Satan our Enemy: the relentless killer of souls. By Joseph Costa


"Know your enemy," so wrote Sun Tzu circa 490 B.C., obviously referring to human enemies, as he was, in his time, a military strategist and a military commander. Essentially, he used cunning as well as psychology and other mind-games in his strategies and wars - very effective in those ancient times - and he rarely used, if at all, the typical Roman frontal attack of brute force.

But for all of us still living on planet earth - for us, the Church Militant - our enemy is altogether different to any of those once reckoned by Sun Tzu. Our enemy is a hideous Beast and an indefatigable Warmonger; and he's extremely cunning, ruthless, snakily, fox-like, and is anything and everything else wicked that exists. He's totally unseen, a spirit, and much more lethal than any human enemy can ever be - Satan our Enemy: the relentless killer of souls.

Satan, Hate, Evil, has been waging war on humanity since the creation of Adam and Eve. Any war is hate, not just Satan's. Satan is Disorder, Chaos, and Destruction, all of which, just before being kicked out of Heaven and into the fires of Hell, he threatened he'd do to Creation at the time of his rebellion against Jesus.

Satan's orders to his devils "... may be enunciated as follows: 'Sow horror, despair, and errors so that the peoples will separate themselves from God, cursing Him'."

A Christian who says that he believes in Jesus Christ but does not believe in the existence of Satan, has only got a mutilated Christian faith, "... because in taking Satan away from his faith he mutilates by half that faith, [its] truth, and [its] wisdom," says Jesus.

This disbelief in Satan and in the demonic '... is a typical defect of the Faith that characterises many of today's Catholic and Christian academics and scientists, who attempt to reduce demonic manifestations in the New Testament to mere psychological pathology,' says an erudite holy religious.

Getting away, escaping unscrutinised and unchallenged with their subjective utter rubbish, what some of those academics and scientists do, in essence, in order to deal with, or to gloss over, the issues of the demonic, is to respond with the glib bogus accusation that those issues centre on, or are entirely due to, the psychological or other mental disorders within a person's mind.

In other words, essentially, a person would be told that he's nuts and therefore has to spend his money on 'treatment' from the pathologist or other medic, thereby increasing the latter's income. Maybe Satan hasn't stopped laughing yet.

Some of the scribes and pharisees and others did indeed call Jesus, mad or being a madman, apart from the many other vile epithets hurled at Him.  [Mark 3.21; John 10.20]  Maybe those scribes, pharisees, and the other culprits changed their mind immediately they entered Hell.

Even Roman governor, Porcius Festus, jumped on the madman bandwagon, when he, addressing saint Paul,  "... said in a loud voice, 'Paul, thou art mad'."  (Acts 26.24)

So, it quite obvious, then, that being maligned, by stereotypes or by the pejorative epithets of "mad" or "madman," constitutes just another cross a Christian has to carry whenever he wishes to carry out his mission of propagating the Gospel of Jesus Christ: Truth.

But Jesus has given man a very severe warning, that: "... who treats him [someone] as a madman, and consequently has harmed him, will be condemned by God." That warning seems to imply that the culprit involved cannot ever be forgiven in eternity and so Hell becomes his destination upon his earthly death.

In the 4 Gospels in the New Testament of the Holy Bible, Jesus, Truth, Order, does indeed mention, explicitly, clearly, the existence of Satan... and of Hell. And not only once. And Satan is even mentioned in the Old Testament of the Holy Bible.

But we must be very careful and prudent in seeking knowledge about Satan, as such knowledge of Satan can easily degenerate into a love for Satan and Hell. With that caveat in mind, let's now proceed further.

At the beginning, Serpent, Satan, didn't tell Adam and Eve that he was actually Satan disguised, cloaked, in the form of a serpent that looked like an alluring jewel. He kept that knowledge secret, covered-up, in the dark, as his nature truly is, much like the knowledge of sexual abuse of children has long been kept secret, covered-up, in the dark; and he didn't, surely, say to Adam and Eve: 'Hi, good looking. It is I, Satan, your best friend. I'm here to help you go to Heaven. Trust me.'

