Jesus explains pain and suffering. By Joseph Costa


During His three-years' evangelisation, Jesus said: "God [Jesus] became Man to help [redeem] men. But men can help God. The deeds of the just will be united to Mine in the hour of Redemption [His Crucifixion and Death]. Of the just [of the holy ones like Job and other victim souls] who died ages ago, who are still alive, or will live in future." Some of this is explained very, very briefly in the Gospel according to saint Matthew, in Jesus' sermon on the mount, from where He gave us, openly disclosed to us, 8 Beatitudes, with the first mighty one being, thus: "Blessed are the poor in spirit; the kingdom of Heaven is theirs." Before Jesus explained it, as only He could, who could possibly have understood who "the poor in spirit" were? That already possessed Heaven? However, besides the 8 Beatitudes, there was also an additional, implicit ninth Beatitude which Jesus did not then openly propose: "Pain," which is also the uninstituted [by the Catholic Church] eight Sacrament, that requires no formal rite nor priestly intervention. A Sacrament is a divine aid designed to help us conquer a place in Heaven; and to help us in our life-long struggle to combat our indefatigable mortal enemy, Satan, and all his devils, who want to drag all of humanity into Hell. As Pain is a Sacrament, it is perforce a very powerful aid in helping us to gain entrance into Heaven, either for us individually and/or for others. For others? Also for others! In obedience to the second wing of God's Law of love: of loving one's neighbour. A place in Heaven is not a gratuitous [free] gift. It must be earned, merited, though some abject heretics would argue, foolishly, otherwise. God has given everyone one of us 'two coins' to acquire a place in Heaven: a 'free will and a length of time.' We must use both coins wisely, well. God has created no one a slave and does not do violence to a person's free will. And He does 'not tie down anyone to the good,' as Judas Iscariot had once wanted from Jesus. God respects the free-will-decision of a person who wants to go to Hell. Pleasures on earth are inimical to gaining eternal Life in Heaven, as they usually lead to sin and thereby into the clutches of Satan. Jesus says to us: "... there is no other way to save the world. Pain. Even I, who was God, found only this to be the Saviour. Pain will become Joy for you. But in the other life [in Heaven]. Here [on earth] it [joy] doesn't exist, for you, beloved, dear victims [i.e. victim souls of pain: co-redeemers, like Maria Valtorta, saint Veronica Giuliani, Job of the Old Testament, and many others]... ... ... I have announced the highest dignity of man to you: to be co-redeemers, even if beforehand you were sinners." [Jesus does not hold grudges, once a sinner has truly repented and been forgiven by Him.] Jesus tells us that a man: "... is not worthy of Me that does not take up his cross [pain, suffering] and follow Me." (Matthew 10.38) Obviously, we must all accept pain if we want to be Christ-like: Christians. Virgin Mary, born Immaculate, though born a Jewess in a human way, was the first Christian, and She accepted pain. She, our Lady of Sorrows, freely consented to give Her heart to God so that it'd be crushed with pain... to be part of Redemption. She is Coredemptrix, and She was in the Thought of the Father from eternity, in There as if alive - something that's obviously much to deep for us mortals on earth to understand, or to give proper words to, if they exist, to describe that phenomenon. Nothing is impossible to God... Almighty! Jesus says to us: "It is because of this long sorrow of Hers that I say to you, 'Love Her.' I bless you when you love Me. But in exchange for the love you give My Mother, I prepare for you a more gleaming dwelling in Heaven." 'He who seeks Mary finds Jesus.' Jesus, true God and true Man, pursuant to the Gospel that He dictated to Maria Valtorta: Jesus Christ explains pain further, thus: "I am speaking to you [Maria Valtorta] for everyone, to explain the loving relationship between God and the soul. [Revealed in the Song of Songs, in the Old Testament of the Bible, but not understood properly, if at all, by philosophising religious theorists.] "I am not called the 'spouse' of your souls through a vain manner of speaking. I have wedded you with the rite of pain [His] and have given you My Blood as an endowment, for you are so poor [in pain], by yourselves, that you would have been a discredit to the King's dwelling [Heaven]. Those who are stripped of all robes [i.e. without pain, i.e. without a wedding garment, clarified below - Matthew 22.11-13] do not enter into the Kingdom [Heaven] of My Father. I have woven the nuptial garment [wedding garment - pain] for you and dyed it with divine purple [Jesus' Blood] to make it more beautiful in the eyes of My Father; I have crowned you with My wreath [crown of thorns], for those who reign wear a crown, and I have given you My sceptre [Cross]. [In times past, earthly kings usually wore a crown, used to dress in purple, and had a sceptre in hand, as visible signs