Blood of Jesus Christ and the assisting guardian angels. By Joseph Costa


The Catholic Church has a feast day called: "The Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ."

On the evening of Good Thursday in 33 A.D., at the Last Supper, holding a piece of Bread-Eucharist, Jesus said solemnly to His 12 apostles: "This [Eucharist] is My Body."  [Matthew 26.27]

The Consecrated Host, the Eucharist, is the real Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity of Jesus Christ under the appearance of a piece of bread, and the Consecrated Wine is the real Blood of Jesus Christ under the appearance of wine: 'the miracles of every minute of every hour of every day,' but only in the Catholic churches, chapels, and other mini ones throughout the world.

"The Eucharist is Flesh, but it is also Blood," says Jesus. And it was, is, that Truth, that was taught when I was at school. These days, however, heretics abound, who '... curse God by mutilating Him.'

Jesus also says to us, gently reproaching us: "I, by My Blood, and [Virgin] Mary, by Her tears, obtained the Forgiveness of God for you [men]. And you think so little of it!"

Many don't think of it, nor care, at all.

Not everyone believes in the foregoing truths, including a former Catholic parish priest of the church I usually go to. He also allegedly implicitly rejected Pope Benedict's XVI's binding, "Summorum Pontificum;" and also once seemingly 'paralysed' the congregation into silence, into not contesting what he was saying or likely to say in future, by alleging that he was (or had been) a member of the staff at the local Catholic seminary... as if he really wanted to say, eh... "Hey man, I'm a big wheel in religion, a teacher in instructing seminarians to become priests. Don't mess with me!" But one woman, that I know of, once did so, openly, orally, during one of his homilies.

Another heretic-priest also reckons that the members of a particular minority group have their respective souls in the ground. One can only just wonder, what other dopey rubbish that seminarians get imbibed with, apart from useless philosophy which saint Paul has long censured as being an enemy of the Gospel that Jesus, the Teacher, taught and propagated.

We seem now to be living within the meaning of saint Paul's, II Thessalonians 2.3-4.

Disbelieving, of course, is the disbelievers' free will to disbelieve, of course, for sure...  and it's also their self-implanted problem to disbelieve, for sure... surely due to their lack of faith... surely due to their being 'men of little faith.'

Truths rarely get free rides. Especially in today's world that's increasingly being swamped by haters, by the haters who love to hate, by the haters who hate anyone who has a contrary viewpoint, by the haters of truths, and by the purveyors of 'fake news:' blatant unmitigated lies, lies, lies, that have kinship with Liar: Satan, who's also Hate, Deceit, Falsehood... Serpent.

God's eight Commandments, though, is quite clear, simple, and immutable. God Commands us, saying:

 "Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour."

And when He walked the earth, Jesus, Truth, was also quite clear and simple when He told us:

 "Let your word be Yes for Yes, and No for No; whatever goes beyond this, comes of evil."  (Matthew 5.37)

A priest, that I know of, once got transubstantiated, for some moments, into a frightened, fleeing slithering snake, for lying... for lying while he had the Eucharist on the altar behind him. He was in his full Mass vestments, and he probably must have thought that it was okay for him to use Mass vestments as a weaponised shield, that would have fooled, or shielded him from, Jesus. I do hope he repented and went to Confession.

'Truth is hate speech to those who hate the truth,' especially to those who love falsehood, who are masters of falsehood, who are in love with Falsehood himself: Satan, their beloved father.

The Blood of Christ has Power.

The following is a moving beautiful prayer dictated by Jesus about His Most Precious Blood, that He taught Maria Valtorta to pray in the 1940s [I can't recall the exact date, for now]:

 "Most Divine Blood that issue forth for us from the veins of God made Man, come down like dew of redemption upon the polluted earth and upon the souls that sin renders similar to lepers. See: I receive You, Blood of my Jesus, and sprinkle You over the Church, the world, sinners, and Purgatory. Help, comfort, cleanse, set aflame, penetrate, and fecundate, O most divine Juice of Life. Nor may indifference and sin set an obstacle in the way of Your flow. But, rather, for the sake of the few who love You and the numberless ones who die without You, hasten and spread over all this most divine rain so that people will come to You trustingly in life, through You be forgiven in death, and with You enter into the glory of Your Kingdom. So be it."

