Santa Claus, the idol worshipped at Christmas in lieu of Jesus Christ. By Joseph Costa


Without the absolute obedience of Jesus Christ (as God, Son of God) and of His Mother, Virgin Mary, to God the Father, there would never have been the birth of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ (as Man): no Christmas and no Redemption; and so wonderful glorious Heaven would never have been accessible to man, due to the stain of his inherited impurity - Original Sin: the 'bite of Satan' - an impurity. Nothing impure can ever enter or remain in Heaven. According to the dictations given to Maria Valtorta by her guardian angel, saint Azariah, he said: "The Word [Jesus Christ] wanted the name 'Light' as His characteristic. He nearly baptised Himself with this name, which was spoken by Him in His first act of obedience to the Father: 'Let there be light!' (Genesis 1.3) "The Word [Jesus Christ] has always obeyed. The Father said to Him, 'You shall be a Man, for only You can instruct Humanity.' The Word [Jesus Christ] said, 'I will be a Man. May Your Will be done.' The Father said, 'You shall die, for only Your Sacrifice can redeem Humanity.' The Word said, 'I will die. May Your Will be done.' The Father said, 'And You shall die on the Cross, for to redeem the world the sacrifice of Your life amidst the pains of death from illness is not sufficient for Me.' The Word said, 'And I will die on the Cross. May Your Will be done.' "The centuries passed, and the Word [Jesus], when His time had come, became incarnate in the Womb of the Virgin [Mary] and was born like all born of man - little, weak, unable to speak or walk, obeying the Father in this, too, who wanted Him subject to the common laws to preserve Him from the snares of Satan and men, [with Satan] fiercely looking to and waiting for the feared Messiah [Jesus], and to forestall the future objections of the deniers and heretics on the true Humanity of the Son of God. [Jesus is eternally true God and true Man. Anyone who negates this, is just a blatant blasphemer!!!] "He [Jesus] grew in wisdom and grace (Luke 2.51-52), obeying. He became a man and worker, obeying - God the Father and His relatives [His relatives: i.e. obeying obviously His Mother, Virgin Mary, and His putative father, saint Joseph, for sure; and perhaps also obeying the relatives of saint Joseph; and maybe also Mary's cousin, Elizabeth, and her husband Zacharias]. On reaching His thirtieth year, He became the Master to instruct Humanity, obeying. After three years and three months, and when the time came to die - and by death on the Cross - He obeyed, repeating, 'May Your Will be done' (Matthew 26.39-44; Mark 14.36-39; Luke 22.42)." The Father's Masterpiece of Beauty, Virgin Mary: Full of Grace, All-Beautiful, All-Holy, eternally ever-Virgin, also obeyed the Father to the full, making His Will, Her very own will. When saint Gabriel the archangel asked - asked, not commanded - Her to be the Mother of the Son of God, Jesus, She said yes, with the following unequivocal, full-of-trust, full-of-love words: "... 'Behold the handmaid of the Lord; let it be unto Me according to thy word'." (Luke 1.38) On hearing those beautiful consenting fearless words of Virgin Mary, the annunciating angel glowed more brightly, obviously in joy, knelt before Her, and then bowed down in adoration, as he certainly would have seen the Spirit of God, the Holy Spirit, Mary's real Spouse, descend immediately upon Mary to deposit the divine Seed, Jesus, into Mary's virginal Womb. It was from this moment on, then, that Mary knew full well the painful destiny of Her Son and of Herself; and thereafter slowly have the "Intelligence gaps" refilled by Jesus, gaps that God had wanted Her to be born with, with good reasons. One example of this 'gap:' On one particular occasion, when All-Beautiful little Mary, then a Jewess of about two and a half years old, cited certain things to Her mother, (saint) Anne, about the then Jewish Tradition [Old Testament], Mary was asked by Her mother: "How do You know these holy things, my darling? Who told You? Your father?" Sweet little Mary replied: "No. I do not know who it is. I think I have always known them..." [Mary's soul was created from 'everlasting,' and Her elderly parents, while on earth, never knew that they had given birth to the Mother of God: Jesus. Mary is the first Christian.] God had to work a special miracle to create those "Intelligence gaps," in order to curtail Mary's immense intelligence, and to leave gaps in them, because otherwise the people around Her, would have made insinuations of Her being, somehow, under the power of the occult, and Jesus did not want those insinuations said about His sweet Mother. Mary had sky-blue eyes and