My God, My God, why hast Thou forsaken Me? By Joseph Costa


Jesus Christ wants every one of us to make an effort to know Him better, for He says that 'knowledge of God is love of God.' Acquiring knowledge of God, spirituality, is prayer, as is also honest work and the work done at home by a housewife. "Too many souls [men]," Jesus says to us "no longer have a nest in faith simply because they are not aware, they do not know Me. The poor recollection of a God-Man [Jesus] dying on a Cross is not knowledge of Me. Knowledge of Me is to know all the forms of Christ's evangelisation, of Christ's sacrifice, of the love of Christ, Man and God." In His three years' evangelisation on earth, having done so by journeying along on foot in sandals from town to town throughout then Palestine, having walked along purposefully in good weather or in the rain, or in the hot sun, or through mud or swollen rivers, Jesus preached nearly always in public: in the public squares, in the public streets; and occasionally, when invited to do so, in the public synagogues - anywhere, everywhere as the occasions presented themselves. And Jesus was anywhere, everywhere nearly always opposed direct mostly by the scribes and pharisees; and, at one time, was even persecuted as the 'Legally Persecuted One,' by order of the then Jewish Sanhedrin, drunk with hate for Jesus, because He had recomposed and raised rotting Lazarus from the dead, and so He had to flee to Ephraim [today's "Taybeh?"]. By this time, Judas Iscariot, an indefatigable debauchee and demon, spied on Jesus, reporting His doings to the Sanhedrin. "A spy is already a devil." Some towns in then Palestine were hostile to Him, and some of them even drove Him and His apostles away menacingly, especially then Masada and Bethlehem. These days too, countless Christians worldwide are likewise relentlessly persecuted, in many ways: murdered outright, maimed, tortured, abused, denied natural or legal justice, their properties destroyed or stolen, falsely accused and jailed; or otherwise subjected to weaponised tribunals or courts, i.e. subjected to malicious, frivolous and vexatious lawsuits designed covertly to ruin the Christian financially via the very proceedings of that malicious legal process. Devil-men persecuting Christians abound, even in the so-called Christian West, big chunks of which are now virulently anti-Christian and in the service of their lord, Satan, whom they love; and doing his bidding, of course, while still in the safety of residing on planet earth, while not yet residing next to him in Hell. First Christian, though born a Jewess from the line of king David of Judah, Virgin Mary Most Holy, says: "We are disliked, persecuted, mocked, and misunderstood because we bear the Word that the world does not want to receive." 'The Word' = Jesus Christ = Truth = Gospel = Jesus' Words = Ten Commandments = 'Love God, love neighbour.' Christ's sacrifice is mainly His Crucifixion on Golgotha; and His Love and Mercy for man is infinite. Jesus is the Son of the Father by His, the Father's, Love; and a man is the son of the Father by His power. Jesus, then, is not only our Lord and God and Master, but also our Brother. True sons serve their fathers, and those fathers have the duty to instruct their sons to live holily. Some fathers don't? Woe to them when they eventually come up for Judgement before Jesus-the-Judge upon their earthly death. A lot of knowledge on all these forgoing truths can easily be found in the New Testament's 4 Gospels (Latin Vulgate version). But all this is, metaphorically speaking, a very thin, lean skeleton. The bulky meat of that very thin lean skeleton is found in the Gospel that Jesus dictated to Maria Valtorta: an immeasurable mine of Knowledge! A great Treasure given by Jesus to man, as a last attempt at evangelisation; and to counter pernicious Modernism - a leprosy afflicting the Church. Preceded by Lent and the attendant fasting obligations, commemorating Easter time, then, involves, on Good Friday, the extreme pain and sufferings and murder of Jesus Christ; and, on Easter Sunday at dawn, His Resurrection and Glorification. Jesus Christ is eternally true God and true Man. By His own Will, Jesus has retained His Stigmata in Heaven, but in a glorious way, in order to remind the blessed in Heaven, throughout endless eternity, how much it cost Him to redeem man, i.e. to restore peace, friendship between the Father and man, a friendship that was broken off by primogenitors Adam and Eve's disobedience to the Command of God not to eat the forbidden fruit: the apple. In today's times, we also likewise disobey God's Command: the Ten Commandments. By dying on the cross, Jesus proved that He was true Man; and, altogether: by His countless miracles, and by recomposing and resurrecting rotting Lazarus from the dead, and by resurrecting Himself from the dead, Jesus indeed proved unequivocally that He was concurrently also true God. Those who negate these holy truths, blaspheme, in effect kicking hard and furious against thorns. But no amount of any such blaspheming, of any kicking against thorns, can ever, ever change those holy truths. They remain in eternity! Jesus Christ died on the Cross at 3.00 PM on Good Friday, due mainly as a result of the extreme pain He suffered from the beatings, the scourging, and from the nails and crucifixion, which pain then additionally engendered tetanus that resulted in still further accompanying pains. The earth responded to Jesus' Death with a frightening rumble, an apocalyptic groan, bemoaning the murder of its Creator: with a more darkening of the