Jesus' Agony in the Garden-through Satan's extreme torture. By Joseph Costa


In His Sermon on the mount, circa 30-31 A.D., Adult Jesus Christ stated the sixth Beatitude, thus:

 "Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see [understand] God."  [Matthew 5.8]

About 18-20 years previously, circa 12 A.D., in the Temple in Jerusalem teaching, 12 year old Boy Jesus said that 'they' will not:

 "... understand the Word of God because meanness, pride and falsehood will prevent you [them] from seeing and hearing."

In relatively recent times, in His discussions with Don Ottavio Michelini, of Mirandola, Italy, Adult Jesus said to him:

 "You have verified the resistance that many priests oppose to this Work. [i.e. 'The Poem of the Man-God,' but now renamed as 'The Gospel as It was revealed to me' {i.e. to Maria Valtorta}]

 "This also proves, son [= Don Ottavio Michelini], that he who has not sensed in the Poem the savour of the Divine, the perfume of the Supernatural, has a soul encumbered and darkened."  [i.e. such a person is in sin, how grave only he and Jesus know.]

Pursuant to the Dictations Jesus gave to Maria Valtorta, He says to us:

 "Jesus is Light for the upright of heart. He is darkness for those who have [only] human goals in their thought and their heart.

 "For chosen souls [men], the supernatural (or extra-natural), like the preternatural, is based on the natural, and should enlighten them to comprehend with supernatural understanding. But for those [with only human goals], the supernatural, like the preternatural, is changed into darkness.

 "The sign of Light is changed into darkness.

 "To whomever is pure of heart, it is given to see [understand] God wherever He is, according to what I said on the mount [Sermon on the mount] in the sixth Beatitude."  [Matthew 5.8]

 "... To the others [i.e. all those who are not pure of heart], [saint] John - not [saint] Matthew - responds:

 "  'The Light shines in the darkness, but the darkness does not welcome It'."  [John 1:5]

Darkness abounds in the world today, simply because too many people prefer darkness to Light.

Those who are not 'pure of heart' - countless millions of them: the anti-Christs and the sinners - darkness - do not welcome the Light: Jesus Christ.

One can easily see this unwelcoming working today, growing, slithering on many fronts, as many sinners and anti-Christs, with money and power, and with 'crooked ways of deceit,' are attempting to eject Christianity from the 'Public Square;' and to restrict Christianity solely within the confines of private homes and churches, that they know would surely result, in time, in extinguishing Christianity.

Many men have rejected the Light, that's Jesus Christ, and many have tried, in vain, to crush It. They will never succeed, just as they have not succeeded in doing so over the last 2000 years or so, no matter how much power, money, and sex, Satan, Loser, gifts them with, to become losers as he: lucifers - devil-men.

Satan and his devil-men work ceaselessly against Christianity, with hostility and persecutions. Satan never misses an opportunity, as the one he seized on Holy Thursday evening, circa 33 A.D.

On Holy Thursday, on that night in the garden of Gethsemane in Jerusalem, Jesus Christ was in such profound excruciating agony that He asked His Father and ours not to be subjected to His, Jesus', imminent Passion and Death, invoking God the Father thus:

 "... My Father, if it is possible, let this chalice [= pains and sufferings] pass Me by; only as Thy Will is, not as Mine is."  (Matthew 26.39)

But Jesus also immediately said:

 "... My Father, if this chalice may not pass Me by, but I must drink of it, then Thy Will be done."  (Matthew 26.42)

Jesus has always obeyed His Father and ours. Jesus and men have the same Father.

No one has ever, ever drunk the "chalice" to the full that Jesus once drank, i.e. all the pains and sufferings He underwent. Others throughout history have drunk only light sips from that chalice, but never ever anywhere near the whole of its contents.

It was Jesus through His Nature as Man, through His Humanity, that He asked His Father and ours: "... let this chalice pass Me by." But Jesus, through His Nature as God, through His Divinity as Son of God and always obedient to His Father and ours, giving the supernatural preponderance over the human, uttered the Words of supreme obedience:

  "... Thy Will be done."

Jesus tells us, that:

  "... I was quite right to say: 'The intimate knowledge of My torment in Gethsemane would not be understood and would become a scandal?'  People do not acknowledge the Demon [the Devil, Satan]. Those who do acknowledge him do not admit that the Demon had been able to harass the Soul of Christ to the point of making Him sweat Blood."

"It is not," said saint Paul, "as if our High Priest [Jesus] was incapable of feeling for us in our humiliations; He has been through every trial [including that trial {not discussed herein}], fashioned as we are, only sinless."    (Hebrews 4.5)

Jesus, true God and true Man, pursuant to the Gospel that He dictated to holy mystic and 'victim soul,' Maria Valtorta - the "pen of Jesus:"

  Jesus Christ explains His agony in the garden of Gethsemane, thus -

  "I was already tempted in the desert [i.e. by Satan about three years before His Crucifixion]. A crowd of temptations, since at that time I had only weakness from lack of material food. Now [in Gethsemane] I was famished for spiritual food, and for moral food, and there was no bread for My Spirit nor bread for My Heart. No God [i.e. abandoned by His Father, God the Father] anymore for My Spirit. No affections anymore for My Heart.

