Original Sin: man's inheritance from the rebellion of Adam and Eve. By Joseph Costa


In the Holy Bible, in the Holy Book of Genesis, it's written that: "... the Lord God commanded the man, saying, 'You may freely eat of every tree of the garden; but of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil you shall not eat, for in the day that you eat of it you shall die'.'' (Genesis 2.16-17) It's very important to note, that both Adam and Eve were clearly and unambiguously warned of what would happen to them if they disobeyed the Commander: God. Despite that warning, Adam and Eve, without care, respect or gratitude, and ignoring certain death if they disobeyed, much like today's countless idiots-by-choice who take drugs to satiate their ecstasy-lust and ignore contemptuously the harm and cost they cause both to themselves and to society, knowingly, willingly, rebelled and disobeyed the clear understandable Command of God, despite having been given a high intelligence, vast infused knowledge, and many other gifts besides. Gratitude is a virtue, that even the lower beings - the animals - know and practice; but base ingratitude, as Adam and Eve's, abounds on earth even to this very day, every day. But Hell is boundless. Instead of respecting and obeying, out of love, the known and familiar Lord their God, Who created and loved them as their devoted father, the Father, they obeyed a complete Stranger, an Unknown One, a Serpent, who covertly hated them and who appeared to them coiled around an apple tree, the forbidden tree, having the lustre of an alluring jewel. Alluring! And how many times, today, does a spouse leave his or her loving spouse for another who seems to have a more alluring lustre? The grass always seems better or greener or more succulent on the other side of the fence. Seems! Until it's tasted and imbibed... and then the horror sets in. Satan's trap!! And so, Adam and Eve listened to the insinuations, to the counsel of the speaking understandable voice of the Unknown One, an alluring seductive Serpent: Satan, ate the apple from the forbidden tree as suggested by him, and then additionally had illicit sex under that tree in order to be like God and create like Him. And so came into being... Original Sin. As a result, through their overt disobedience and their illicit sex, Adam and Eve immediately lost their innocence; and 'they well knew they had lost it.' Feeling ashamed after their illicit tryst, and fleeing and hiding themselves from God when He called out to them, they then attempted to cover up their private anatomy, till then never ever, ever covered up. When God asked Adam: " 'Have you eaten of the tree of which I commanded you not to eat?' The man said, 'The woman whom Thou gavest to be with me, she gave me fruit of the tree and I ate.' Then the Lord God said to the woman, 'What is this that you have done?' The woman said, 'The serpent beguiled me, and I ate'." (Genesis 3.11-13) Flick-passing the buck... the blame! Not much has really changed since those first early days, eh? Even today, now, no one seems to want to accept responsibility for his own, 'free-will' actions or inaction. It's always someone else's fault, someone else to blame. But never the culprit directly responsible himself. Man today still knowingly, willingly, rebels and disobeys the Command of God, as Adam and Eve once did, by disobeying God's Command to man, to obey the 'Ten Commandments' - the 'code of life' - the 'tree of test' for all of us today still living on planet earth. 'Everything in Creation obeys God, except Satan, and man who's more or less a rebel.' Because of their disobedience, both Adam and Eve were punished by God, by Justice. They were punished by having to die as they were originally warned. Additionally, Adam was punished with hard work, Eve with pain in child-birth; and both punished by expulsion from the easy living Garden of Eden, which was then located near Masada in today's geographical Israel. One very important lesson to come out of this, for us living today on earth in particular, is that we should never place ourselves "in conditions of sin," in temptation situations, proudly believing that we are strong enough not to fall into sin. To do so would be repeating the similar ruinous error that Eve once made, who thought so but failed. We should flee, speedily and unapologetically, away from any such 'conditions of sin' whenever they should arise, without misgivings. Outlined below are two Commentaries that clarify for us, the particulars about the rebellion, pride, and fall of our first parents, Adam and Eve. The first Commentary is from Jesus, God the Son; and the second One is from God the Holy Spirit, who additionally sheds some light on some obscure verses in the Holy Bible. Both Commentaries, being divine, are truly eye openers... fascinating, instructive. "The fear [love] of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge; fools despise wisdom and instruction." (Proverbs 1.7) Especially foolish are those who don't care about going to Hell. Some of these are even