Indian Muslims prepared for peaceful-march to Jerusalem, here is the plan. By Hem Raj Jain


In response to my article / letter OR well-meaning Muslims from the State of Gujarat of India informed me that it will not be difficult to mobilize ~ one hundred thousand volunteers (ten percentage of ~ 1 million volunteers from all over the world) mainly Sunni & Shia Muslims and some non-Muslims also from all over India but main problem will be funds. I told them that no-doubt funds required will be huge that is above Rupees 8 billion (as per following plan) but in view of the gory & chronic Palestinian / Israel problem (which has caused so much bloodshed and has claimed so much lives in wars and terrorist activities and has made millions of refugees) which this program will solve, then this amount is not much and people will provide it (without much difficulty if burden is shared by all as per their capacity). In order to discuss this plan, as given below, in detail I have been invited to Ahmedabad (the capital of Gujarat) where I will go next week:- (1)- First of all a NGO (with international operations & activities too) will be registered with some suitable name like ‘Restoration of Palestinian’s Human Rights’ (RPHR) – NGO. In this RPHR-NGO prominent Indian Muslim leaders (in addition to some non-Muslims too) from different fields will be there in its executive body. This RPHR-NGO will carry out the program of the rehabilitation of Palestinians in one (and not two) State of Israel / Palestine. These activities will includes peaceful march of ~ 1 million volunteers (along with ~ 1 million Palestinian refugees) to Jerusalem in coordination with other registered HRNGO (or government authorities / organizations) from other countries who will mobilize these volunteers and Palestinian refugees from all over the world. This program also includes demonstrations by RPHR-NGO at all the District and State headquarters of India for demanding from United Nations to take interest for the rehabilitation of Palestinian refugees in one State of Israel / Palestine. (2)- About one thousand delegates (who will be paid to and fro air fare and will be provided accommodation, food and local transport by RPHR-NGO) from all the countries of the world will be invited to India to attend the two days seminar / meeting to formulate details of the program of the peace march to Jerusalem and for rehabilitation of all Palestinian refugees. More delegates (bearing their air travel expenses) desirous of attending this seminar / meeting will also be allowed to attend the same on merit and RPHR-NGO will arrange also their accommodation, food etc. if their invite is confirmed. (3)- Out of ~ 1.8 billion Muslim population in the World India has ~ 180 million Muslims which is 10 % hence out of total ~ 1 million volunteers India will provide ~ one hundred thousand volunteers. (4)- Out of ~ 4 million registered Palestinian refugee ~ 1 million refugees are expected to join the peaceful march to Jerusalem for the rehabilitation of all the Palestinian refugees in one State of Israel / Palestine. By the same formula RPHR-NGO will bear the financial burden of one tenth of these refugees. Which means RPHR-NGO will bear the financial burden of ~ 2 hundred thousand persons (~ one hundred thousand volunteers + ~ one hundred thousand Palestinian refugees). (5)- Total expenses of this program will be ~ Rs 8.054 billion as given below:- (i)- To and fro Air fare of 1,000 delegates @ Rs thirty thousand per delegate = Rs 30 million (ii)- Hotel room rent + Food + Local Transport for two days @ Rs. 16,000 per delegate = Rs 16 million (iii)- Rent of Seminar Hall for two days = Rs.2 million (iv)- To and fro Air Fare of one hundred thousand volunteers @ Rs thirty thousand per person = Rs. 3 billion (v)- Transport expense of one hundred thousand refugees will be much less because they are in the vicinity of Israel @ Rs 15,000 = 1.5 billion (vi)- Food expense of two hundred thousand volunteers and refugees @ Rs 15,000 per month per person = Rs 3 billion (vii)- Local Transport for one hundred thousand volunteers @ 5,000 per person = Rs 500 million (viii)- Expenses for carrying-out demonstrations at ~ 600 District & State headquarters @ Rs ten thousand per demonstration = 6 million (6)- Source of funds to meet these expenditures will be as given below:- (i)- Even about half out of ~ 36 million Indian Muslim families will provide Rs 8.125 billion for which receipts of 14 slabs will be printed by RPHR-NGO as (5,000 families x Rs 20,000 + 10,000 x 15,000 + 15,000 x 10,000 + 25,000 x 8,000 + 50,000 x 5,000 + 0.1million x 3,000 + 2.5 m x 2,000 + 0.5 m x 1,500 + 1 m x 1,000 + 1.5 m x 750 + 2.5 m x 500 + 3 m x 350 + 4 m x 200 + 5 million families x Rs 100) (7)- Remaining Rs 71 million will be kept as contingency fund. In addition to this, the funds will be collected from foreign countries and Indian non-Muslims also and that too will form the part of contingency fund to meet any un-foreseen expenses. (8)- Entire fund of Rs ~ 8.054 billion will not be required in the first phase. Initially only Rs ~ 54 million will be needed for arranging two days seminar / meeting of ~ 1,000 delegates from all over the world and for said demonstrations against UN all over India and this much fund can be mobilized without much difficulty. Once said two days global seminar / meeting takes place then things will move with grinding speed to realize the objectives of RPHR-NGO & the remaining fund of Rs 8 billion. Any suggestion at our Ahmedabad meeting, to make this program of RPHR-NGO a success, will be incorporated before getting RPHR-NGO registered.

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