Avoiding falling as Judas and Lucifer did. By Joseph Costa


One fact that not too many people know, is that debauchee, thief, and traitor, Judas Iscariot, couldn't stand (saint) Peter, and so took most opportunities to denigrate him. But none of the other apostles could stand Judas, and many times either grumbled about him, or, on occasions, simply complained to Jesus. Judas, a 'city slicker' with connections to the members of the then Jewish Temple in Jerusalem as well as to the then Jewish Sanhedrin, thought Peter, a fisherman, to be much too uncouth to his liking to be the head of the Apostles. Jesus, however, asked Peter to tolerate Judas, as a sacrifice offering. Judas originally joined Jesus and continued to remain with Him (until his betrayal with an infamous kiss), for the wrong reasons: in order to enjoy all the trappings from being a minister in a government which he thought, erroneously, that Jesus was going to establish on earth. Peter had, metaphorically speaking, a heart of gold, in marked contrast to Judas' sneakily sinful one. There was no snake in Peter. With Peter, what you saw was what you got: he said what he meant and meant what he said. Sure, Peter let Jesus down rather badly on one very important critical occasion, but true remorse really got to him, overpowering him. He genuinely repented, openly with tears, and Jesus forgave him. Jesus, Infinite Mercy, Forgiveness, Goodness, Charity, would have forgiven even His repulsive traitor, Judas Iscariot, had he repented and sought forgiveness from Jesus. But Judas had absolutely no genuine remorse whatsoever for what he did. He refused to repent for betraying innocent Blood, innocent Jesus, that led to His crucifixion. Judas is now in Hell as 'the greatest sinner,' wherein: "... he will forever know another fire, in which he will burn belching blood and swallowing blood, because he will see blood everywhere he lays his material or spiritual eyes, having betrayed the Blood of a God." [Apocalypse 16.6 - gorging on blood: the eternal unending fate of those who murder or persecute or torment Christians] Jesus says: "I endured this snake [Judas] in the [apostolic] group, to teach you men forbearance and persistence in order to save. Not a single one of Judas' thoughts was unknown to Me. And it was an advance passion to have him nearby. A thought which you [men] do not contemplate, but which was no less bitter than the others. I taught you to put up with bothersome things and persons - for what person is more repulsive than the one who betrays." One thing I can't really understand, is that Jesus had once asked His apostles to pray for Judas, even though He, Jesus, as God, obviously well knew the eternal destination of Judas. At times, Judas Iscariot also used to argue with Jesus, disagreeing with Him on Doctrine, attempting to be a master to the Master, but was always invariably reduced to silence by Jesus' explanations. Judas also wanted Jesus to tone down His preaching and not upset the then scribes and pharisees, in effect telling Him to learn 'to get along with them.' To compromise?! Jesus rejected Judas' suggestion. Christian Doctrine, eternal Truths, cannot ever be toned down, diluted, or compromised - under pain of risking sinning against the Holy Spirit by negating the known Truth and thereby plunging down the gurgler and into the Abyss: into the tortures and fires of Hell for all eternity. Men, whoever they may be, without exception, who "deny the Truth to make iniquitous lies into truths" become "lucifers," says Virgin Mary. (Isaiah 5.20) One example of this, would probably be, saying that same-sex marriage is a 'marriage,' when clearly, it's not so, despite what some legislatures, in the service of their lord Satan, may say or enact into human law contrary to divine Law. Another example could be negating that God created only two immutable genders for man - male and female. Each gender has two sex chromosomes: biologically, the female has two X sex chromosomes, whereas the male has the X and the Y sex chromosomes. One day, Jesus took some of His apostles present to task, and said to them [Judas was absent]: "He [(saint) Peter] must stand him [Judas Iscariot]. Also, Peter is destined for a part, and Judas is the canvas on which he [Peter] must weave his part, or, if you prefer so, Judas is the school where Peter will learn more than with anyone else. Also, idiots are capable of being good with [gentle saintly] John and understanding [holy] souls like John's. But it is