in the church I usually go to. Jesus, true God and true Man, pursuant to the Gospel that He dictated to holy mystic and 'victim soul,' Maria Valtorta - the "pen of Jesus:" Jesus Christ explains the 'fall' of the two proud ones, thus - "What other way did he [Satan] take at the beginning of man's days to flaw the [forbidden] tree [of test] and flaw humanity? How did he [Satan] succeed in corrupting the innocence of the two Forebears [Adam and Eve]? If Eve's act had been limited to the imprudence of approaching the forbidden tree, and even of listening to the Serpent [Satan] but without obeying him nor giving in to his insinuations, would it have issued in the Original Sin? Would the Condemnation have come? No. Rather, these two Forebears by repulsing the satanic allurements would have imitated the good angels tempted in vain to rebellion by Lucifer [Satan], and they [Adam and Eve] would have had an increase in grace. ['We are tempted without our consent, but we sin with our consent.'] [Jesus continues:] "I repeat: to be tempted is not a fault [not a sin]. The fault is in acquiescing to the temptation. Eve, Adam, would not have been punished for their imprudence, which would have already been expiated by resistance to the temptation. God is a loving and patient Father. But Eve, Adam, did not repulse the temptation. The lust of the mind: that is, pride, and the lust of the heart: that is, disobedience, which they received into their soul - till then uncorrupted - thus corrupted it by awakening impure fevers [sexual desires] which Satan sharpened to a frenzy, and to committing the crime. I do not speak erroneous words. I say 'crime,' and that is right. By sinning, had they not perhaps done violence to their spirit [soul], wounding it, injuring it harshly? Is it not a crime that a sinner commits against his spirit [soul] when he kills [damns to Hell] his own spirit with a mortal fault [mortal sin], or wounds it by continually weakening it with venial fau lts? "Let us observe together the growing eruption of the fault and the degrees of their [Adam and Eve's] fall, and then let us compare the episode of My temptation [in the desert - not excerpted here]. If one has a limpid eye and an honest heart, one cannot fail to conclude that temptation - undoubtedly an element of the Evil One [Satan] - does not become sin, but rather a merit for those who know how to suffer it without yielding to it. To suffer does not mean to enjoy. If a martyr [of Christ] suffers, he does not 'suffer' an enjoyment. Temptation is suffered by the saints; but temptation is a perverse enjoyment for the non-saints, who welcome it and obey it. [The seven errors foolishly made by Eve] [Jesus continues:] [First error] "Therefore: Eve, endowed with a knowledge proportionate to her state - note this well because it worsens the fault - and therefore aware of the value of prudence, goes to the forbidden Tree - her first slight error. [Maybe this error could be compared to a guy who foolishly goes to a brothel in order to satisfy his curiosity to see what it's like inside.] [Second error] "She goes with frivolity, not with the good intention of recollecting herself at the centre of [the Garden of] Eden to isolate herself in prayer. On arriving there she engages in conversation with the [speaking, understandable] Unknown One [Serpent, who had the lustre of an alluring jewel]. This does not make her wary, this phenomenon of a speaking animal [a speaking snake], while all the others [while all the other animals] have a voice but do not have words that can be understood by man - her second error. [Third error] "Her third: in her amazement, she does not call upon God so He may explain the mystery [of this speaking understandable animal: a serpent]. She does not recall nor even reflect that God said to His children [Adam and Eve] that it was the Tree of Good and Evil, and that therefore she was to refrain from imprudently welcoming any thing that would come from it without having first asked of the Lord its true nature. [Fourth error] "Her fourth error: having stronger faith in believing the assertion an Unknown Being [a Stranger, the Serpent], rather than in the counsels of her [known, loving] Creator. [Fifth error] "Her fifth: the greed to know what only God knew, and thus to become like God. [Sixth error] "Her Sixth: the gluttony of her senses which wanted to taste by looking, feeling, smelling, eating what the Unknown One [Serpent] had suggested that she gather and taste. [Seventh error] "Her seventh: from being the one tempted, becoming herself the temptress [to Adam]: to pass from the service of God to that of Satan; forgetting the words of God in order to repeat those of Satan to her companion [Adam], and to persuade him to commit the theft [i.e. to have sexual intercourse to 'create' children in order to be like God] of that which is God's right. [N.B. 