clouds, with a cyclonic tornado, with many streaks of lightening, and with earthquakes. Many Jews were hit by the lightening bolts, or swallowed up in the fissures that opened in the ground. Golgotha was mayhem, with the then Jews maddened in terror and panic. The Roman soldiers, still disciplined, made do the best they could, though tossed about as well. Even dwellings in Jerusalem proper caught fire. But, some moments before all these things transpired, just before Jesus Christ was about to die in His Humanity and slump down and hang solely on the three nails on the cross, "... Jesus cried out in a loud voice, saying, 'Eli, Eli, lamma sabachthani?' that is, 'My God, My God, why hast Thou forsaken Me'?" (Matthew 27.46) Before angel saint Azariah explained it, who could possibly have fully understood Jesus' supreme pain, Jesus' cry of: 'My God, My God, why hast Thou forsaken Me?' Pursuant to the dictations given to Maria Valtorta by her guardian angel, saint Azariah: Angel saint Azariah explains fully Jesus' supreme pain, Jesus' cry, thus: "To fulfil the final touch of the most agonising and complete Passion of the Redeemer [Jesus Christ] it was permitted that the Divinity should conceal Itself from His spirit. And then the Willing, Heroic, and Silent One [Jesus Christ] in pain cast forth the cry of His complete sorrow: 'Father, why have You abandoned Me?' (Matt.27.46) "Oh, if we were to enter deeply into the immensity of pain, the completeness of pain which that cry contains! "Heaven trembled at it; the Divinity had to force Itself to resist, not to have mercy, so that everything would be made up for [for Redemption], everything fulfilled in the expiation of Humanity which [Adam and Eve] had abandoned God by following the Tempter [Satan]; the Angels trembled before the unfamiliar appearance of the Divinity, for the first time unmerciful, and they wept, meditating and comprehending fully what an abyss of sin Lucifer [Satan] and the other rebels [fallen angels] had achieved in instituting Evil and provoking the subsequent sufferings [in men], culminating in those of the Great Victim [Jesus Christ]; they [good angels] super-adored the most obedient and meek Word [Jesus Christ], comparing Him to all that was, is, and will be created; and even in the reign of Darkness [in Hell] that cry produced a trembling and exterminated the last tenacious thought that they [the devils] might one day be forgiven. [By refusing to adore Jesus, Truth, Satan and his rebels sinned against the Holy Spirit by negating the known Truth, and sins against the Holy Spirit are never forgiven throughout endless eternity.] "No, the Earth came unhinged, and the veil of the Temple [in Jerusalem] was torn; the tombs were opened at the loud cry with which the Martyr [Jesus Christ] surrendered His spirit [= His soul]. But it was the horror at the deicide [i.e. the killing of God as Man] accomplished, the sign given [to] the incredulous and hateful, the start of joy of the just men [in Limbo] who were waiting [in Limbo] which made the Earth shake, the Veil tear, and the just emerged from the tombs. "Oh, while the cry of perfect abandonment shook spirits, all spirits, and crushed them in an anguish which had never before existed and never will exist again! For abandonment by God, not being able to fix oneself in God, is the greatest trial for the living [on earth] and the greater punishment [in Hell] for the deceased [if they died in mortal sin]. And here it was not only the trial given to a creature [Jesus, as Man], it was not just the Man [Jesus, as Man] who found Himself separated from God, but it was the Word [Jesus, as Divinity] no longer in contact with Thought [God the Father], it was the Son [Jesus] separated from the Father. God the Son [Jesus, as Man and Divinity], with perfect love, who no longer felt the perfect love of God the Father and desolately loved alone." In order to understand the foregoing explanation a bit better, perforce we have to step back in time, at the moment of Lucifer's rebellion - of the typical abject creep who thinks he's much too big for his boots - and bear in mind his sacrilegious words of rebellion: of a smart-alec narcissist [self-lover] who, in effect, one 'day,' in a fraction of an instant of eternity, decided that he especially no longer wanted to remain loyal and grateful and obedient to His Creator and munificent Benefactor, Jesus, and additionally no longer wanted to play second-fiddle to anyone. Ingratitude, I have read somewhere, is not a virtue. And so Lucifer, no longer grateful but openly ungrateful, and rebellious in all his ingratitude, vied and challenged his 'Boss,' Jesus, for His 'Job,' as God... but instead, Lucifer got himself an entirely different job he could not possibly have imagined getting... becoming monstrous, ugly, loathsome, wild animal-like Satan in Hell. Satan, a name coined by God, is a name and an acronym for all things evil. Satan, whose "... primeval [original] name was Lucifer [then an archangel]: in the Mind of God it meant 'banner-bearer' or 'light-bearer'." Satan, who formerly as "Lucifer ... was the first and most beautiful of the spirits created by God." Lucifer rebelled against God and was thrust into Hell. "He envied God, wanted to be God, and became a demon. The first demon." For the blessed-men in Heaven, a person's beauty therein reflects the holiness he achieved while living on earth. The greater the holiness achieved on earth, the greater the beauty acquired in Heaven. There are no races or deformities in Heaven, wherein living is an eternal present. But all those in Hell are