywhere. Of course, I am assuming here that parents actually know how, and what, to teach their children. In too many cases, parents themselves need teaching. Many don't want to be taught, let alone learn. Degeneration leads to disasters and war. And, as Jesus has said: 'war is hate.' And hate is censured by God, as it's a cognate of Hate, that is Satan. In the Old Testament of the Bible, it is stated in the Book of Tobit, that Sarah married Tobias, who was well taught by his father and mother, Tobit and Anna, respectively. Tobit and Anna did a pretty good job, for their obedient holy son, Tobias, deserved being accompanied on a journey by angel saint Raphael, a name meaning "medicine of God" or "God heals." Angel Raphael is believed to be one of the seven great archangels who stand before the throne of God. Jesus says that the Sacrament of marriage has long been symbolised in the Book of Tobit (Vulgate Latin version), "... in the holy marriage of Sarah, the daughter of Raguel, after she was freed from the demon. The Sacrament will give the married couple all the assistance needed to live together according to the Law [Ten Commandments] and the wishes of God. Husband and wife also become the ministers of a rite: the rite of procreation. Husband and wife become also the priests of a small church: their family. They must therefore be consecrated to procreate with the blessing of God and to bring up a progeny [children] that will bless the Most Holy Name of God." As too many marriages and de-facto couples are not consecrated by the Sacrament of marriage, it's hardly surprising, then, that many children today are not conceived and born with "the blessing of God" and do not "bless the Most Holy Name of God." Many children, in today's wicked times, which seem to be the long prophesied end times, are conceived through sheer lust and then aborted, mirroring to some extent, what the wicked ancient Canaanites used to do, adding the sin of homicide to the sin of carnal lust. The situation is even worse when, obeying the commandments of Satan, sinful single women willingly get laid and have children, who then go on to reflect the sinfulness of their wicked mothers, thereby degenerating society. Jesus says: "The human body, washed by Baptism, is the temple of God's Spirit. It should therefore not be violated with immodest behaviour or immodest dress. From a woman especially who does not respect herself, there can come only depraved offspring and a corrupt society - from which God withdraws Himself, and in which Satan ploughs and sows his briars, his troubles, that make you despair." Diabolical possession is widespread. The Bible says that: "A woman shall not wear anything that pertains to a man, nor shall a man put on a woman's garment, for whoever does these things is an abomination to the Lord your God." (Deuteronomy 22.5) Have you ever seen women, in alluring tight pants, serve Holy Communion during the Sacrifice of the Mass, and the priest nearby saying nothing, being a covert accomplice by his silence? Jesus, true God and true Man, pursuant to the Gospel that He dictated to Maria Valtorta: Jesus Christ teaches parenting, thus: [Jesus below explains the reasons why society today, worldwide, is degenerating. Natural disasters are warning signs of this degeneration, of God's disapproval, warning man to change to the good.] "... I would like to draw the attention of parents to how [saint] Joseph [the putative father of Jesus on earth] made a clever workman of Me, without any help of pedagogical [educational system of] learning. As soon as I was old enough to handle tools, he did not let Me lead a life of idleness, but he started Me to work and he made use of My love for [His Mother, Virgin] Mary as the means to spur Me to work. I was to make useful things for Mother. That is how he inculcated the respect which every son should have for his mother and the teaching for the future carpenter [Jesus] was based on that respectful and loving incentive. "Where are now the families in which the little ones are taught to love work as a means of pleasing their parents? Children, nowadays, are the tyrants of the house. They [children] grow hard, indifferent, ill-mannered towards their parents. They [children] consider their parents as their servants, their slaves. They [children] do not love their parents and they are scarcely loved by them [by parents]. The reason is that, while you [parents] allow your children to become objectionable overbearing fellows, you become detached from them with shameful indifference. "They [children] are everybody's children, except yours [parents], O parents of the twentieth century [as dictated on 21 March 1944, but obviously applicable today]. They are the children of the nurse, of the governess, of the college, if you are rich people. They [children] belong to their companions, they are the children of the streets, of the schools, if you [parents] are poor. But they are not yours. You, mothers, give birth to them and that is all. And you, fathers, do exactly the same. But a son is not only flesh. He has a mind, a heart, a soul. Believe Me, no one is more entitled and more obliged than a father and a mother to form that mind, that heart, that soul. "A family is necessary. It exists and must exist. There is no theory or progress capable of destroying this truth without causing ruin. A shattered family can but yield men and women who in future will be more perverted, and will cause greater and greater ruin. And I tell you most