'God's right': Adam and Eve were explicitly not told by God how they were going to have children, such procreating knowledge then being reserved as 'God's right' alone to know this mystery and He told them so. It was supposed to have been by love in some way, but not explained by God. I very much doubt that sex, lust, was to have been involved in the procreation of children. Some people today claim that sex is a gift from God, but I have never ever found any reliable evidence to support this fanciful theory putatively justifying carnal lust.] [And here I am reminded of Goebbels, who was the Nazis' notorious Minister of Propaganda and an arch-liar who, in 1933 said, that: '... the bigger the lie and the more often it was repeated, the more people would believe it, even if no evidence could be produced. Make the lie big, keep telling it, and it will eventually have the desired effect of brainwashing its victims.' So-called climate change, global warming, and evolution all reek of the same stench from the same putrid cesspool... of no evidence!!] [Jesus continues:] "The feverish passion [concupiscence, sexual desire] was now at its greatest degree. The ascent of the fatal arc had reached its highest point. There the [sexual] sin was consummated completely with Adam's adherence to the enticements of his companion [Eve, who was 'in heat,' sexually aroused by the Serpent], and the fall of them both along the other side of the arc. A swift fall, much swifter than the ascent, because weighted down with the consummated fault [sin], and the fault was worsened in its weight by its own consequences: that is, flight from God, excuses that were insufficient and deprived of charity and justice, and even of sincerity in confessing the failure, and a spirit of hidden rebellion which hindered their asking forgiveness. [Today, rebels against the true only God, the God of the Bible, and against His immutable Law, abound. But: "It is a broad gate and a wide road that leads on to perdition, and those who go in that way are many indeed;" (Matthew 7.13)] [Jesus continues:] "They [Adam and Eve] do not hide themselves out of sorrow at being soiled by the fault and appearing so in the eyes of God, but because they are naked: that is, from the malice which has now entered into them and given new aspects to everything, and which makes them so ignorant that they no longer know how to reflect that God Who had created them and given them all Creation, well knew that they were naked. He did not bother to clothe them, nor had He disdained to contemplate them thus naked, because there was no need to cover innocence nor any disdain in contemplating an innocent body. [Before their fall, Adam and Eve did not feel sexual desires.] "Hear the answers of these two guilty ones [Adam and Eve] - an exact indication of the unrejected temptation and its consequences from the fault: 'I heard Your Voice and was afraid, because I am naked; I hid myself.' 'The woman whom You gave me for a companion offered me the fruit and I ate of it.' 'The serpent seduced me and I ate of it'." "Lacking among so many words is the only one which should be there: 'Forgive, because I have sinned.' Hence charity towards God is lacking. Charity towards one's neighbour is lacking: Adam accuses Eve. Eve accuses the serpent. Finally, sincerity is lacking in the confession: Eve confesses what is undeniable. But she believes she can hide from God [who knows everything] the preliminaries of the sin, that is, her frivolity, her imprudence, her feeble will suddenly made sick after taking the first step towards disobedience of the holy command: not to place oneself in temptation to gather the forbidden fruit. "That command should have been a warning to them - to her, so very intelligent - to make them understand that they were not so strong as to be able with impunity to put themselves in conditions of sin, without coming to sin. They would have reached that strength by perfecting with their own will the freedom granted them by God, using it only for the Good. Eve therefore lies to God, by keeping quiet about [by covering up] the reason why she ate the fruit: to become like God. Here is why the triple lust [maybe explained some other time] is in man. All the signs of friendship with the serpent are evident in the pride, rebellion, lying, lust, egoism: these vices substituting themselves for the previously existing virtues." [The Bible cautions us: "Now the serpent was subtler {= more cunning} than any other wild creature that the Lord God had made." (Genesis 3.1) Being cunning, being a snake, is kind of lying in the dark; and it's neither a virtue nor being intelligent. It's only being loathsome, snakily, deceitful. Satan-like: serpentine! A snake in the grass.] God the Holy Spirit explains further, thus... [The easy test for Adam and Eve to do: Obedience to the clear Command of God, of the Commander, for them to do something that was simple, clear, easily understood, and very easy to do] "When the man [Adam] awoke from his first sleep and found at his side his woman companion [Eve], he felt that his happiness had been made complete by God. (Genesis 2.21-23) It was already so great even before that. All in Adam and around Adam had been made so that he might