Individuals submitting willingly to demonic possession. By Joseph Costa


I once articulated that Halloween was a worshipping of Satan. It still is. It continues to be. It's the special feast day for glorifying Satan, the master of all things abhorrent, wicked, Evil: the lord and master of all sinners. And indeed he truly has many followers on earth: devil-men - satans. Parents, in allowing their children to participate in Halloween, are unknowingly, in reality, in truth, actually teaching their children, not the good that they should, but the bad that they shouldn't; overtly teaching them to steal via the criminal act of extortion with menaces: "treat or trick!" And the weird animal-like costumes or make-up that they wear, are really very pale images of how the damned souls in Hell actually look like: monstrous, bizarre, animal-like, but only much, much, much worse therein. Halloween is witchcraft, the occult, and a follower of Halloween becomes malleable, susceptible, to being possessed by a demon: demonic possession, which can take many forms, with the worst ones being the silent demonic possessions as explained hereunder by Jesus Christ Himself, the conqueror of Satan: an acronym and name coined by God, not man. Jesus tells that: "Some people give themselves to Satan by opening a door to one capital vice. Some give themselves twice, some three times, some seven times. When one has opened his spirit [soul] to the seven vices, then a complete spirit enters him. Satan, the black prince, enters." There are 7 capital vices - sins: pride, lust, gluttony, idleness, greed, anger, and envy: seven silent slithering snakes in the grass! Traitor and thief and debauchee, Judas Iscariot, through his 7 capital vices, allowed Satan to enter and possess him, with ease. Judas relished his sinning, loved it, and he just didn't want to stop sinning, despite the countless times that Jesus exhorted him to stop, despite Jesus and His Mother, Virgin Mary, having prayed for him, and despite Jesus having once done severe penance for him. Judas, surprise, surprise, is now in the tortures and fires of Hell for endless eternity as the greatest sinner, additionally belching blood and inhaling blood because he betrayed the Blood of a God: Jesus. (Apocalypse 16.6) On some occasions, defiantly, Judas had responded to Jesus' gentle reproach of him, in effect with the following words... "send me away!" But Jesus couldn't very well reject and expel him for his sinning, otherwise He, Jesus, would have breached the second wing of the Law of love: that of loving one's neighbour, would thereby have sinned, and Redemption would have failed. But truly, Jesus never ever sinned! And Redemption was successful, as all the demands of God the Father were fully accomplished by Jesus. (Saint) Mary Magdalene, once a public sinner and a divorcée, also committed the 7 capital sins. But, realising one day the infernal errors of her sinful ways, of her own free will she truly wanted to stop sinning. And she indeed stopped sinning, repented, and so was released by Jesus from demonic possession. Jesus' parable of the lost sheep was especially aimed at her, who was then hiding nearby where Jesus was preaching; and she wept and wept and wept in remorse, in true repentance. After the Ascension of Jesus into Heaven, Mary Magdalene went on to lead a life of severe penance, as a hermitess and holy penitent in the wilderness somewhere, somehow in France, self flagellated, and also wore a band of thorns around her head and another around her waist, in order to expiate her many (forgiven) sins and so became a great saint of the Catholic Church; and a role model for sinners, even for the most hardened ones, who truly wish to abandon sin and covert to sweet and gentle and lovable Jesus, who is Infinite Mercy, Forgiveness, Goodness, Patience. "Jesus does not cause fear." He always takes-in all those who want to be taken-in: all comers, from anywhere, at any time, even on the last breath of a man!! After that last breath, a man immediately comes before Jesus-as-the-Judge, though, to be judged, being the second judgement of a man. The first judgement is made by a man himself, of himself, by the way he has freely chosen to live on earth, of his own free will. And the third judgement is the Last Judgement, when there's the resurrection of the dead, the re-joining of body and soul, and the separation of the damned from the blessed. There will be no 'inter-faith' between the two groups, not that there has ever been any. The Last Judgement will occur sometime (unknown) after the end of he world. (Ezekiel 37.7-8) There is no sin that Jesus will not forgive a truly repentant sinner, except sins against the Holy Spirit. One sins against the Holy Spirit by negating the known Truth, even if only once; and that's enough to gain entrance into Hell. Repentance is a condition precedent to forgiveness, despite what some heretics may allege, fooling themselves and others, though, to their eternal detriment. It's explicitly in the Bible, and it's patently obvious that those heretics either don't read