golden hair, and was then known in Nazareth, then a Jewish town, as the 'Flower of Nazareth,' because of Her exceptional incomparable Beauty, a beauty without compare in the whole universe. Whenever you look up to the sky, always think of Mary, because God had created the colour of the sky, sky-blue, to match the colour of Mary's eyes, and created other things besides based on Her incomparable beautiful physical features. For example, God created the harmonious sound of the nightingale to match the sound of Mary's speech. Jesus explains the above miracle, briefly, thus: "The miracle is not in the superior intelligence shown by Mary in Her childhood, as afterwards it [superior intelligence] was shown by Me [see note below]. The miracle is in containing the Infinite Intelligence, that dwelt there [in Mary], within suitable bounds, so that the crowds should not be startled and satanic attention should not be awakened." [Note: Jesus' own Infinite Intelligence, however, was not curtailed at His earthly birth as a Man. When Jesus was a mere Boy of about 12 years old, in His dispute with the then religious 'Doctors' in the Temple in Jerusalem, dazzling them with His immense divine Intelligence, a smart-alec rabbi there, Shammai, together with his followers, called the Boy Jesus: Satan. But holy elderly rabbi Hillel and his followers immediately came to the defence of the Boy Jesus, saying: 'No. This Child is a Prophet {Son} of God. Stay with me, Child...' The fact that God is One and Three, and that Jesus is true God and true Man, were Truths unknown to the ancients. But all those present there in the Temple, and elsewhere, who had called Jesus, Satan, are now believed to be in Hell. Much later on, circa 31-32 A.D., Jesus, together with His apostles, went on to pray for Hillel at his gravesite.] Some heretics, so full of themselves, seem unable, or unwilling, to understand all this, and so they then use this inability or abject ignorance of theirs, in arrant arrogance, to disparage and negate the Gospel that Jesus dictated to Maria Valtorta, disparaging and criticising and negating what they cannot understand or don't know... or perhaps don't want to know. Fools!! The 'cult' of the pharisees lives on, continues on, even to this very day; and today's pharisees will be punished by God as He punished the ancient ones. Mary's "Intelligence gaps" were re-filled by Jesus during the 9 months' gestation period that He was growing, as a Man, in Her Mother's Womb. But Jesus never ceased being God while all this went on. Mary's virginity was never ever violated by anyone, being perpetually, eternally, ever-Virgin. Except for Her parents and those who had assisted at Her birth, no one on earth had ever seen Her body. Before Mary was actually born, in a natural human way, to saint Anne (without any pains of child-birth) and saint Joachim, She was in the Father's Thought, seemingly as if alive in that Thought... from eternity; and Her immaculate soul was created jointly by the Trinity from everlasting, as an exception... without the 'bite of Satan.' I don't think suitable earthly words exist that might help explain this phenomena clearly to man, very limited as he is with only a man's intelligence - well below that of the angels. Jesus says of Mary's consent to be His Mother: "She defied the world's opinion and Her husband's [chaste saint Joseph] judgement, in addition to embracing Her scaffold as Mother of the Redeemer, without hesitating. With the guarantee that God did not reject [via archangel Gabriel assurance at the Annunciation] the gift of Her whiteness [i.e. Her virginity, offered by Her when She was an All-Holy, 2-3 years old Jewish Girl, and not knowing that She was to be the Mother of God], She uttered the loftiest Fiat declared by mortal Lips and felt no fear: Her strength was God, and to Him She entrusted Her honour, Her future - everything - without reserve." Virgin Mary even freely consented to give Her heart to God so that He could crush it - as Her being Coredemptrix: our Lady of Sorrows. She willingly consented to bear pain. [I will discuss Jesus' explanation of the mystery of pain, and its necessity, some other time.] Christmas, then, is really all about the birth, in His Humanity, of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ - as a Man. But Jesus, as I said above, never ceased being God while He was being formed, in His Humanity, in the womb of His spotless sweet Mother, ever-Virgin Mary, absolute Purity, who is also our true Mother, given to us by Jesus from the Cross. Mary is the true Mother of all humanity. Whether men choose to believe this or not, is really their problem, not Hers, though conceivably She would patently be pained by any such disbelief. A man