enjoy a happiness that was complete, wholesome and holy; and the delights, that is, [the Garden of] Eden, were not only around, but also within Adam. "Surrounding him [Adam] was the Garden full of beautiful vegetation, animals and aquatic creatures. But within him a garden of spiritual beauty blossomed with virtues of every kind, ready to mature in fruits of perfect holiness. And the tree of knowledge was there adapted to his state, and that of supernatural life ['Tree of Life']: Grace. Neither were there lacking the precious waters of the divine Spring [God], which were divided into four branches [?? four cardinal virtues: justice, temperance, fortitude, and prudence ??], and bathed with always new waves of man's virtues, which thus grew into giants to make him an ever more faithful mirror of God. [Before his rebellion and fall, then archangel Lucifer was once 'the most perfect mirror of God.'] [The Holy Spirit continues:] "As a natural creature he [Adam] enjoyed what he saw: the beauty of a virginal world, just come forth [created] from the Will of God. He enjoyed what he could do: with his lordship over the lower creatures. All had been put by God at man's service: from the sun to the insect, so that all would be his delight. "As a supernatural creature he enjoyed - and it was a reasoned and very delicate ecstasy - the comprehension of God's Essence: Love; the comprehension of the relations of love between the Immense One [God] Who gave Himself, and the creature [Adam] who loved Him, adoring Him. [In the Book of:] Genesis veils this faculty of man, and God's communicating of Himself to him, in the phrase: 'having heard the Voice of God Who was strolling in Eden in the cool of the evening.' (Genesis 3.8) However much the Father had given His adopted children [Adam and Eve] a knowledge proportionate to their state, still He also instructed them. Because the love of God is infinite, and after He had gifted them, He ardently aspired to give anew, and He gave so much the more, as His creature was more of a daughter [?? son ??] to Him. God always gives Himself to one who gives himself to God generously. [In Italian, the noun, 'creature,' has a feminine gender.] "So when man [Adam] awoke and saw the woman [Eve] like himself, he felt his happiness as a creature was complete. He had the human all and the suprahuman All: Love [God], Who had given Himself to man's love. "The only limitation placed by God, on this immense possession of man, was that of forbidding him to gather the fruits of the Tree of the Knowledge of good and evil. This would have been a useless and unjustified harvest, since man already had whatever knowledge was necessary, and any measure of it higher than what God had established could only cause harm. "Consider: God did not prohibit gathering fruits from the Tree of Life, because man had a natural need of these to live a healthy and long existence, until a more lively divine desire of revealing Himself totally to His adopted son would make God pronounce that [word]: 'Son [Adam], ascend to My Dwelling [Heaven], sink into the abyss of your God.' It would be the call, without suffering [earthly] death, to the Heavenly Paradise. [= Nearly much like the Assumption of Virgin Mary, body and soul, into Heaven, who was born, by God's will as an exception, without Original Sin.] "The Tree of Life is encountered at the beginning of the Book of the Great Revelation [= Genesis], and is found anew at the end of the Book of the Great Revelation [= Apocalypse of saint John]: the Bible. It ['Tree of Life'] is a figure of the Incarnate Word [Jesus], Whose fruit, the Redemption, hangs from the wood of the Cross. It is a figure of Jesus Christ Who is the Bread of Life, Fount of Living Water, and Grace, and Who has restored Life to you all with His Death. And you can always eat [Flesh, Body of Christ - Eucharist] and drink [Blood of Christ - Consecrated Wine] of Him, in order to live the life of the just and to reach eternal Life [in Heaven]. [In my church, some time back, an unmitigated heretic-priest removed the wooden (Roman) cross that was once always near the altar and replaced it with a metal idol, which gets paraded at the entrance and exit processions of Masses.] [The Holy Spirit continues:] "God did not prohibit Adam from gathering the fruits of the Tree of Life, but forbade him to gather those useless fruits from the Tree of Knowledge. For excessive knowledge would have awakened pride in man [as it continues to do so today]; he would have believed he was equal to God from the new knowledge he acquired, and he would have foolishly believed he was capable of possessing it without danger. This would have consequently given rise to an abusive right to self-judgement of his own actions. And since now he was like God in knowledge, his actions would thus trample every duty of filial obedience towards his Creator - Him Who had lovingly indicated to him the licit and the illicit, directly or through grace and infused knowledge. [The measure that God gives is always the right measure. He is God