"... the few who love You... " says it all. And lepers, as they were in ancient times, have long been discussed elsewhere.

Jesus, true God and true Man, pursuant to the Gospel that He dictated to holy mystic and 'victim soul,' Maria Valtorta - the "pen of Jesus:"

 Jesus Christ elaborates further on the power of His Most Holy Precious Blood, thus:

 "My Blood [says Jesus] does not cease to spread over the earth. For twenty centuries [from the time of His Circumcision in 0-1 A.D.?] it has been shining before the creation as a witness to love, and, like dew, it descends wherever there is a cross which says, 'This is Christ's land.'

 "The angels of every single believer - indeed, of each one who bears the name 'Christian' - in their angelic nature [i.e. the angels] do nothing but interlace flights between heaven and earth to draw from the divine treasures for every [Christian] person they watch over. Nor does the angelic operation cease here, for the numberless other members of the angelic people [i.e. the remaining angels] by an eternal order worship [the true only God] for those as non-Christians do not worship the true God and ask My Blood to spread over all creatures so as to be adored by them.

 "The angels of the just [of the holy individuals] worship rejoicing, joined to their souls, which receive a foretaste on earth of the adoration which will be eternal [in Heaven]. The angels of those who are not Christians worship in hope, hoping that they [i.e. the remaining angels not attending to Christians] may become their guardians under the sign of the cross. The angels of sinners who are no longer children of God worship in tears. And, weeping, they [the angels attending to sinners] continue to beseech the Blood [of Christ] that it may redeem those hearts [= the sinners] by its [Christ's Blood] power. Finally, the angels of the churches scattered over the earth worship, taking to God the Blood [in a mysterious way, the Consecrated Wine - the Blood of Christ] elevated at every Mass in memory of Me.

 "The Blood [of Christ] descends and the Blood ascends at an incessant pace. There is no time of day at which My Blood does not rise up to God and come down to earth from God's throne."

Every man living on earth has a guardian angel, a spirit, a constant companion who's obviously invisible to man. A man therefore always has an angelic witness to everything he does, not that God needs any such witnesses to know what's going on, as He knows everything from eternity to eternity. A man has to be pure in order to be able to see his guardian angel or God, if such a grace is ever granted.

Apart from Virgin Mary, another person in particular that comes readily to mind who saw her guardian angel was saint Cecilia: Roman, Christian, wife, virgin, martyr. At the time of her death by martyrdom, she was about 18-20 years old, and had long "... consecrated her body to God along with her heart" - much like Virgin Mary did when She was about 2 years old.

Valerian, a rich aristocratic pagan Roman, wanted beautiful Cecilia to be his wife, in the traditional sense, but not knowing that she was a Christian. Instead, Cecilia prayed to Jesus to be able to marry Valerian only in order to convert him to Christianity, so as to save him from going to Hell; and also concurrently to remain a virgin in marriage for His, Jesus', glory and not consummate the marriage carnally. She had great faith in Jesus, hoped greatly in Him, and was sure that her wish to convert Valerian - a charitable act on her part - would be granted. Hence, Faith, Hope, and Charity were involved - the three theological virtues.

It was then the time of the Romans' vile persecution of Christians and the time when Christians congregated secretly in Rome's catacombs in order to pray and celebrate the Sacrifice of the Mass.

Jesus says to us:

"I refuse nothing to those able to believe and overcome the flesh and temptations. As with Cecilia, I grant victory to those who believe and are pure in body and thought."

Jesus therefore said yes to Cecilia, to her holy request, and she indeed succeeded.

And so (saint) Cecilia and (still pagan) Valerian duly got married.