To multiply his effectiveness, Satan doesn't want men to know that he exists, nor how he operates. He wants to remain secret, in the dark, unseen. Some clergy, maybe too many of them, willingly obey... their master's command not to reveal that he truly exists! He prowls around like a hungry lion, looking for prey to satiate its insatiable hunger. Have you ever witnessed a clergyman giving a sermon on Satan?  Or on Hell??  Maybe it's like trying to find a guy with a toothache rejoicing.

In reality, Hell exists, Satan exists, and he's our most vicious, ferocious, untiring enemy. He never sleeps. And he hates everyone with utmost intensity; and he works tirelessly in order to drag everyone into Hell. No mercy!!

In an article of mine some time back, I said that Halloween was a worshipping of Satan. So Halloween is really, the feast day glorifying Satan - the quintessential snake in the grass, a disgusting, horrifying Beast: a horrid ugly Monster!

He dare not show his true full appearance in public, as he truly is in appearance to his followers, to his devil-men - his satans - otherwise they would probably all flee in terror on seeing him as he really is. Satan's not dumb, eh? He's smart, very smart. He still has the high intelligence and power he once had when he was magnificent archangel Lucifer and head of all the angels. I've never been able to find out what lying words he must obviously have used to dupe countless intelligent angels to rebel and to follow him, rather than adore and stay with Jesus Christ, then true God only, then not yet also true Man as well. But I suspect that Satan, then Lucifer, probably pulled rank and told those careless angels that they had to obey him, their head, not Jesus their Creator. In another unrelated matter, Jesus tells us that we have to exercise obedience with prudence.

Of course, Satan is Liar "numero uno," and he is very, very strong in his dialecticals, and so can easily defeat anyone on earth in debate, except God. Satan advises his devil-men, his satans, to use "lying words" and thereby triumph. But snakily Satan, Snake personified, omits to tell them that that triumph is really... a triumph in winning a slot in Hell. Satan excels at telling truths with accompanying lies. With alluring truths, that he hates, he attracts men, but with attached lies, that he loves, he leads those men to Hell. Nothing is out of bounds for him, except that he can't withstand the Cross nor the name of Mary... of Virgin Mary: Purity. Satan is Filth. Jesus tells us:

 "For he [Satan], the Accursed One, does not endure the Cross and the name of My Mother."

Recall that the obverse of the 'Miraculous Medal' has a Cross surmounted upon the letter, M - M for Miriam, Maria, Mary. As I have already explained elsewhere, Satan becomes powerless before the Cross, as (saint) Cyprian, when he was once wicked and a sorcerer, found out from the words of Satan himself. And Satan is most powerful and supreme particularly where crosses are scarce or where they are absent.

Satan has the enormous power to transform himself and appear to man as an angel of light, luminous as if he were a true angel of God, as if he had been sent to man as a messenger of God. And countless men, throughout the ages, have been beguiled by him in this way, and countless men still continue to be beguiled by him to this very day, every day. Saint Paul says of him:

 "Satan himself can pass for an angel of light, and his servants have no difficulty in passing for servants of holiness." (II Corinthians 11.14-15)

Jesus tells us, that:

 "You [men] must not measure the supernatural entirely in one way. The supernatural is everything which lies beyond the natural world.  Isn't that so?  But in the supernatural, the extranatural, there are two currents, two rivers: the one coming from God and the one coming from the Enemy of God. [The Enemy of God and us is Satan.]

 "Phenomena [i.e. supernatural things], when taken externally and superficially, are always identical, for Satan is able to simulate God, with the perfection of evil.

 "But one sign of those who are mine is the deep peace and the order found in the phenomena and communicating themselves to those who are present; another sign is the incrementing of the natural faculties of intelligence and memory [in those men who are present and receiving the phenomena], for the heavenly supernatural is always Grace, and Grace augments man's natural faculties, too, so as to be remembered exactly in its manifestations. [I will perhaps discuss Jesus' explanation of Grace some other time, maybe.]