Almighty and knows everything, seen and unseen, from eternity to eternity.] [The Holy Spirit continues:] "He who wants more than God has given him is lustful, imprudent, irreverent. He offends love. He who takes something abusively is a thief and violent. He offends love. He who wants to act independently of any homage to the supernatural and natural Law is a rebel. He offends love. "In the face of the divine command, your First Parents [Adam and Eve] owed obedience, without putting forth 'whys?' - which are always the shipwreck of love, of faith, of hope. When God orders or acts, one should obey and do His Will, without asking 'why?' He orders or acts in that given manner. His every action is good, even if it does not seem so to the creature [man], limited in its knowledge. "Why should they not go to that tree, gather those fruits, eat of those fruits? Useless to know that. To obey is useful, and nothing else - and to content themselves with the abundance they had. Obedience is love and respect, and it is the measure of one's love and respect. The more one loves and venerates a person, so much the more does one obey that person. "Now here, God - the infinitely Great, the Good, the munificent Benefactor of man - was the One who ordered. Man, both out of respect and grateful recognition, should have given God not 'much' love, but 'all' the adoring love of which he was capable, and therefore all his obedience, without analysing the reasons for the divine prohibition. Discussions presuppose one's own judgement and criticism of the order or action of another. To judge is a difficult thing, and rarely is the judgement just; but it is never so when it judges a divine order to be useless, in error, or unjust. "Man owed obedience. The test of this capacity of his, which is the measure of love and respect, was in the way in which he had known, or not known, how to obey. [The means used to test man] "The tree and the apple. Two little things, insignificant if compared to the abundance which God had granted to the man. And what? He gave Himself: God, and He was forbidding man to look at a fruit?! What? He gave dust [= man] natural and supernatural life, infused His Own breath [= soul, a particle of God] into man, and was forbidding him to gather a fruit?! What? He made man king of all creatures, considering him not His subject but His son, and He was forbidding him to eat a fruit!? "For one who does not know how to meditate wisely, this episode can seem like an inexplicable obstinacy, like the caprice [whim, quirk] of a benefactor who, having showered a beggar with riches, then forbids him to collect a pebble lying in the dust. But it is not so. "The apple was not just the reality: a fruit. It was also a symbol. The symbol of the divine right and of human duty. "Even when God calls and gives extraordinary benefits, those benefited should always recall that He is God and that man ought never abuse his position, even if he feels himself extraordinarily loved. And yet this is the test that few of the elect [such as priests] know how to surmount. They want more than what they already have, and go to collect what is not given. And so they find the Serpent [Satan] and his poisonous fruits. "Pay attention, O elect of God! Recall always that in your garden, so heaped with God's gifts, there is always the tree of the test. And recall that God's Adversary [Satan] and yours seeks always to cling around it, so as to snatch from God an instrument [an elect], and to seduce you into pride and greed, into rebellion. Do not violate God's right. Do not trample the laws of your duty. Never. [But too many foolishly do so, particularly via their pursuit of knowledge of useless things such as philosophy, which saint Paul has long sanctioned. Philosophy, arrogating to itself 'what's right,' white-ants Jesus' Gospel: Right, Truth.] The Holy Spirit continues:] "There seem to be many instruments of God, 'voices' [i.e. God's spokesmen and spokeswomen: many others apart from holy Maria Valtorta] - too many according to some. I say to you all, theologians and faithful, that there would be one hundred times one hundred more, if all those whom God calls to a special ministry would know how not to collect - so they might have still more - what God has not given. "In the Decalogue [= the Ten Commandments], tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil, all the faithful have their test of faith, of love, of obedience. For the 'voices,' and for extraordinary instruments, that tree is more than ever alluring and ambushed by Satan. Because the greater the gift, the more easily also does pride and greed arise: the presumption of being sure to be saved in every way. Instead, I tell you, that whoever has had more, has a greater duty to be perfect, in order not to have a great condemnation. This condemnation will not be given to one who, with little, had the extenuating circumstances of having known little. "I anticipate a question: That tree then bore good fruits and bad fruits? "It bore fruits no different than those of any other