difficult to be good with people like Judas, and to understand souls like Judas' and to be a [religious] doctor and priest for them. Judas is your living teaching. "And I solemnly tell you that for every John, Peter, Simon, James, Andrew, Philip, Bartholomew [= Nathaniel], Thomas, there are at least seven Judases. And many, many more..." So too, Lucifer's character, also a "canvas," can likewise be a powerful teaching school for us all, without exceptions, on how to avoid falling into ruinous pride and eternal damnation similar to Lucifer's. Pride, a 'disorder of the intellect,' seems to create in the proud person a sense of feeling or belief of being an almighty god; but truly of a haughty ant competing with the true only God Almighty, the God of the Bible. God has always created beauty, as He is Beauty. Lucifer was once a luminous beautiful archangel, before his pride and fall and transformation into an ugly hideous beast without light: Darkness - Satan. And into Hell. Lucifer lost his luminosity and angelic appearance, sure, but not his power. But his power crumbles into nothing before the Cross of Christ. Don't ask me why Jesus, to Whom nothing is impossible, allowed Lucifer to retain his power on becoming loathsome Satan, because I don't know. Satan, whose "... primeval [original] name was Lucifer: in the Mind of God it meant 'banner-bearer' or 'light-bearer'." "Lucifer ... was the first and most beautiful of the spirits created by God." Lucifer rebelled against God and was thrust into Hell. "He envied God, wanted to be God, and became a demon. The first demon." Additionally, Lucifer is also the example of how someone, greatly freely favoured and loved, can turn 'gifts into ruin.' Some Christian clergy, perhaps seemingly a third of them - 'the stars' - fall into this trap as a result of the exaltation of the office they hold: they do what God does, so they perhaps eventually arrive at thinking, warpedly, that they are god, just as Lucifer did. They should be only servants of God, spiritual, and devoted entirely to His cause, without the usual distractions of the world. (Apocalypse 12.3-4) Jesus, true God and true Man, pursuant to the Gospel that He dictated to Maria Valtorta: Jesus Christ discusses the pre-fall of Lucifer in more detail, thus: "The primitive name [of Lucifer] was Lucifer: in the mind of God it meant ensign or bearer of light - that is, of God, for God is Light [I John 1.5]. Second in beauty amid all that is [before Lucifer's fall], he [Lucifer] was a pure mirror reflecting unendurable Beauty [God]: In missions to men he would have been the executor of God's Will, the messenger of the decrees of goodness which the Creator would have transmitted to His blessed, sinless children [if Adam and Eve had not rebelled and fallen into sin], to lead them higher and higher to His likeness. The bearer of light, with the rays of this divine light which he [Lucifer] bore, would have spoken to men, and they, devoid of sins, would have understood these flashings of harmonious words, all of them love and rejoicing. [A man on earth, but not in Heaven, would die immediately if he were to see God as He truly is in Heaven. Maria Valtorta was only shown a pale vision of that Beauty. By living holily on earth, we can get ever closer and closer to the likeness of God, but we cannot ever equal it, as He is Infinite, whereas we are only finite.] "On seeing himself [Lucifer] in God, [Lucifer] seeing himself in himself, and seeing himself in his companions - for God enveloped him in His [God's] light and delighted in the splendour of His archangel - and because the angels venerated him as the most perfect mirror of God, he [Lucifer] admired himself [narcissist - a self-lover]. He [Lucifer] should have admired God alone. But in the being of all that is created, all good and wicked forces are present and churn together until one of the two parts overcomes to yield good or evil, as all gaseous elements are present in the atmosphere because they are necessary. "Lucifer attracted pride to himself. He cultivated and extended it. He made it into a weapon and a seduction. He wanted more than he had [= greed, a capital vice]. He wanted everything - he was already so much. He seduced the less attentive among his companions [angels]. He distracted them from contemplating God as supreme Beauty. Knowing the future wonders of God, he [Lucifer] wanted to be in God's place. He [Lucifer] saw himself, with his disturbed thought, as the head of the future men, worshipped