the true Bible or don't believe in it... or both. Or maybe they have simply acquired one from a pawn shop. Angel Azariah says that 'heretics curse God by mutilating Him.' Jesus appeared to Mary Magdalene in her cave just before she was about to die, and told her, among other things, that a place in Heaven was already prepared for her. An angel, soon after, then appeared, gave her Holy Communion, and then she died alone, happily, in ecstasy in the cave where she was living in, in very austere circumstances - in marked contradistinction to the opulence and extravagant lifestyle she was once accustomed to, when she was a scandalous sinner. Our sweet Jesus reassures us, sinners, thus, about His boundless forgiveness: "Always remember: 'I make no difference between him who loves Me with his spotless purity [as did the virginal apostle, saint John] and him who loves Me in the sincere contrition of a heart reborn to Grace [as did the truly repentant sinner, Mary Magdalene, after her conversion].' I am the Saviour. Always remember that." And, it should also be patently obvious that Jesus does not hold grudges, once He has forgiven a sinner. We're all sinners. Truly. Only Jesus, as Man, never sinned, and nor did His Mother Virgin Mary: Purity. Jesus as God obviously cannot ever sin. Jesus, true God and true Man, pursuant to the Gospel that He dictated to Maria Valtorta: Jesus Christ explains little known, silent demonic possession: [In one of the many places that Jesus visited during His three-years' evangelisation, one day, He, together with His Twelve Apostles and Marjiam, (saint) Peter's adopted young son, went to the inhabitants near mount Nebo. But the inhabitants there, were wicked, and so drove the apostolic group away... menacingly! And Jesus, some time later, in a discussion with (saint) Peter, explained silent demonic possession, as follows...] "My dear Peter, and do you think that they [the inhabitants near mount Nebo who drove the apostolic group away menacingly] are not possessed? Do you think that to be possessed one must be like the man [an old blind man, uttering blasphemies, demonically possessed, who did not want to be cured of blindness by Jesus] from Callirhoe or like other people we have come across? Do you think that obsession is displayed only by unbecoming shouts, by bounds, by fury, by mania for living in dens, by stubborn silence, by impediments in limbs, by benumbed minds, so that the person possessed speaks and acts unconsciously? No. [Satan can indeed cause infirmities in a man.] "There are also more subtle and powerful obsessions, nay possessions, and they are the most dangerous ones because they do not hinder or weaken reason, so that it [reason] may not accomplish good deeds, but they [subtle powerful possessions] develop it [reason], nay: they expand it [reason] so that it [reason] may be powerful in serving him [a man under demonic possession] who possesses it [i.e. a more developed and expanded diabolical reason]. [In the case of divine possessions:] "When God takes possession of an intellect [a holy man's] and makes use of it [intellect] for His service, He instils into it [intellect], in the hours in which it [intellect] is at God's service, a supernatural intelligence which greatly increases the natural intelligence of the subject [the holy man]. Do you think, for instance, that [real prophets] Isaiah, Ezekiel, Daniel, and the other [real] prophets, if they had had to read and explain those prophesies [in the Bible], as written by others, would not have found the indecipherable obscurities that present day-people find? And yet, I tell you, they understood them perfectly while receiving them. [The real prophets saw with the Eye of God, whereas we only see with the very limited, deficient, eye of man.] [Again in the case of divine possessions:] "... in the case of divine possessions. Man, who of his own puts only the good will to love his God wholly, to give himself up to His will, to practise virtues and control passions, is absorbed in God, and in the Light that is God, in the Wisdom that is God he [the man] sees and understands everything. Later, when the absolute action [of divine possession] comes to an end, a state takes over in the creature [the man under divine possession], whereby what has been received is transformed into a rule of life and sanctification [for him], but becomes obscure, or rather, what previously seemed clear becomes crepuscular [a twilight, hazy, foggy]. [In the case of demonic possessions:] "The demon [Satan], a perpetual mimic of God, causes a similar effect, although limited because God only is Infinite, in the mental obsession of those who are [demonically] possessed because they [men under demonic possession] gave themselves spontaneously to him [to Satan] in order to be triumphant, and he [Satan] grants them a superior intelligence, devoted exclusively to evil, to harming, to offending God and man. "But as the satanic action [of demonic possession] finds the soul [the man] consenting, it [satanic action] is continuous and thus leads it [the soul - the man] by