plant. But it was a plant of good and evil. And it became such according to the behaviour of man - not so much towards the plant as towards the divine order. To obey is good. To disobey is evil. "God knew that Satan would have gone to that tree to tempt. God knows all. The wicked fruit was the word of Satan, tasted by Eve. The danger of drawing near the plant was in the disobedience. Into the pure knowledge which God had given, Satan injected his impure malice, which soon fermented also in the flesh [in sexual desires and consummation]. But first Satan corrupted the spirit, making it a rebel, then the intellect, making it cunning [which is not a virtue - see above]. "Oh! They knew well, afterwards, the knowledge of Good and Evil! Because everything, even their new vision - through which they knew they were naked - warned them of their loss of Grace [God], which had made them happy in their intelligent innocence up to that hour, and therefore warned them of the loss of supernatural life. "Naked! Not so much of clothing, but of God's gifts. Poor! For having wanted to be like God. Dead! For having feared to die with their species if they had not acted at once [by having sex]. "They committed the first act against love with their pride, disobedience, distrust, doubt, rebellion, spiritual lust and, finally, with carnal lust [sex]. I say: finally. Some believe, instead, that the first act had been carnal lust. No. God is orderly in all things. "Even in offences towards the divine law, man sinned first against God, wanting to be like God: a god in knowledge of Good and Evil, and in the absolute and thus illicit freedom to act at his own pleasure and will - against every counsel and prohibition of God; afterwards [man sinned] against love, loving himself inordinately [= narcissism - a commandment of Satan's], denying to God the reverential love that is due Him, putting his I [his ego, self, self-interest] in the place of God, hating his own proximate future: his own offspring for which he procured the heritage of the [Original] Sin and its condemnation; and finally [man sinned] against his own dignity of a royal creature who had had the gift of perfect dominion of his senses. "The sensual sin [sex] could not happen while the state of Grace and the other resulting states lasted. There could be a temptation, but no consummation of a sensual sin [sex] while innocence lasted, and therefore the dominion of reason over sense [lust]." [The outcome: Chastisement - the punishment of Adam and Eve: by Justice - punishment indeed awaits us if we sin] [The Holy Spirit continues:] "Not disproportionate, but just. "To understand this, it is necessary to consider the perfection of [the two created perfect models:] Adam and Eve. By considering that summit, one could measure the greatness of the fall into that abyss [of sins]. "If some of you [today] were taken by God and put into a new [Garden of] Eden - leaving you just as you are, but giving you the same commands that He gave to Adam - and you disobeyed like Adam, do you believe that God would condemn you with the same severity that He condemned Adam? No. God is just. He knows what a terrible heritage is in you [in man through inherited Original Sin]. "The consequences of Original Sin have been repaired by Christ [through Him having to suffer and die in extreme atrocious pain on a cross, by pains and sufferings similar to what one would suffer in Hell], as far as Grace goes. But the weakness from the injury to that original perfection remains. And this weakness is formed of urges or incitements, like infecting germs that remain latent in man, but always ready to become powerful and overcome the creature." [Baptism cleanses a man, his soul, of Original Sin, but the scar, the allurements, remain dormant, ever ready to flare up at the slightest opportunity. I have already discussed this elsewhere.] Adam and Eve became fully aware of the full enormity of what they had engendered by disobeying God, only when they first experienced pain - when their first son, Cain, killed his brother Abel, and thereby ignited man's lust for blood... man killing fellow man, and showering the earth with men's blood, that continues to this very day. God cursed Cain and Cain did not repent of his sin of murder, of "fratricidal hate." Many of Cain's offspring were monsters, not only in deeds but also in appearance. God hates pride, because it was through that sin that Lucifer rebelled against God, became the hideous monster Satan, and took many angelic beings, spirits, with him to Hell. Pride, today, and some clergy do indeed fall into this trap, opens the welcoming door to Satan, and rejects God Who goes away in disgust. Where Satan is present, God is absent. The two can never co-exist. Contrary to the snakily seductive words of the "inclusive" mantra, of the proponents who, using that mantra, are covertly scheming and working to adulterate and in consequence destroy Christianity by attrition - they will never succeed - there is absolutely no "inter-faith" between God and Satan, nor between Heaven