The unimaginable surprise: Upon entering the bridal suite, pagan Valerian, somewhat very surprised, found holy Cecilia not in the nuptial bed as she should have been, according to then Roman traditions, awaiting him for a matrimonial night of carnal lust as he was expecting, but instead found her standing in the middle of the room and obviously away from the nuptial bed. She remained still where she was standing, and so Valerian went over to her... amorously, lustfully.

The initial conversations, which are simple to understand and self explanatory, between pagan Valerian and holy Cecilia, upon Valerian's entry into the bridal suite, were as follows:

"[Valerian:]  'Come, then, my Cecilia,' Valerian says, trying to embrace her. 'Come for I love you so much.'

 "[Cecilia:]  'As I love you. But do not touch me. Do not offend me with your human caresses.'

 "[Valerian:]  'But Cecilia...! You are my wife'

 "[Cecilia:]  'I am God's, Valerian. I am a Christian. I love you, but with my soul in Heaven. You have not married a woman, but a daughter of God whom the angels serve. And the angel of God is with me to defend me [= a truth]. Do not offend the heavenly creature with your acts of meagre love. You would be punished for it.'

 "[Maria Valtorta describes the scene:]  Valerian is flabbergasted. At first amazement paralyses him, but then anger at being mocked overcomes him, and he gets angry and roars. He is violent..."

Valerian also responded, saying, among other things, that Christians died in the arena [as martyrs for their faith in Jesus] by the thousands.

But Valerian, however, after further conversations and threats of violence and vengeance, calmed down - the first sign of conversion. Cecilia endured her husband's initial hostility with ease, as she was fortified by Jesus - and she knew so without doubt, being strong in her Christian faith.

And so Valerian got converted to Christianity on his wedding night, in his own home, in his own bedroom-bridal suite when he was expecting a matrimonial night of Roman carnal lust, but instead spent it, after some initial protestations and dire threats by him, listening to his married wife, to Cecilia's sweet voice reading the Gospel sweetly to him, converting him into a Christian and a saint.

Saint Cecilia indeed remained a virgin, as her marriage to (saint) Valerian was never carnally consummated. Saint Valerian, becoming pure by Baptism, also eventually saw Cecilia's guardian angel. And both, not too long after, died separately as Christian martyrs, for their Christian faith, at the hands of the then cruel pagan Romans. Valerian was martyred before Cecilia.

The Commentary of Jesus is a bit long, and He censures man's obsession with sex in marriage. In part, Jesus says to us:

 "I would have so much to say to husbands and wives. But what good would it do? I have already spoken [about marriage in other Dictations elsewhere]. Nor did people want to understand. In the decadent world, not only does virginity seem like an obsession, but chastity in marriage, continence, which makes man Man and not a beast, is no longer regarded as anything but weakness and impairment.

 "You [men] are impure and drip impurity. You don't give names to your moral evils. They have three, which are always old and always new: pride, greed, and sensuality [= carnal lust]. But you have now reached perfection in these three beasts that tear you to pieces and that you go seeking with mad avidity.

 "For the best ones I have offered this episode; for the others, it is useless, since it only causes a tickling of laughter in their souls, filthy with corruption. But you that are good - remain faithful. Sing your faith in God with pure hearts. And God will console you by giving Himself to you, as I have said. To the good among the best, I will give complete knowledge of the conversion of Valerian through the merit of a pure, faithful virgin."

 [Woe to priests who, having the filthy stench of carnal lust in their blood, consecrate bread and wine into the Body and Blood of Christ, and thus touch the Body of God. Jesus doesn't want to be touched by impure hands.]

 "Marriage should be a school, not of corruption, but of elevation. Do not be inferior to the beasts, that do not corrupt the action of procreation with useless lusts. Marriage is a Sacrament. As such, it is, and must remain, holy in order not to become sacrilegious."

  "When one lives by faith, one dies with the splendour of faith in one's heart and on one's lips. When one lives by purity, one converts without many words [as saint Cecilia did]. The fragrance of the virtues makes the world turn to notice. Not all are converted. But the best in the world are. And this is enough."

Jesus has called this episode, as revealed by Him concerning Cecilia, "... a gospel of Faith."