can obviously disbelieve all he likes, to his heart's content, but such disbelief cannot, really, in any way ever change the eternal truths, except maybe change, transubstantiate, such a man into a lucifer: a demon. (Isaiah 5.20) And so, then: how can anyone, really, possibly associate an idol that is Santa Claus with the birth of our Redeemer and Saviour, our Lord Jesus Christ? Cunning, snakily Satan at work again...!! Of course, through his faithful followers... his devil-men, his satans, and there are hordes and hordes of them around, known and unknown, but mostly hiding in the dark shadows, to strike much like an 'arrow that flieth in the dark.' Devils and their devil-men love acting and manoeuvring in the dark, secretly, in order not to be seen in acting, in dishing out evil. They are like the white ants, par excellence. The idol, Santa Claus, then, has no place in Christmas, none whatsoever. And there's even now the rising dopey cult of "Christmas-in-July," which is even more loathsome, offensive, ridiculous. Jesus was born on "... the night of the twenty fifth of Chislev [Jewish month], Feast of the Lights [Jewish feast]," not in the month of July. "Christmas-in-July" is a loathsome caricature of true Christmas. Many parents scandalously teach their children to lie from an early age, introducing them to evil, by lying to them, by telling them that it was not they, the parents, but the idol Santa Claus that gave them, the children, their Christmas presents. Such lying shows kinship with Liar: Satan, who counsels his followers to use lying words and win... covertly a place in Hell. But Jesus says: "Let your word be Yes for Yes, and No for No; whatever goes beyond this, comes of evil." (Matthew 5.37) Jesus also censures taking oaths on the Holy Bible, and should never ever be done, for whatever reason - for no reason whatsoever absolutely. Contrary to popular belied, the 3 kings (or magi or wise men) visited Jesus in Bethlehem, in a clean room, when He was about 6-9 months old, a Toddler, and not in the stable-cave at His birth therein. Christmas, then, should be exclusively about commemorating solely the birth of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour, and not about worshipping or highlighting the idol, Santa Claus, for whatever spurious reasons. True Christians should steer well clear of Santa Claus during Christmas. Saint Paul said: "What harmony between Christ and Beliel. How can a believer throw in his lot with an infidel [= a pagan: a disbeliever in the Gospel of Jesus Christ]." (II Cor.6.15) Saint Paul was obviously not a fan of the scandalous 'inter-faith' heresy that has slithered silently, like the proverbial snake in the grass, into the perverted thinking of many, too many, Christian clergy and others. Jesus did not allow Lucifer and the fallen angels: 'evil,' the bad, to remain in Heaven and inter-faith with the 'righteous,' the good. The fallen angels in Hell will never ever be forgiven by God throughout endless eternity. Angel saint Azariah has long explained the reasons for this eternal severity about the fallen angels [the devils], elsewhere. Men must understand that, saying that, or alluding to or other that, 'God is Love,' is not a permission ticket to do whatever he likes, when he likes, however he likes, and so on, and on, and even going so far as to disbelieve in the existence of atrocious Hell. God is Love, truly; but God is also Justice, truly, and that means punishment. And it's not for a man himself to decide what's due to him, even if he thinks or believes he's a super mighty ant of the earth. Love and Justice are not the only attributes of God: Jesus. But there's hope aplenty... as Jesus has many other attributes, such as Hope and Infinite Mercy. And Jesus has given us the prayer, the 'Chaplet of Divine Mercy,' in order to implore Him, to beg Him, to use His Mercy, rather than His Justice, on us when our time on earth has finally come to an end and up for Judgement before Jesus-the-Judge. Goodness and mercy and love can indeed be wickedly and mercilessly manipulated, satanically against, to the sinful detriment of, a good person in order to force him, if he's weak spiritually, to sin and thus to turn away from God and into the embrace of Satan, as the following last temptation of Jesus, by Satan in the desert, shows, when Satan tried, in vain, to ensnare Jesus, as Man, in breaching the First Commandment and thereby sin grievously: which Commandment states unequivocally, when the true only God once said, severely imposing on man: "I am the Lord thy God, thou shalt not have strange gods before Me." Pursuant to the vision Maria Valtorta received from Jesus about His battle with Satan's temptations in the desert: [Satan, having