degrees to a complete knowledge of Evil. They [silent demonic possessions] are the worst possessions. Nothing appears outwardly and consequently such possessed people are not avoided. But they exist. As I have often told you, the Son of Man [Jesus as Man] will be struck [murdered] by people possessed that way [by people under silent demonic possession]." [In 33 A.D., the multitude in Jerusalem, egged on by the then scribes and pharisees and chief priests, the 'blind following the blind,' drunk with demonic hate for Jesus, before Roman governor Pontius Pilate, '... continued to answer with shouts of, 'Crucify Him, crucify Him' - without cause, without charity, without gratitude, with diabolical hate, with love for Satan, with one murderous voice. (Luke 23.21) They just wanted Jesus dead, dead, dead, without even knowing why they wanted Him dead. Previously, some of them had even been cured of illness, or been given alms, by Jesus. The multitude knew well God's Law, but did not obey it. And most of them are now in Hell. The fifth Commandment is quite clear in its prohibition: 'Thou shalt not kill.'] Jesus Christ elaborates further, thus: "Do you know along which path Satan comes? Generally three are the beaten paths, and one is never missing. Three: sensuality [carnal lust - sexual sins], money, pride of spirit. Sensuality [carnal lust] is the one which is always present. Courier of the other concupiscences [lusts, or their desire], it [carnal lust] passes spreading its poison and everything flourishes with satanic flowering. That is why I say to you: 'Be masters of your flesh.' Let that control be the beginning of everything else, as that slavery [to carnal lust] is the beginning of everything else. "The man enslaved by lust, becomes thief, swindler, cruel, murderer, in order to serve his mistress [his carnal lust]. The very thirst for power is also related to the flesh. Do you not think so? It is so. Meditate on that and you will see whether I am mistaken. It was through the flesh [through primogenitors Adam and Eve's carnal lust and its consummation] that Satan entered man and through the flesh he [Satan] goes back into man, and he [Satan] is happy if he can do so. He [Satan], one and sevenfold, enters with the proliferation of his legions of minor demons." [At this point, (saint) Matthew, obviously cognisant of his past as a tax collector and sinner before becoming a great holy Apostle, then asked Jesus:] "Why, Master, do we notice that many women are possessed by the demon, and we say, by that demon [by the demon of carnal lust]?" "See Matthew. Woman is not equal to man in her formation and in her reaction to the Original Sin. Man has other aims for his desires which may be more or less good. Woman has one aim only: love. Man has a different formation. Woman has this one, sensitive, which is even more perfect, because its purpose is procreation. You know that every perfection brings about an increase in sensitiveness. A perfect ear can hear what escapes a less perfect ear and is glad of that. The same applies to the eyes, to the palate [taste] and to olfaction [smell]. Woman was [created via Eve] to be sweetness of God on the Earth, she was to be love, the incarnation of that fire which moves Him [God] Who is, the manifestation, the testimony of that love. "God therefore had gifted her [had created woman] with a supereminent sensitive spirit, so that, one day as a mother, she could and would know how to open the eyes of the hearts of her sons to the love for God and their fellow creatures, as man would open the eyes of intelligence of his children to understanding and acting. "Consider the command of God to Himself: 'Let us make a helpmate for Adam.' [Genesis 2.18 - Eve was fashioned from a bone taken out of Adam] God-Goodness could but want to make a good helpmate [not a partner or boss or competitor] for Adam. He who is good loves. Adam's helpmate, therefore, was to be able to love to succeed in making Adam's day happy in the blissful Garden [of Eden]. She was to be so capable of loving as to be the second, collaborator and substitute of God, in loving man, His creature, so that even when God did not reveal Himself to His child with His loving voice, man should not feel unhappy for lack of love. "Satan was aware of such perfection. Satan knows so many things. It is he who speaks through the lips of the pythonesses [snakes] telling lies mixed with truth. And - bear this in mind all of you [all the 12 Apostles and Marjiam then present before Him], both you who are present here and those who will come in future - he [Satan] speaks such truth, which he hates because he is Falsehood, only to seduce you [men] with the chimera [fantasy, trick] that it is Light [God, Jesus] that speaks and not Darkness [Serpent, Satan]. "Satan, cunning, tortuous and cruel, crept into such perfection [creation of Adam and Eve], he bit there [made Adam and Eve fall from Grace through arousing Eve into carnal lust, and then additionally through both eating the forbidden fruit] and left his poison [Original Sin]. The perfection of woman in loving