Sweet saint Cecilia died as a Christian martyr, and finally collapsed down in the position as depicted famously by the statue of her that Stefano Maderno sculptured.

We must never forget that sex was never part of God's plan for Adam and Eve... nor for humanity. It was Satan, Serpent, who introduced it as his "Trojan horse" in order to ruin man, and thereby drag him into Hell. Many, though, don't need to be dragged at all. They go there willingly, merrily... laughing and singing and dancing along the way to the Abyss and, on arrival, immediately stop laughing and singing and dancing - and atrocious hell-fire and other punishments commence.

Saint Joseph, the chaste spouse of Virgin Mary, is the model for husbands, infant Jesus for children. It was Virgin Mary who told Joseph that he was the head of the [Holy] Family. Today's proclivity in having two chiefs in a family, often results in conflicts, violence, and divorce - things that are often ignored in discussions about family conflicts, violence, and divorce. And most of all, lawyers should be prohibited, prohibited, prohibited from meddling in family issues. If it's inevitable, then such lawyers should do so at NO cost to the litigants.

Some time back, some heretic-dope, an unmitigated rebel like Lucifer, 'mutilated' the words in the Bible in the church I usually go to, and transformed Adam into being a 'partner' of Eve. If this utter stupidity weren't so serious, it'd be laughable. I don't think the concept of 'partner' or partnerships existed in ancient times. It would seem that Satan is the author in getting husbands and wives to refer to one another are partners. He wants to destroy traditional family life, and have people live like unattached monkeys, in chaos, without morals or other constraints. And of course, many families today do actually live in that fashion, in chaos.

Angel saint Azariah says:

 "God, as Perfection, cannot be unjust. We angels do not have the weight of flesh and the incitement to sin [that men have]; we have only to watch, then, to be humble, obedient, and charitable spiritually, to serve the Most High Lord [God], our Creator, with perfection. You men, on the other hand, have the painful and glorious possibility of being just - that is, of fighting against the incitements of the flesh, and against temptations and concupiscences [lusts and their desire] of every kind. This fight against what is evil forms your justice. The one who works with justice by triumphing over the tempting voices and tendencies of the human creature is, therefore, called 'just.' And man can thus be just."

Some dopey psychiatrists believe that such "tempting voices" are a sign of mental illness, whereas in fact they are the unmistakable sign of the Tempter: Satan or one of his many devils - fallen angels or human demons.

In reality, in truth, "we are tempted without our consent, but we sin with our consent."

We all have been give a free will, that even God doesn't violate. And He doesn't violate the free will of a person who wants to go to Hell. A wicked person lies when he says that 'the Devil made him do it,' i.e. to do a wicked deed. The Devil, Satan, cannot force anyone do anything without the wicked person's prior consent. And being depressed, 'having the blues' from time to time, forms part of our human make-up. [I cannot recall the reference for this, for the moment].

Jesus, true God and true Man, pursuant to the Gospel that He dictated to holy mystic and 'victim soul,' Maria Valtorta - the "pen of Jesus:"

 Jesus Christ elaborates further, thus:

 "In man [after the fall of Adam and Eve] there are two memories opposed to each other: the memory of the Infinite Good [God]; the memory of the hereditary lustful poison [injected by Satan]. The first, was left by God for the consolation of man, fallen from his primeval and perfect Grace and Innocence, from that virginity of spirit which, except for [Virgin] Mary, was no longer a dowry [a gift] among those born of man. The second memory, was left by Satan in the heart of Adam and in those of his descendants, with his assault of the innocent virginity of Adam in [the Garden of] Eden.

 "Baptism annuls the stain but not the incitement.  [As a corollary, most of the unbaptised have a untamed proclivity for lusts.]  Grace infuses strength to conquer the incitement but does not annul it. It remains like a secret thorn to irritate the indelible [embedded not erasable] scar of the Fault [= Original Sin]. Not the wound: the scar. But if you are not vigilant, the scar, if irritated and not treated with supernatural means, becomes a wound again [= untamed proclivity for lusts].