 [Abandonment by God was part of Jesus' sufferings in order to redeem man, as commanded by God the Father. Some men also experience this abandonment by God, by what is commonly known as, 'the dark night of the soul.' I have already dealt with these issues elsewhere.]

 "[Jesus continues:]  And then: slight as a breeze, piercing as a bee's sting, irritating as a viper's venom: the voice of Lucifer [Satan]. A flute that sounds muted: so soft, so soft, which does not awaken our vigilant attention. Piercing with the seduction of its magic harmony, it makes us doze, it seems a comfort, it has the appearance of supernatural comfort.

 "Oh! eternal Deceiver [= Satan], how subtle you are! The I [i.e. one's ego, one's reaction or desire], asks only to be helped. And that sound seems to help. Words of compassion and understanding, sweet as caresses on a fevered brow, calming as ointment on a burn, stupefying as a heady wine poured out for one who is fasting.

 "The weary soul sleeps. If it were no longer vigilant in its subconscious - which is itself vigilant only in those who nourish themselves by constant union with Love [God] - it would end by falling into a lethargy that would put it totally at Satan's mercy: into a hypnotic sleep during which Lucifer [Satan] would make it accomplish any action whatsoever. But the soul which has constantly nourished itself from Love [God] does not lose the integrity of its subconscious, not even in the hours when men and God seem to join together in making it insane. And the subconscious awakes the soul. It shouts to it:

   "  'Act!  Get up!  Satan is at your back!'

 "The terrible struggle has begun. The venom is already in us. We must therefore struggle with its effects and against the quickening waves, always faster and more vehement, of the new venom of the satanic word which pours over us.

 "The uproar grows louder: no longer the sound of a muted flute, no longer a caress and ointment. It is the din of blaring instruments, it is a blow, a sword-wound, a flame that suffocates and burns us.

 "And there, in the flame: life which passes before our spiritual gaze. It had already passed with its resigned aspect of a sacrificed thing. Now it returns with the garments of a haughty queen and [Satan] says:

  << [Satan speaks, arrogantly, lying:]  Adore me!  It is I who reign!  These are my gifts. The gifts I have given you; and still more beautiful gifts will I give you if you will be faithful to me.>> [i.e. to submit and obey Satan, and to become wicked for Satan, to become a devil-man: a satan.]

 "[Jesus continues:]  And in the sound of the instruments: the voices of things and of persons return. They no longer plead. They command, they call down evil on us, they insult, they curse us, because we abandon them. They all return to torment us. All. And the soul, dazed, struggles always more feebly.

  "When the soul, like a badly bleeding warrior, staggers and seeks some support in Heaven or on Earth so as not to fall down, then lo:  Lucifer gives it his shoulder [to knock the soul down]. There is none but him... The soul calls for help. No one answers but him [Satan]... The soul seeks a look of pity... It finds none but his [Satan's]....

 "Woe to the soul that deludes itself about his [Satan's] sincerity! With the remains of its surviving energy it must get away from that support, re-enter into solitude, close its eyes and contemplate the horror of our destiny [i.e. of going to Hell, if we submit to Satan] rather than his [alluring] deceptive appearance, raise its [soul's] trembling hands and clamp them on its ears to block out that deceiving voice [of Satan, Deceiver].

 "But in doing so, every weapon falls. One is nothing more than a poor dying thing - and alone. We no longer succeed in praying with words, because the acrid breath of Satan chokes our jaws. Only our subconscious prays. It [subconscious] prays and it prays. Like the convulsive beating of a stabbed butterfly, it [subconscious] flutters its wings in agony, and every blow of its wings:  'I believe, I hope, I love. I believe You [God] all the same, I hope in You all the same, I love You all the same.'

"It [subconscious] does not say: 'God.' It no longer dares to pronounce His Name. It [subconscious] feels itself too dirtied by Satan's nearness. But the tears of blood from its [subconscious'] heart traces that Name [God] on the angelic wings of its spirit [soul] which men call the subconscious, while in reality it is the superconscious. And at every blow of its wing that Name [God] sparkles like a ruby struck by the sun, and God sees it. And the Tears of God's Pity surround with pearls the ruby of your blood that drips in heroic weeping...

 "Oh! souls who go up to God with that Name thus written in rubies and pearls!... Flowers of My Paradise!"