solemnly that it would be better if there were no more marriages and no more children on the earth, rather than have families less united than the tribes of monkeys, families which are not schools of virtue, of work, of love, of religion, but a babel in which everyone lives on his own like disengaged gears, which end up by breaking. [Tower of Babel - very briefly: God dispersed all the people who were then before the Tower, by infusing various groups there with differing languages, thereby preventing them from communicating with one another, and thereby bringing about the end of the nonsense of the Tower, initiated by king Nimrod, due principally to pride.] "Broken families. You break up the most holy way of social living and you see and suffer the consequences. You may continue thus, if you so wish. But do not complain if this world is becoming a deeper and deeper Hell, a dwelling place of monsters who devour families and nations. You want it. Let it be so." [This destruction is already happening.] Jesus explains further – "All children are a talent [a treasure] entrusted by the Lord to a servant [to parents] of His. But woe to that servant who does not bring children to yield fruit [good deeds, virtues], leaves them idle, showing no interest in them, or, even worse, disintegrates and corrupts them. If God, in a tone of severity, is to require an explanation of those [parents] not attending to increasing the value of a talent [a treasure - to increasing a child's good deeds, virtues] and inflict a lengthy punishment on those [parents] dissipating and killing [damning to Hell] the soul of a child, God, the master and judge of all that is, by an inexorable [severe unforgiving] verdict will inflict eternal punishment [in Hell] upon parents slaying [damning to Hell] the most valuable part of children - their soul." And, most severely, Jesus censures abortion, the murdering of babies, the silent genocide unparalleled in history, thus: "And now listen, you women, tacit unpunished murderesses of so many lives. It is also murder to detach a fruit [foetus] that is growing in a womb, because of a guilty seed [such as via rape or via a one night-stand or similar fling], or because it is an embryo which is not wanted, being a useless burden to your bodies and your wealth. There is only one way not to have that burden: by being chaste [by no sex]. Do not join homicide to lust, violence to disobedience, and do not think that God does not see, simply because man does not see. God sees everything and remembers everything. You ought to remember that too." [Jesus, God, knows everything, seen and unseen, from eternity to eternity]. And Jesus says further: "Be continent [do not have sex] if you are afraid you will not have clothing and food for those to be born. "Don't be inferior to the beasts, who understand the beauty of procreating and are able to impose a rein on themselves when an adverse season would deny nourishment to their young." Jesus also has something to say about those who engage in irresponsible carnal unions, carnal lust, without giving due consideration to the children they beget. About this, Jesus says: "How many souls [to be infused into conceived children] are there that your [parents'] sensual appetite [lust for carnal unions] calls from Heaven and that you then close the gates of life to [those children, by abortion, etc.]? How many [children] that barely reach their term and are born dying or already dead that you bar from Heaven? How many are those upon whom you [parents] impose a weight of pain, which they [children] cannot always bear, with a sick existence marked by painful and shameful diseases? How many are those [children] that cannot resist this kind of martyrdom, not wanted but affixed by you [parents] like a firebrand upon the flesh, which you have begotten without reflecting that, when one is corrupt like a tomb full of putrefaction, it is no longer licit to beget children to condemn them to pain and the loathing of society? How many are those that, unable to resist this fate, commit suicide? "But what do you [parents] think? That I will condemn them [children] for this crime [of suicide] of theirs against God and themselves? No. Before them, who sin against two [i.e. against God and against the child himself who suicided], are you [parents], who sin against three: against God, against yourselves, and against the innocent [children] whom you [parents] beget to lead them [children] to desperation. Consider this. Consider it carefully. God is just, and if the sin [of suicide] holds weight, the causes of the sin also do. And in this case, the weight of the sin lightens the condemnation of the suicide, but aggravates the condemnation of you [parents], true killers of your desperate children." In the Bible, Wisdom says: "For children born of unlawful unions are witnesses of evil against their parents when God examines them [upon Judgement]." (Wisdom 4.6) But Jesus counsels children to forgive their parents for any wrongs done, as this ameliorates and hastens His forgiveness of them. Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit. Mary, Help of Christians, pray for us. The foregoing is pursuant to the Gospel that Jesus dictated to Maria Valtorta, the Bible, and my analysis. Excerpts from the Writings of Maria Valtorta cited herein are with permission from the Italian publisher: Centro Editoriale Valtortiano srl, Viale Piscicelli 89-91, 03036 Isola del Liri (FR), Italy.

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