 "In every man there are then two opposed forces which fight in him [in man] from birth till death and which constitute his test, his victory or his defeat with regard to his supernatural destiny. [i.e. going to either Heaven or Hell]

 "You [= Maria Valtorta] ask Me why God leaves this incitement even after the restoration of Grace [in man via Redemption, Baptism]? Out of justice. All in God is justice. His every operation is justice and loving justice. [We must always believe this!!!  The mighty ants of the earth most probably will not.]

 "Has not God perhaps left the memory of Himself in the soul created by Him? That memory which is a mysterious source of light which guides [a man] to the Light [to Jesus Christ, God], though sensed in a different way by every living spirit, as is demonstrated by the moral laws of the best [= the best cultures in history] and by the more or less vivid gleams of supernatural light in the various revealed religions. Though these latter [= the 'various revealed religions'] possess only fragmentary notions, they already teach the existence of a Supreme Being [God] and the duty to live justly in order to possess Him beyond life.

 "Thus similarly, besides this infinite goodness, God leaves [in men] the other memory represented by the thorn of incitement. This keeps your [men's] pride at heel. If you [men] felt that you were pure and perfect men, you would become Lucifers, believing that you are equal to God. It keeps your good will vigilant. It makes your love for God heroic. And, through the Father's compassion, it renders your faults less grave in His Eyes. Because, if you did not have in yourselves that incitement which agitates and bites your senses [= lusts or their desires] and reason with the cunning of the ancient Serpent [Satan], who generates it, you would not be judged 'with mercy.'

 "But much is forgiven you because much in yourselves is aroused not by your pure will, but by the imponderable forces of that incitement - which you do not always succeed in repressing.

 "But do not afflict yourself [yourself = Maria Valtorta]. It, too, serves to give a crown of glory. Because temptation is temptation; it is not sin. Because temptation conquered, is victory. Because enduring that secret thorn, without the will consenting to its seductions, is heroic patience. But the Holy Spirit will speak to you [= Maria Valtorta] again about this in the Pauline Epistles. [= the "Lessons on the Epistle of St. Paul to the Romans" dictated to Maria Valtorta by God the Holy Spirit.]

 [N.B.:  The Holy Spirit was going to elucidate other Epistles of saint Paul that are in the New Testament of the Bible, but did not do so because of the relentless hostile opposition that the then local religious order had for Maria Valtorta. Jesus was going to strike them, the culprits, for negating His Dictations, for negating the Truth, but Maria Valtorta interceded for them, to spare them, and so Jesus did not strike them. Some of those culprits might now be in Hell - they repeated the errors that the scribes and pharisees once made: negating the Truth.]

 Stay at peace. And endure. And offer [i.e. Maria Valtorta's pains and sufferings] to save those who do not know how to endure the inherited allurements, without yielding [to them]."

 [Maria Valtorta was a heroic 'victim soul.' She suffered and suffered and suffered.]

Jesus reveals to us, that:

 "... the [good] angels, after Lucifer's fall, are horrified at the shadow of a proud thought [that might ever enter into their own mind]."

Jesus goes away in disgust from anyone who becomes proud! Pride is the sign of Satan, the sin that caused his fall... and his plunge into Hell. Of course, there's long been that old axiom, that... before the fall, comes the pride.

It was through pride that Lucifer, once the head of all the angels and powerful, befitting that post as their prince, rebelled. Many less attentive angels then joined him in the rebellion, and they too all ended up with a plunge into the Abyss: Hell. Before that rebellion against Jesus, Hell did not exist.

There was once a satanist, now long dead, who reckoned, in effect, that living in the tortures and fires of Hell, was akin to living in a kingdom. Perhaps he may have now changed his mind.

I have never been able to find out what words cunning Lucifer: Liar, Deceiver, Snake, used in order to dupe the many very intelligent angels to join him in his rebellion against Jesus, their Creator and Lord. Lucifer counsels his faithful devil-men to use 'lying words' and triumph. But he omits to tell them that that triumph results in them plunging down into the Abyss as he, and all the other fallen angels, did.


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