as the supreme power. He thought, 'I know God's secret. I know the words. The design is known to me. I can do all that He wills. As I presided at the first creative operations. I am.' The words that only God can say were the cry of the ruin of the proud one. And he [Lucifer] was Satan. "He was 'Satan.' In all truth I tell you that the name of Satan was not given by man, though, by the order and will of God, he [Lucifer] gave a name to all that he knew to exist [at that time] and still baptises his discoveries with names created by himself. In all truth I tell you, the name of Satan comes directly from God, and it is one of the first revelations God made to the spirit [soul] of His poor son [primogenitor Adam] wandering over the earth. [God can indeed speak secretly to a man's soul direct without his flesh knowing about it.] And as My Most Holy Name [Jesus] has a meaning [Philippians 2.9-10] which I once dictated to you [to Maria Valtorta on 29 December 1943?], now listen to the meaning of this horrendous name [of Satan]. Write as I tell you to [to Maria Valtorta]: "S - Sacrilege, Proud [N.B. In Italian, the word for Proud is 'Superbia' - with an 'S'.] "A - Atheism, Adverse "T - Turpitude, Tempter, and Traitor "A - Anticharity, Avid "N - Negation, [E]nemy [N.B. In Italian, the word for Enemy is 'Nemico' - with an 'N'.] "[All this] This is Satan. And this is what those sick with Satanism are. And he [Satan] is also seduction, craftiness, darkness, agility, and iniquity. The five accursed letters forming his [Satan] name, written with fire on his brow stricken by a lightening bolt. The five accursed characteristics of the Corruptor [= Satan] against which My five blessed Wounds [= Stigmata: His 2 pierced Hands, His 2 pierced Feet, and 1 spear Wound on His Chest] flame out, saving with Their pain whoever wants to be saved from what Satan continually injects [in order to drag men into Hell]. ['God is good, but does not let Himself be trampled upon.' God, Jesus, is Charity, sure, but He is also Forgiveness, Goodness, Infinite Mercy, as well as many other attributes besides, including Justice.] "The names 'demon,' devil,' and 'Beelzebub' can pertain to all the spirits of darkness [of Hell]. But this [name of Satan] alone is 'his' name. And in Heaven he is named by that name alone, for there the language of God is spoken, in loving fidelity, to indicate what is intended as well, as God conceived it. "He [Satan] is the 'Contrary One.' The one contrary to God. The one that is the opposite of God. And every action by him [Satan] is the antithesis [the direct opposite] of God's actions. And every rumination by him [Satan] involves leading men to be contrary to God. [Those who 'do not do God,' or who promote or enforce secularisation of society, instigated by Satan, are also contrary to God, Jesus, in favour of Satan.] This is what Satan is. He is a 'setting himself against Me' in action. He sets the threefold concupiscence [i.e. lust or desire: for money, the world, and the flesh] against My three theological virtues [= Faith, Hope, and Charity]; the serpentine breeding ground [= the threefold concupiscence] of his horrible vices against the four cardinal virtues [= Justice, Temperance, Fortitude, and Prudence] and all the others issuing forth from Me. "But, as charity is said [i.e. said by saint Paul - but notice that Jesus did not say solely 'is,' but 'is said:' maybe perhaps that being a 'co-redeemer' is the greatest of all the virtues - see below] to be the greatest of all the virtues, so I say that the greatest of its anti-virtues and the one most repulsive to Me is pride. Because all evil has come through it. I therefore say that, whereas I still make allowances for the weakness of the flesh which yields to the incitement of [carnal] lust, I say that I cannot make allowances for the pride which seeks to compete with God, as a new Satan. Do I strike you as unjust? I am not. Consider that at root [carnal] lust is a vice of the lower part which in some has an extremely voracious appetite, satisfied in moments of overwhelming brutishness. "But pride is a vice of the higher part, consumed with sharp, lucid intelligence, premeditated and enduring. It [pride] damages the part [soul] which most resembles God. It [pride] tramples on the gem [soul] given by God. It [pride] communicates a likeness to Satan. It [pride] sows pain more than the flesh does. For the flesh [e.g. physical violence] can make a wife, a woman, suffer. But pride can cause victims in whole