 "In the phenomena [supernatural things] which are not Mine, on the other hand, there is always an effusion of something which disturbs or diminishes the habitual supernatural seriousness by prompting curiosity, that sense of breezy, empty interest you get when you go to a show at a theatre, a show with jugglers and the like. In phenomena which are not Mine, there is always disorder. After the cracking of blinding rockets, there is smoke and mist taking away the purity of the previously existing light, and you [i.e. those who are present] have thus seen and heard, but afterwards cannot remember anything with complete precision and fall into contradictions, even unwillingly. Satan, with his long-nailed hand, stirs and stirs to deride and exhaust."

Satan even utilises verses from the Holy Bible whenever they may prop up or enhance his cause.  (Matthew 4.5-6 - from Psalms 90.11-12)  He thus quotes holy verses from the Holy Bible to beguile his followers, to paralyse them into believing that he comes from God, as a messenger of God; and, without they realising it, having already been benumbed by his putative holiness, he then leads them onto his way, onto the road to eternal perdition, by intermingling those holy verses from the Holy Bible with his own satanic verses which aim at getting his followers, his satans, to break the Ten Commandments of the true only God, thereby condemning his, Satan's, followers to Hell.

Too many men simply cannot fully imagine or comprehend the cunning power and subtle intricacies of Satan's covert cunning methods. And many of Satan's followers, devil-men, satans, reflect those covert cunning methods in their own daily lives. Satan is not called Snake for nothing, eh? But he once got too smart by half, really, as he got kicked out of glorious Heaven and cast down into the tortures and fires of dark Hell.

Jesus Christ tells us, that:

 "Among the many things which the world denies, swollen as it is with pride and with today's incredulity, is the power and the presence of the demon. Atheism which denies God, logically also denies Lucifer: created by God, the rebel of God, the adversary of God, the Tempter, the Envier, the Cunning, the Tireless, the Imitator of God.

 [At the time of his rebellion, Lucifer even taunted Jesus that He, Jesus, should not have created him, Lucifer, so powerful if He, Jesus, didn't want a rival. Such arrogance, eh? And ingratitude! From a smart-alec creep!!]

 [Jesus continues:]  "I have already said to all of you that Satan, who became that through a sin of pride, even now that he has been hurled from the Kingdom [Heaven] of the Most High [God], which he dared to attack, into the deep Abyss [Hell] where there is darkness and horrors, that he wanted to establish in that deep place a copy of the Celestial Court [Heaven], to have his own ministers and his own angels [his devils], his own subjects and his own sons. And that in his manifestations [to men] he disguises himself as a spirit of light, covering his appearance and his thought as the most Debased with deceiving cloaks copied from the Most High [God], in order to draw you all into error." [And into Hell]

Obviously, Halloween is one of those "deceiving cloaks" drawing men into error and down the gurgler... down to the bottom of the Abyss... Hell. If the participants of Halloween only knew what their lord and master, Satan, really looked like, what God really transformed him into as punishment, would they change allegiance? And convert to sweet and gentle Jesus? So let's see what Satan really looks like.

Outlined below are two descriptions of Lucifer-Satan: the first is from the Old Testament of the Holy Bible, and the other is from the pale vision of him given by Jesus to Maria Valtorta... who in effect got nauseated by the vision.

Before his rebellion and fall, then archangel Lucifer was once 'the most perfect mirror of God' - "the first and most beautiful of the spirits created by God." Now, as Satan, he's extremely ugly and hideous: a revolting monster!!

The Holy Bible mentions the fall of the bright "Day Star," once luminous magnificent Lucifer but transformed into, and renamed, Satan by God after the former's fall, thus:

  " How you are fallen from Heaven,

          " O Day Star [Lucifer], son of Dawn!

    " How you are cut down to the ground,

          " you who laid the nations low!

    " You said in your heart,"

          << [Lucifer once boasted, fantasising:]

      << I will ascend to Heaven;

    << above the stars of God

          << I will set my throne on high;

    << I will sit on the mount of assembly

          << in the far north;

    << I will ascend above the heights of the clouds,

          << I will make myself like the Most High [God].>>

    " But you are brought down to Sheol,

          " to the depths of the Pit [Abyss, Hell]."