of their putative royalty. Many were, or started off as, rogues, thugs, tyrants, or mafia types - much like king Herod the great cut-throat, of circa 0-3 A.D. in Judah.] "Truly, I would have liked to give this [pain] to all souls [to all men], but numberless ones have disdained My gift. They have preferred the robes, crowns, and sceptres of the earth, whose duration is so relative [a fraction of an instant of eternity] and whose efficacy is so empty compared to the laws of the spirit. "I do not curse [earthly] honours, riches, and glories. I say only that they are not an end in themselves, but are a means to conquer the true end: eternal life [in Heaven]. One must use them, if your mission as men entrusts them to you, with one's heart and mind filled with God, making these unjust riches [i.e. 'earthly honours, riches, and glories'] not a reason for ruin [not for damnation in Hell], but for victory [for conquering a place in Heaven]. [Only few earthly leaders avoid Hell - once explained by Jesus in His explanation of the apologue {= moral fable} against Abimelech - because only few leaders are strong enough to resist the irresistible allure of corruption in public office.] (Judges 9.7-15, Matthew.13.54) "To be poor in spirit, to gain Heaven with unjust riches [with 'earthly honours, riches, and glories'] - these are two sentences which you little understand. "Poor in spirit means not to be attached to what is earthly; it means to be free and unbound by what is a pompous robe [= 'earthly honours, riches, and glories'], like humble pilgrims going towards a goal, enjoying the help which Providence [God] dispenses. But not enjoying them with pride and avarice, but, rather, like the birds of the air, that contentedly peck up the grains which their Creator [God] scatters for their little bodies and then sing with gratitude, so happy are they with the downy [bird's under-plumage] robe which protects them, and they seek no more, and they do not complain wrathfully if one day food is scarce and the water of the sky soaks nests and feathers, but they patiently hope in Him [God] who cannot abandon them. [God, Jesus, is also Hope. Providence.] [Animals, obediently, praise God their Creator by living on earth exactly as He had created them to live. Man, by and large, a rebel most times, refuses to do likewise. Too many men sink below the level of the beasts and become satans. I see it as an offence to the animals when an abominable wicked man is called... 'animal.'] "Poor in spirit means to live where God has placed you, but with your soul detached from the things of the earth and concerned exclusively with conquering Heaven. [Heaven is not a gratuitous (free) gift.] "How many kings, how many powerful ones in earthly wealth were poor in spirit and conquered Heaven, using force to tame the human [i.e. their humanity prone to sin], which in them got stirred towards ephemeral [temporary] glories, and how many poor of the earth [i.e. poor people in money] are not such [i.e. not poor in spirit] because, though not possessing wealth, they have longed for it with envy, and have often killed the spirit [damned their own soul] selling themselves to Satan for a bag of money [for a bribe and/or for payola], for a robe of power [like that of Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, terrorists, and other countless other tyrants], for a table always sumptuously laid [with food] which serves to form food for the worms of putrefaction in the tomb [upon earthly death]! "To gain Heaven with unjust wealth [i.e. with 'earthly honours, riches, and glories'] means to practise charity of every kind in the glories of the earth. "[Rich, saint] Matthew, the publican [= tax collector in ancient parlance], was able to turn unjust wealth ['earthly honours, riches, and glories'] into a ladder to penetrate Heaven [I think he gave all his money away to the poor]. [Rich, saint] Mary [Magdalene], the sinner, by renouncing the artifices [tricks] by which she made her flesh more seductive and using them for Christ's poor [she gave them money and loved them holily], beginning with Christ Himself [see below for a very brief explanation about this], was able to sanctify that sinful wealth. Over the centuries, a great number Christians, who were only a few in comparison to the mass, have managed to make wealth and power their weapon for holiness. They are the ones who have understood Me. But there are so few of them! [Very, very briefly, (saint) Mary Magdalene, the sister of Martha and of Lazarus of Bethany, was the young, rich, very beautiful, blond, sinful woman who went uninvited to the banquet in the house of Simon the pharisee, at which banquet seemingly only Jesus and (saint) John of the Apostolic group were present. (Luke 7.36-50) Like the three kings (or wise men or magi - Gaspar, Melchor, and Baldazar) who humbled three gifts before the incarnate Divinity of (Toddler) Jesus, whose Feet they had also kissed, Mary Magdalene also humbled three gifts at the Feet of Jesus: "... her heart, by way of her weeping [her tears]; her flesh, by way of her hair [by wiping Jesus' Feet with