continents, in every class of people [e.g. like the pride of Adolf Hitler, who wanted to create for himself a new Roman Empire, as well as a new religion for his 'empire']. Because of pride man has been ruined [through the pride of primogenitors Adam and Eve] and the world will perish. Because of pride faith languishes. Pride: the most direct emanation of Satan. "I have forgiven the great sinners of the senses [of carnal lusts, such as those of saint Mary Magdalene] because they were devoid of spiritual pride. But I could not redeem [the scribes/pharisees such as] Doras, Jocanah, Sadoc, Eli, and others like them because they were 'the proud'." [Satanism advances, relentlessly, worldwide:] "To the world denying Satan, because it has him so much in itself that it no longer notices him, it [the world] has absorbed him [has absorbed Satan] and has become a part of his [world's] ego, I prove that Satan exists. He is eternal and immutable in the method employed to make you [men] his victims [fodder for Hell]." "In truth, in truth," adds Jesus further, "I tell you that only in the measure of ten per thousand do men die - even if they have always been saints - without having been an instrument of Satan at least once [during those men's lifetime]." Because Satan wants to operate freely and unseen in the dark in order to do maximum damage, but unseen in doing so, he does not want the world to know that he and Hell exist; and some Christian clergy, in Satan's obedient service, do agree and obey. Satan and all Hell, though, will not succeed in destroying the Church. This particular job will be accomplished by Jesus' own ministers, something that's currently still ongoing work-in-progress!! Jesus, as well as saint Paul [II Thessalonians 2.3-5], has long prophesied this, among His other severe censures of the priesthood. Additionally, there are also the severe warnings given by Jesus' Mother, Virgin Mary Most Holy, at Garabandal on 18 June 1965. And one has only to consider, as evidence for all this, the widespread terrible harm done to Faith by some of the repulsive culprit-clergy who sexually abused tender children; and by the even more culpable clergy-accomplices who did the various heinous cover-up jobs, thus allowing the repulsive pederasts and the paedophiles in the clergy to continue on and on with their loathsome sexual abuses of innocent children!! Those children have probably become martyrs of a painful destiny. If it's incontestable that faith and the Church will endure until the end of the world, and the world indeed is to end at some time unknown in the future, I conjecture that Jesus would hardly have posed the following rhetorical question about His second coming: "But ah, when the Son of Man [Jesus] comes, will He find faith left on the earth?" (Luke 18.8) In all my life, at the date of writing, I have never witnessed a priest giving a sermon on the above verse, nor about the existence of Satan or of Hell. Jesus tells us, that: "Some people give themselves to Satan by opening a door to one capital vice. Some give themselves twice, some three times, some seven times. When one has opened his spirit [soul] to the seven vices [like Judas did], then a complete spirit enters him. Satan, the black prince, enters." There are 7 capital vices - sins: pride, lust, gluttony, idleness, greed, anger, and envy: seven silent slithering snakes in the grass! Waiting ever-ready to bite us with their lethal seven "poisons!!" Saint Michael the archangel tells us, that: "Whoever is with God can do all. And Satan can do nothing against whoever is with God. For who is like God?" Who can be, or wants to be, with God!!?? Too many men seem to prefer enjoying a temporary pleasure on earth, paid for with the pains and tortures of an eternity in Hell. A man with one or more vices expels God, and thereby immediately attracts Satan or one of his many demons to move in and become king in the man. 'Where Satan is present, Jesus is absent.' Demonic possession is a lot more widespread in society than what many men believe, and it's nearly always misdiagnosed as a mental illness, especially by some satanic psychiatrists!! Any exorcism attempt will fail if the possessed person has freely and willingly welcomed the demon in... via the person's ongoing wicked way of living. "May the peace of the Lord be where Satan is not a guest." Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit. Mary, Help of Christians, pray for us.

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