failed hopelessly, miserably, in tempting and in ensnaring Jesus to sin in various ways, despite having presented himself personally appealingly, with his usual impeccable disguise of kindness, but concurrently making full use of his powerful dialecticals, now employs against the Master, the satanic tactic, the satanic masterstroke of using the Target's own goodness and mercy as weapons to conquer, by extolling Jesus' divine attributes, extolling how good Jesus is. In this particular temptation, Satan, lying through his teeth and slithering like the proverbial snake in the grass, cunningly implores Jesus, begs Jesus, thus:] [Satan speaks:] <<... Adore me for one moment only! Appease this thirst of mine for being worshipped [as god]! It ruined me, but it is still left in me, and I am parched by it. The flames of hell are like a fresh morning breeze as compared to this fierce ardour burning inside me [to be worshipped as god]. It is my hell, this thirst. One moment, one moment only, Christ. You are so good! One moment of joy for the eternally Tortured One [himself, Satan]! Let me feel what it is like to be god, and I will be a devoted, obedient servant [what a blatant satanic liar!!] for all Your life and all Your enterprises. One instant, one instant, only, and I will no longer torture You!>> [In effect, Satan was snakily, covertly asking Jesus to breach the First Commandment and sin. But, Jesus, had He wanted, without even so much as a glance, could easily have incinerated Satan to ashes.] [Maria Valtorta describes the scene:] "And Satan falls on his knees, imploring."Jesus, instead, stands up. He has lost weight because of the long days of fast, and He now looks taller. His face is terribly severe and potent. His [blue] eyes are two burning sapphires. His Voice is like thunder: it reverberates in the cave of the huge stone, and spreads over the stony, desolate plain when He [Jesus] cries: "Be off, Satan. It is written: 'You must worship the Lord your God, and serve Him only'." (Deut. 6.13; Luke 4.8) "Satan, with a cry of fearful torture and indescribable hatred, springs to his feet, a dreadful sight in his furious, smoky figure. And he disappears with a last cursing yell." The foregoing, in a sort of a way, also seems to happen when same-sex practitioners appeal to Christian love, that 'God is Love,' in order to be accepted in what they do, but leading, those who do so agree, to sin and thereby to turn away from God and perhaps also into Hell. Refusing to sin is not a sin - at least not to my way of reasoning. And similarly, the same reasoning also seems to apply in relation to adulterers who want to be justified as well, and who even go so far as to demand to receive Holy Communion while still remaining unrepentant and unforgiven as adulterers. Sin turns a person away from God, and into the embrace of Satan, as I said above. God or Satan: there is no one else to go to, and man has been given a free will to chose either. Jesus tells us that, in Hell, a sinner [an unforgiven mortal sinner] is punished via the actual sin committed. Saint Maria Faustina has also said this. And Satan, as shown above, has been punished with an unquenchable thirst to be adored as god, because he rebelled against God, said he was god, he said 'i am,' and refused adoration of Jesus, God, when He, Jesus, was in Heaven as God only, not yet having taken on the additional nature as Man in obedience to the command of the Father (see above). Jesus says to us that: "... whoever acknowledges Me before men, I too will acknowledge him before My Father Who is in Heaven; and whoever disowns Me before men, before My Father in Heaven I too will disown him." (Matthew 10.32-33) The implications here are rather serious and dire, if one stops and contemplates what those Words truly mean... Hell for those who reject Jesus. "He who rejects Jesus Christ invokes Satan." Jesus has long shown us how one must live on earth, from birth to death, in order to gain eternal Life in Heaven. And how parents should live, through the example of His own earthly parents: Virgin Mary and saint Joseph. And Jesus' Gospel reflects that way of life: the Ten Commandments - the "code of life." Any other code simply reflects and obeys Satan's way of life... the way to the Abyss! So, it's really all up to us as individuals to choose, by our own way of living, freely chosen by us, either Hell, or Heaven (or therein via a temporary stay in Purgatory) as our final destination to dwell in for all eternity in the afterlife. Some men, full of themselves, in bravado, are not afraid of going to Hell, or are otherwise indifferent about going there, but that's because they haven't gone there... yet. Don't choose to go there!! Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit. Mary, Help of Christians, pray for us. The foregoing is pursuant to the Gospel that Jesus dictated to Maria Valtorta, the Bible, and my analysis. Some examples on how Christmas continues to be profaned, follow. Once upon a time, the financial community used to refer to the occasional seasonal rise of stock prices leading up to Christmas as, "the Christmas rally." Now the profaners call it, "the Santa Claus rally" or "the Santa rally." The financial community, at the very top, was mainly responsible for the Great Financial Crisis of 2007-08. The deceivers, to fool the ordinary people and to mask the truth, called it by the nebulous expression: "the sub-prime crises," when, in fact, it was really all due to the dodgy, artificially created debt instruments called, "Collateralised Debt Obligations" - CDOs. Maybe some of the loans given out to the cute little puppy dog next door could possibly have been included in those CDOs, with the dog-owner forever holding the funds (if still unspent by him) in trust for the little puppy? I'd better not say more, eh! Nor about the new, fairy-floss type of 'spurious money' swirling around the internet, that's headed for a bust when the music finally stops. Other profaners call Christmas: "happy holidays" or other dopey derivatives from that covert anti-Christ expression, most probably as a caricature of the "unholi-days un-happy" that they will one day experience in Hell. The use of "season's greetings" or of "compliments of the season" also reflects the anti-Christ sentiments of the people who use those dopey expressions. The season is Christmas, so Christmas should be said explicitly, unequivocally. To camouflage their anti-Christ sentiments, some people, slithering snakes in the grass, use the ruse saying that they want to be inclusive. Do they also want to include Satan as well, at Christmas? I suspect satans would obviously say yes. What pathetic, delusional fools these satans are!! The profaners of Christmas do not want to be honest and acknowledge their covert anti-Christ sentiments because of their fear of a backlash from true Christians. So those profaners, slithering snakes in the grass, like the eternal Snake, Satan, hide themselves like him in the dark, in the darkness of nebulous language. Fools!! But fooling only themselves, though. Jesus says: "I impotently witness all humanity's race towards spiritual death [for Hell]. There is no gift, benefit, call, or punishment by Me that will serve to arrest this spontaneous shipwreck in Satan of mankind, redeemed by Me [by His Crucifixion]. Like an enraged bull, humanity is demolishing everything: reason, morality, and faith, and it is heading for a crash against what slays it [Satan]. The profaning hand of man rises up for a new crime which does not deserve forgiveness. And the Father does not want to forgive. He lets you [culpable men] perish [in Hell] as you have wanted to. I am somewhat uncertain as to what this "new crime" might be. It might mean abandonment of true Christianity, or railing against it, in favour of worshipping Satan and obeying his satanic commandments of sheer evil. Hordes and hordes of men, including some putative Christian clergy, 'the stars,' are already doing this, now. (Apocalypse 12.3-4) Except for a remnant truly faithful to the traditional Gospel, the once Christian West is no longer truly Christian but pagan: today even more pagan than the pagans who walked the earth when Jesus walked the earth in 0-33 A.D. It's ever-Virgin Mary who's "thwarting" Her Son Jesus, God, from terminating the earth and bringing about, some time unknown after that termination, the resurrection of the dead, the re-attachment of body and soul, and the Last Judgement by Him, when the damned and the blessed get separated... for all eternity. After our earthly death, endless eternity commences, either with Satan and all his demons in Hell, or with Jesus Christ and all His saints in Heaven (or therein via a temporary stay in Purgatory). There are no other choices, and Jesus, God, truly respects whichever alternate abode a man selects for himself to dwell in, eternally, in the afterlife. Those men who do not believe in the existence of God or in the existence Hell, will obviously believe both when they die and immediately plummet down the gurgler and into the Abyss: Hell. Don't choose to go there!! ------------------------------------------------- Excerpts from the Writings of Maria Valtorta cited herein are with permission from the Italian publisher: Centro Editoriale Valtortiano srl, Viale Piscicelli 89-91, 03036 Isola del Liri (FR), Italy. -------------------------------------------------

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