her hair and kissing Them]; her mind, by way of the perfume [which scented Jesus' Feet]." "My robe [pain], the robe I give you, is the one I have soaked in My Blood during the spiritual, moral, and physical agony extending from Gethsemane to Golgotha [i.e. from Holy Thursday evening to Good Friday's Crucifixion]. My crown is the crown of thorns [that was pushed down on Jesus' Head], and My sceptre is the cross [on which Jesus was cruelly, ignominiously murdered, crucified with three big nails]. "But who wants these jewels [i.e. pains: wedding garment - Matthew 22.1-14] of Christ? Only those who truly love Me. And I wed them by a rite of lofty charity. When earthly time is over, I will come in radiance for all of those who love Me, one by one, to introduce them to glory [to Heaven]." Jesus says additionally: "The more one [i.e. a man] is in the Light [i.e. in the holiness of Jesus, Light], the more one accepts, loves, and desires pain. "One accepts [pain] when one is in the Light once over. "One loves [pain] when one is in the Light twice over. "One desires and asks for pain when one is in the Light thrice over, immersed in it and living by it. "While, on the other hand, the more one is in darkness [i.e. in sin, without Light, away from Jesus], the more one flees from, hates, and rebels against pain." [Notice how some wicked Legislatures around the world, rebelling against pain, hating pain, fleeing from pain, have made it easy and legal and earthly licit, but contrary to God's Law, to kill oneself if one's in pain - euphemistically called, euthanasia. Legislatures, though, even if some of them may think that they are the super mighty ants of the earth, have not been given a dispensation from obeying the immutable Ten Commandments: 'the code of life.' There is no other code!] It's quite easy to understand, now, why so many great saints and mystics were given the Stigmata, either visible or invisible: the painful signs of Jesus' Crucifixion. Some of these saints that come readily to my mind were: saint padre Pio of Pietrelcina, and saint Francis of Assisi. Maria Valtorta was given a vision of Jesus 'investing' the painful Stigmata onto saint Francis, who, in pain, rejoiced thereby: the flesh howls but the soul rejoices in glorifying Jesus the Lord. Incidentally, saint Francis of Assisi once went to the Muslims in Egypt, to their hierarchy including their Sultan, and challenged their Muslim imams [= Muslim clerics], who were assembled before him, to the test of walking into fire, to test whose religion was true: Christianity or the Muslims' Islam. The Muslim imams quickly chickened out - chicken-little. The Sultan's Muslim imams refused to go into the fire, and one of them immediately fled the scene. But saint Francis alone went into the fire, anyway, and stayed there for a while, unburned, unharmed, unfazed; and proved, beyond all doubt, that Christianity was, is, truly the only "perfect, eternal, divine Religion." The heaven of the Muslims does not exist. Jesus says further: "I know that man finds it difficult [to bear pain, suffering, sorrow]. And knowing that he would find it so difficult, [God] the Father had not given His children [primogenitors Adam and Eve] any sorrow [= pain of mind]. It came with [Original] sin. But how long does sorrow last on the earth? In the life of a man? A short time. It is always short, even if it lasts a whole lifetime. Now I say: is it not better to suffer for a short time rather than forever [in Hell]? Is it not better to suffer here [on earth] than in Purgatory? Consider that time there [in Purgatory] is multiplied a thousand times to one. Oh! I solemnly tell you: you ought not to curse pain, but bless it, and you should call it 'grace' and 'mercy'. The first ones to suffer pain were primogenitors [first parents] Adam and Eve, when they found out that their first-born son, Cain, had killed his brother, Abel. And brother spilling the blood of his brother upon the earth has never ceased since then, to this very day. We're all sons of Adam. So it's quite clear why God cursed Cain for his fratricide - the first snowflake of blood-spilling that has grown, from that first instant of blood-lust, into countless avalanches of blood-spilling worldwide: killing, and more killing, and more killing. The thirst for blood seems unquenchable. Cain did not repent of his sin of killing, of fratricide; nor did he ever seek or ask forgiveness from God. Cain committed many other abominable sins besides, including same-sex sex and sex with animals, and is now in the tortures and fires of Hell wherein he will remain for endless eternity. Cain's sexual misdeeds were replicated by his descendants and, eventually, finally, forced God to send the great Deluge of water over the whole earth in order to douse the carnal lusts of the godless and to destroy the monsters that came into being on earth as a result of those sexual misdeeds. [Genesis 6] I will say more on this, some other time. Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit. Mary, Help of Christians, pray for us.

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