ugly, monstrous, repulsive, wild animal-like in appearance, reflecting their sinful lifestyles on earth. Pursuant to the dictations given to Maria Valtorta by her guardian angel, saint Azariah: Angel saint Azariah explains Lucifer's rebellion, thus: "Lucifer [Satan], already turned into a devil, took it [i.e. Jesus' gentle and loving attempt to dissuade Lucifer from rebelling, explaining to him how grievously He would then be compelled to suffer in consequence of any rebellion by him] to be fear, weakness, and offence, a declaration of war; and he waged war against the Perfect One [Jesus Christ] by saying, [Satan, sacrilegiously, and in all the haughtiness of an abject creep he could possibly muster, hectors Jesus, thus:] <> [The foregoing sacrilegious words of Satan, Evil, Liar, are full of lies and pride. Before a fall, there's nearly always a preceding pride. Saint Azariah says that pride '... might be termed the disorder of the intellect.' Adam and Eve too fell into pride and sinned.] "Truly, in the Creation, in the whole Creation, down to the very depths, there was then a horrendous convulsion out of dread at the sacrilegious words. A convulsion the likes of which will not be seen at the end of the Creation [i.e. at the end of world and later Last Judgement]. And from it [Lucifer's rebellion] there arose Hell, the realm of Hate." [It seems to me, that everything in Creation has a 'life' of some sort, but understood only by God.] In consequence, Lucifer went on, using his extraordinary high intellect [created by God] and his powerful dialecticals [skills in debating] to seduce many less attentive angels [fallen angels] to join him in his rebellion against Jesus. I have never been able to procure, what lying words Lucifer must obviously have used, what propaganda he employed, in order to get the fallen angels to obey him, a created creature with limits, rather than obeying Jesus, the uncreated God Almighty without limits. To this day, Satan relentlessly urges his followers, his devil-men on earth, to use lying words [fake news] to win and conquer. But, snakily, as it's his nature, he doesn't tell them the whole truth, that that conquest really results in conquering a place in Hell. Satan is a skilled master in mixing truths and lies, in order to deceive, win, and lead men to perdition. Jesus says that Satan "... torments you [any individual] as he does precisely because he is perspicacious [astute, smart] in knowing how to choose the methods suitable for making you [any individual] fall, in accordance with your human self." It's pride, if we think we're so strong that we can 'place ourselves in conditions of possibly sinning and not come to sin' - as progenitor Eve once did, by going, in frivolity and curiosity, to the 'forbidden tree' to see what was so special about it. She, very intelligent like Adam, nonetheless did not ask God why the Serpent spoke and understood like her, whereas all the other animals could not do so. She enjoyed venturing out "to the forbidden," something that continues on to this very day by many, her descendents. Of course, pleasure is one of the many roads to Hell. Jesus says: "It is a broad gate and a wide road that leads on to perdition, and those who go in that way are many indeed. " (Matthew 7.13) Don't choose that road!!! Once Lucifer and his cohorts of fallen angels plunged down into the Abyss, into the tortures and fires of Hell, and transformed into hideous, revolting, wild animal-like appearances, they all immediately learned, the hard way, that Jesus was, is, God Almighty (Colossians 2.8-9); and that Satan was not a god and could not create, not even a blade of grass. But he can indeed create lies and other forms of falsehood and evil, and inspire his devil-men to become accomplished masters of falsehood and evil. Jesus reminds us, though, that: "... God is good, but does not let Himself be trampled upon." Lucifer learned this truism the hard way. Jesus in not a doormat that many Christian clergy, too many clergy, effectively preach Him to be, preaching a Jesus of what's convenient to them. Preaching that 'Jesus is love,' again and again, dilutes that eternal attribute of Jesus into a slogan, and such sloganeering is hardly likely to result in such a preacher being nailed ignominiously to a cross, like Jesus Christ was, or in being beheaded in a dungeon, like saint John the Baptist was, or in being fed alive to rapacious lions, like many of the early Christians were in Rome's Colosseum. It was Jesus who gave those early Christian martyrs the strength to withstand their martyrdoms. Of course, Christian martyrdom re-virginalises the soul of the Christian martyr and, upon earthly death, he immediately gains entry into glorious Heaven. Death, Jesus has said, is the separation of the soul from the body. Living truly as a Christian on earth is hard, sure, very hard, and "... how small is the gate, how narrow is the road that leads on to [Eternal] Life [in Heaven], and how few there are that find It." (Matthew 7.14) But the rewards achieved in the afterlife in Heaven are great, immeasurable, and never end. For a man living on earth, doing the will of God results in pain and sufferings: the flesh howls, but the soul rejoices in glorifying the Lord Jesus Christ. I will say more on this some other time, giving Jesus' explanation of man's pains and sufferings. Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit. Mary, Help of Christians, pray for us. The foregoing is pursuant to the Gospel that Jesus dictated to Maria Valtorta, the Bible, and my analysis.

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