          (Isaiah 14.12-14)

Satan has never ever achieved what he fantasised, and nor will he ever achieve, in eternity, what he boasted he'd do, above.

In explaining the foregoing severity inflicted on Lucifer, Jesus, in the Gospel He dictated to Maria Valtorta, tells us, warns us - which is love - that:

 "There is a limit. I remind you. And there is no mercy for those aping God and becoming like Lucifer."  (Isaiah 14.9-15)

Some men, aping God, have passed human laws countermanding God's Ten Commandments. Have they thereby become lucifers? Only God knows.

And can all the mighty ants of the earth, who exist today everywhere, even in the clergy, who think and act as if they are God, be counted?

Obviously, a man who proclaims to be, or who passes off as being, or who acts as, God, becomes a lucifer... a demon!  A demon, like the first Demon, as Satan became.

Men, says Most Holy Virgin Mary, whoever they may be, who "deny the Truth to make iniquitous lies into truths" become "lucifers."  (Isaiah 5.20)

Previously, as luminous magnificent Lucifer, but now eternally dark ugly Satan due to his sin, was once head of all the angels, their prince, till he got tired of playing second fiddle to his Boss: Jesus Christ. Through pride, Lucifer obviously got too big for his boots, rebelled, wanted the job of his Boss, but instead got a swift transfer to a new eternal job... in the tortures and fires of Hell. He took many helpers [angelic spirits] with him, and established his own 'kingdom' in that accursed Abyss... aping the Kingdom of Heaven.

Satan himself admits, though, with his own words, that the tears of his torments in Hell,  <<... are so numerous, they have filled Hell with liquid fire.>>


As explained elsewhere, Satan and all the other fallen angels he took with him to Hell, will never ever be forgiven in eternity.

Jesus, true God and true Man, pursuant to the Gospel that He dictated to holy mystic and 'victim soul,' Maria Valtorta - the "pen of Jesus:"

 Maria Valtorta describes the pale vision of Satan, the Beast, that Jesus gave her...

 "...  It is since the evening of the 18th that the good Jesus shows me a horrifying, ugly beast, so horrifying that it disgusts me and I want to scream. And the good Jesus makes me understand that its appearance is always less than the reality, because no human reality could reach an exact imitation of supreme Beauty [that is Jesus] and supreme Ugliness [that is Satan].

 "Now I describe the ugly beast.

 "I seem to see a great hole: black, black, and very deep. I understand that it is very deep, but I do not see anything but its opening, completely occupied by a horrible monster. It's not a serpent, it's not a crocodile, it's not a dragon, it's not a bat, but it has something of all four [of these 4 animals].

 "A long and pointed head without ears and with two sly and savage eyes which are always hunting for prey; a very wide mouth and armed with quite sharp teeth, always intent on catching in flight anything careless that arrives within range of its jaws. To sum up, its head has much the form of a serpent, and its teeth are like a crocodile's. A long and flexible neck allows much agility to the dreadful head.

 "An ugly, slippery body covered with skin like that of an eel, that is, without scales (to help you understand), with a colour between rust, violet, dark grey... I really don't know. It even has the colour of leeches.

 "At its shoulders and at its haunches (I say 'haunches' because there its throbbing belly swollen with prey ends, and its long tail begins which terminates in a point), are attached four short and webbed paws like those of a crocodile. At its shoulders, two ugly bat-wings.

 "The ugly beast does not move its great, loathsome body. It only moves its tail, which writhes back and forth like an 'S,' and it moves its horrible head with its fascinating eyes and murdering jaws.

 "O Divine Mercy! What an ugly, awful beast! From its black den spurts darkness and horror. I assure you that yesterday, as I saw it with a very vivid accuracy - and didn't understand what it was about to do - the desire came to me to scream with disgust. A good thing that I saw it was never looking towards me as if from revulsion. A mutual revulsion if ever there was one. If this is a pale representation of Satan, what ever will he [really] be? It's to die twice over just to see him. [Yet many men follow and adore him a their master and lord.]