has thus become Satan's instrument to dominate man and woman and spread evil..." [The Sacrament of Baptism erases Original Sin, but the 'scar' remains, ever ready to re-ignite its fury at the slightest opportunity. Prayer douses that fury.] [(Saint) John, who was then about 18-20 years old, expressing concern, then asked:] "What about our mothers, then?" "John, do you fear for them? Not every woman is an instrument for Satan. Perfect as they [women in general] are in their feelings, they exceed in action: angels if they want to be of God, demons if they wish to be of Satan. Holy women, and your mother [Mary Salome, wife of Zebedee] is one of them, want to be of God and they are angels." As Jesus has said above: Satan "... speaks such truth, which he hates because he is Falsehood, only to seduce you [men] with the chimera [fantasy, trick] that it is Light [God, Jesus] that speaks and not Darkness [Satan]." Satan, Serpent, knows the present and the past, but not the future. Ever resourceful in, and master of, all things evil, when it suits him, he even solemnly quotes verses from the Holy Bible. But he intermingles those truths with untruths, with his own satanic verses, with lies, with evil verses, doing so even in alluring lyrical constructs. He can even appear to man as a luminous angel and can thereby falsely claim to be from God, as being a messenger of God and create religions, and thereby lead his careless stupefied victims to perdition... to the horrors of Hell. (II Corinthians 11.14-15) And Satan invariably uses his most powerful weapon to defeat man: sex. Notice how sex has now become virulent in movies, television, and on the internet. Satan entices sex, and encourages his many followers to engage in unbridled sex, sex of all kinds, in order to corrupt, as he once did so, hugely successfully, at the beginning of Creation with primogenitors Adam and Eve, exploiting, using: "The perfection of woman in loving..." Being sexually aroused by the Serpent, by Satan, it was Eve, woman, who seduced Adam, man, to carnal lust. And is there anything more seductive, really, than a woman who profess to a man that she wants him? And what does that old axiom say, which we can now much better understand... 'Hell has no fury like a woman scorned!' Satan, Serpent, to put it more simply, acts like a fisherman. His bait is the truths he utters in order to seduce men into believing he is God or a messenger of God; and the hook Satan uses, is the lies he attaches to those truths. Those lies breach the Ten Commandments. Because such men have already been seduced into believing that Satan is God or a messenger of God, they, the seduced men, then foolishly obey Satan's lies as being truths coming from God. Those seduced men thereby sin and go to Hell for endless eternity. Pretty slithering and cunning, eh? Truly serpentine! But hasn't the Bible long cautioned us to be alert, to be wary, on the watch?... whenein it says: "Now the serpent was more subtle than any other wild creature that the Lord God had made." (Genesis 3.1) Jesus reminds us, that: "... all the actions of man. At least One [God] is aware of them and provides: God. What is spoken in the dark, ends up by being disclosed by Light [God], and what is plotted in the secrecy of a dark room can be disclosed as if it had been planned in a square [full of people]. Because every man may have an informer. And because every man is seen by God Who can intervene and unmask offenders." Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit. Mary, Help of Christians, pray for us. The foregoing is pursuant to the Gospel that Jesus dictated to Maria Valtorta, and my analysis. Always wear a cross, but preferably one in the simple stark style of the Roman one, that Jesus was once crucified on. Avoid fake fancy crosses! Before the true Cross, Satan loses all powers and cannot thereby cause any harm to anyone. Satan himself has long admitted so much, and confirmed as being true by Jesus. The prayer, requesting the intercession and help of saint Michael the Archangel, is as follows: "Saint Michael the Archangel; defend us in battle; be our safeguard against the wickedness and snares of the devil. May God rebuke him we humbly pray; and do you, O Prince of the heavenly host, by the power of God, cast into hell Satan and all the evil spirits who prowl about the world seeking the ruin of souls. Amen." If I recall correctly, this prayer was once said at the end of every traditional Latin solemn Sacrifice of the Mass, pre-Vatican II. Of late, this particular Mass has been gaining popularity as well as increasing numbers of followers, as a result of Pope Benedict XVI's authorisation pursuant to his 'Motu Proprio' dated 7 July 2007: "Summorum Pontificum." The momentum towards the Latin Mass seems unstoppable, irresistible. Vatican II, whose participants would probably, seemingly, have been subject to their respective individual Oath Against Modernism, indeed did not abrogate the Latin Mass, so its legitimacy cannot ever be challenged legitimately.

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