and Hell, nor between good and evil. Not accepting God, means accepting Satan as god. "Woe," says the Father, "to those who bring the contamination of sinful souls [sinners] into the sanctuary!" And saint John tells us that, "If you are visited by one who does not bring this teaching [Christ's teaching] with him, you must not receive him in your houses, or bid him welcome; to bid him welcome is to share the guilt of his doings." (II John 1.10-11) Whereas the angelic beings, spirits, were all subjected to the test of adoration of God, of Jesus, Adam and Eve were subjected, as illustrated above, only to the much easier test of obedience of God. Man, today, is also subjected to the test of obedience of God - to the immutable Ten Commandments: "the tree of test." Jesus says that, if a man disobeys any one of those Ten Commandments, he loses eternal Life. And if he obeys His Counsels [4 Gospels], he grows in holiness. 'Knowledge of God is love of God.' "... Religion means obedience to the desires and intentions of God..." Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit. Mary, Help of Christians, pray for us. The foregoing is pursuant to the Bible, the Gospel that Jesus dictated to Maria Valtorta, and my analysis. By Joseph Costa PS As was said above: 'Everything in Creation obeys God, except Satan, and man who's more or less a rebel.' Lucifer, Satan, Liar, probably calls his fiery Hell, not a punishment or a defeat, but a 'victory,' as he probably lies to himself that he's gained a 'kingdom:' Hell. Prior to Lucifer's rebellion, Hell did not exist, After the Last Judgement, the angels will rivet-shut that 'kingdom,' that hole of fire, to remain locked up for all endless eternity. Holy Maria Valtorta's guardian angel, saint Azariah, comments further, thus: "Man, a new Lucifer, often wants to rebel against the Lord and proudly believes himself to be free to divert the events willed by God, even annul them, and create other, different ones which are his own. He offers resistance, introduces his laws [e.g. laws legalising same-sex marriages, abortion, euthanasia], and boasts of doing so. [e.g. when the legislators of a certain Legislature had an ostentatious boasting party to celebrate and gloat over their success in legalising disorder: same-sex marriages; and perhaps thereby unknowingly being transubstantiated into lucifers.] "The result is pain. For everything which departs from justice and order is a cause of pain. And man obtains pain for himself because he departs from supernatural order and justice. He punishes himself on his own and then accuses God of punishing him harshly. But the first author of man's punishment is man himself, for God is so much a Father that He would never arrive at certain forms of ferocity in punishment. [e.g. a ruler-tyrant was once reported in the media as having punished a man to be eaten alive by about 100-200 hungry dogs.] "Unjust punishments are those of men, for they are provoked by unjust things, punishments which overwhelm the guilty and the innocent - rather, they rage more furiously against the innocent than the guilty: above all, those most responsible for the punishment. It is their hour. Satan protects them [while they are still on earth] because they serve him well. [= as 'useful idiots'] "But beyond earthly life, the equilibrium of justice will be re-established and Satan will no longer be able to protect his servants or torment the servants of God, and the will of God will be untouchable, and He will decree joy for the martyrs of man and [of] Satan, joy for those who wept and suffered persecutions, joy for whoever was able to remain faithful to the virtues and the Law of love, and tremendous punishment [in Hell for endless eternity] for the rebels, the proud, the cruel, the unjust, those persecuting their brothers and offending God." A man becomes a devil when he torments or persecutes another. With today's increasing use of psychiatry and psychology as weapons to destroy people via destroying their mind and getting away with it, with Soviet-era style judgements of insanity or of mental illness or similar, it's relevant to recall Jesus' warning. He said: "... who treats him [someone] as a madman, and consequently has harmed him, will be condemned by God." This seems to mean that the satanic culprits involved, devils, cannot ever be forgiven in eternity, and so all the satanic culprits involved will eventually, one day, go to their own place of destruction: Hell. To my horror, even some high-level clergy have freely chosen to become such culprits, by persecuting good holy priests who defend traditional Christian doctrine or who oppose the homosexual agenda, which is contrary to Christian doctrine. Excerpts from the Writings of Maria Valtorta cited herein are with permission from the Italian publisher: Centro Editoriale Valtortiano srl, Viale Piscicelli 89-91, 03036 Isola del Liri (FR), Italy. http://www.mariavaltorta.com/ info@mariavaltorta.com -------------------------------------------------

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