Indian military Veterans should stop bringing disgrace to the country. By Hem Raj Jain


Without reviving martial spirit of Indian State, Military Veterans can’t expect justice: Many TV Channels showed on October 30, 2017 that the Indian Military Veterans (protesting for one-rank-one-pay, OROP) were humiliatingly removed from India’s capital New Delhi at Jantar-Mantar [ allegedly due to order of National Green Tribunal (NGT) which expects protestors to protest at Ramlila ground and not at Jantar-Mantar]. But protest venue (either Jantar-Mantar or Ramlila ground) is not the real issue. The real issue as generally mentioned at ( ) is the disgraceful manner in which Military (including its Veterans) is being treated in India and for this mainly the senior / top brass of Indian Military, the serving and Veterans, are to be blamed. The Indian Military will not come out of this disgraceful situation unless the following is done which, what to talk of OROP or any other legitimate demand of Military Veterans and serving Military men, but even respect and honor of Indian Military and (its Veterans) will rise to the exalted level: - (1)- Military Veterans should launch a new registered NGO (by giving its membership to other Indians too than merely to Military Veterans) which will carry out demonstrations at all the State Capitals and District headquarters for demanding the following which are exclusively concerned about the martial matters of Indian State. (2)- Martial Court (separate from Court Martial) should be constituted which will decide all the grievances of members of Indian Military. (3)- BJP came in Government in the State of Assam mainly on the issue of identifying, tracking and deportation of Bangladeshi illegal migrants in Assam. Hence Government of India and of Govt of Assam should immediately start the process of sending all the Bangladeshi infiltrators to Bangladesh from India as these illegal immigrants have become serious security threat to India especially in view of Rohingya crises (4)- India should immediately talk to Pakistan for the retrieve of PoK (even militarily if necessary) as mentioned at (5)- The dispute with China is legal (unlike dispute with Pakistan which is political) hence India should pressurize China to constitute a judicial commission (preferably through UN of which China is a privileged veto wielding permanent member) in order to settle Indo-China border dispute without any further delay. (6)- India should immediately recover Rs ~ 1,000 Trillion State capital as Income Tax as mention at ( AND ) so that in addition to solving many of the problems of India (arising out of financial hardship) the Military power of India can also be buttressed further. Indian Military Veterans have already faced enough of humiliations and it is high time they use some common-sense and realize that ‘seedhi ungli se ghee nahi nikalta’ (without pressure nobody listens) especially in democracy where other interest groups have taken control of Indian State.

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