 "A good thing too that if, in one corner, was the awful beast, very near [also] was my Jesus: white, beautiful, blond... Light in light! Comparing the luminous, comforting figure of Christ with that of the other, His [Jesus'] most sweet, clear gaze with that wicked one of the other, is truly to weep with unhappy [mortal] sinners destined for the second [the Beast], because they have rejected Jesus. [He who rejects Jesus invokes Satan.]

 "Well then, now that I have seen... I don't want to see him anymore because he is too ugly. I will pray that the least possible [number] of such unfortunate [mortal sinners] end up in his clutches, but I pray the good God to take away from me this sight.

 "Today it is less vivid and I am most grateful to the Lord for that. And I am still more grateful that the dear Voice makes me understand the reason for that Vision which yesterday terrorised me, believing that it was destined for me as a warning."

 Jesus Christ, Truth, Radiance, Beauty, All Powerful, Order, responds...

 "Consider [Maria Valtorta] My Radiance and My Beauty with respect to the black monstrosity of the Beast. [In the afterlife, Beauty and Light are consequences of holiness; no light, i.e. ugliness and darkness, are consequences of wickedness, of sin.]

 "Have no fear of looking even if it is a repulsive spectacle. You are within My arms. He cannot draw near and harm you. You see him? He does not even look at you. He already has so much prey to follow.

 "Now does it seem to you that it is worth your leaving Me to follow him? And yet the world follows him and leaves Me for him.

 "Look how glutted and throbbing he is. It is his hour for feasting. But look also at how he seeks out the shadow to act. He hates the Light, and he calls himself Lucifer [which means light-bearer]! You see him, how he hypnotises those who are not marked with My Blood? He heaps up his efforts because he knows that it is his hour and that My hour [Last Judgement] draws near in which he will be conquered eternally. [i.e. at the Last Judgement when Satan and the rest of the damned will be locked up in Hell, and Hell riveted shut for all eternity.]

 "To increase his prey, his infernal cunning and Satanic intelligence are a constant working of Evil, in opposition to Our One and Triune [= One God and Trinity] working of Good. But cunning and intelligence would not prevail if My Blood and their honest will were in men. Man lacks too many things to have the weapons to oppose the Beast, and It [the Beast] knows that and acts openly, without even veiling Itself with a deceptive appearance [this seems puzzling to me].

 [Virgin Mary has established three powerful weapons against Satan: the Rosary, the Brown Scapular, and the 'Miraculous Medal.']

 [Jesus continues:]  "Let its loathsome ugliness push you to an always greater diligence and an always greater penitence. For you [i.e. for Maria Valtorta herself, as a 'victim soul' and thereby a co-redeemer with Jesus, like Job of the Old Testament, and like many other victim souls] and for your unfortunate brothers [sinners] who have a soul bereaved or seduced and do not see [Satan], or, seeing him [Satan], run to meet the Fiend [Satan], even to have his help for an hour, and to pay [for that help] with an eternity of damnation [in Hell]."

"He who rejects Jesus, invokes Satan. "Where Satan is present, Jesus is absent." The two can never co-exist, and there's no interfaith between the two. Furthermore, there's even discrimination, oh yes, discrimination on the basis of holiness or wickedness: mortal sinners are forever barred from entering Heaven - with no appeals - and instead have to go and lodge in Hell, and to remain therein for endless eternity without hope of ever gaining a release.

Yet, it's all so much easier, really, to obey the Decalogue, the Ten Commandments of the true only God, the God of the Bible, and so thereby avoid going to Hell. The 'code of life,' the Ten Commandments, are 'an easy and wide path for those who love' our Lord Jesus Christ: God, Son of God.

Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit.

Mary, Help of Christians, pray for us.

The foregoing is pursuant to the Gospel that Jesus dictated to Maria Valtorta, the Holy Bible, and my analysis.

All the very best to you and yours for the rest of 2019 and beyond.


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