 Jesus Christ elaborates further -

 "Satan said to Me - since that voice [of Satan] entered despite My every defence:"

 [Satan, Evil, Wicked, now speaks, and tempts and taunts and torments and tortures Jesus, thus:]

 << [Satan speaks:]  See? You [Jesus] are not yet dead and already You are abandoned. See? You have brought benefits [countless miracles, healings, teachings], and You are hated. See? God [the Father] Himself does not help You. If God, Whose Son You are, does not love You [= a lie], can You ever hope for men to be grateful to You for Your Sacrifice?

  [Many men are indeed never grateful. I think it was Fr. Baltasar Gracian who once attempted to explain ingratitude, in a worldly sense.]

 << [Satan continues:]  You know what they [i.e. the men who are going to kill Jesus] need? Vengeance. Not love, as You believe. Avenge Yourself, O Christ, on all these fools, on all these cruel men. Avenge Yourself. Hit them with a miracle that will strike them with a thunderbolt. Show Yourself for what You are: God. The terrible [= frightful] God of Sinai [This seems to reveal that it was Jesus, the Word of God, who manifested Himself, God, to real Jewish prophet Moses on mount Sinai and gave him the Ten Commandments, the 'code of life']. The terrible God Who struck me [for rebelling and disobeying and blaspheming and negating Truth] with a thunderbolt [to Hell] and Who drove Adam [and Eve] from Paradise [= the earthly Paradise that was then the wonderful, easy-living, Garden of Eden, which was near Masada in today's geographical Israel].

  << [Satan continues:]  Till now You have spoken words of goodness. Your rare rebukes were always too sweet for these beasts with skin thicker than the hide of a hippopotamus. Your Look medicates Your Words. You know only how to love [= a lie]. Hate! And You will reign! Hate keeps their backs bent under its lash and passes triumphant over these servile backs. Crush them! They are happy to be crushed. They are nothing but sadists, and torture is the only caress they appreciate and remember.

 << [Satan continues:]  It's late?  No, it's not late. Armed men [= bribed bandits dressed as soldiers] are already coming at this time? No matter. I know that You have prepared Yourself to be meek. You are wrong. Once I taught You to triumph in life.

 [Satan, patronising Jesus and fancying himself to be a teacher above Jesus, means his satanic counsels and temptations of Jesus in the desert three years ago - i.e. circa 30-31 A.D.]

 You did not want to listen to me [Satan was eventually told to nick off, and did so, when he, Satan, begged Jesus to adore him, Satan], and You see that You are a conquered Man. Listen to me now. Now that I am teaching You to triumph over death.

 [Satan, still proud, still thinks he's equal or superior to God, attempting to presume to be able to teach Jesus, the Master: God, Son of God. Satan only teaches men how to go to Hell. Many men listen and obey.]

 << [Satan continues:]  Be King and God. You have no weapons? No soldiers? No riches? I already told You once [lying to Jesus, in the desert] that a remnant of love [Satan has no love whatsoever for anyone, as he is Hate!], that little which could have remained to me from the treasure of love which was my angelic life [when he was then magnificent archangel Lucifer before his pride and fall], is still in me for You Who are good. I love You [what a slithering snake and liar!!!], my Lord, and I want to serve You.

 [What a filthy satanic liar! Satan is Liar, Seducer, Evil, attempting once again to destroy the mission of Jesus by tempting Him to disobey the Father's Will and Command to Jesus to suffer and die on the Cross in order to redeem man.]

 << [Satan continues:]  You are the Redeemer of men. Why do You not want to be that for Your fallen angel  [i.e. for Satan. He is turning God's love and mercy upon Him, as a torment. Satan and all the other fallen angels, by refusing to adore Jesus, Truth, sinned against the Holy Spirit and sins against the Holy Spirit are never forgiven in eternity]? I was Your favourite [when he was once magnificent archangel Lucifer] because I was the most luminous [= a truth], and You are the Light. Now I am Darkness [and a hideous Monster, a Beast].

 [In the afterlife, light is the outward sign of holiness; darkness, that is, without light, is the outward sign of evil.]

 << But the tears of my torment are so numerous, they have filled Hell with liquid fire. Let me redeem myself. Just a little. So that from a demon I may become a man. Man is always so inferior to the angels. But how superior he [a man] is to me, a demon!

  [According to angel Azariah, Satan and all his devils will never ever be forgiven by God throughout endless eternity. They obviously sinned against the Holy Spirit, by negating the known Truth.]

 << [Satan continues:]  Make me become a man. Give me the life of a man troubled, tortured, anguished: as much as seems good to You. It will always be a paradise compared to my demonic torment. And I could live it in a such a way as to merit to expiate for millennia, and at last to reach again the Light: You. [God is Light.]

  << [Satan continues:]  Let me serve You in exchange for this [i.e. for the miracle to be transformed from a demon into a man] which I am asking of You. No weapon conquers mine. No army outnumbers mine. The riches that I dispose of have no measure, so that I will make You king of the world if you accept my help, and all the rich will be Your slaves. Look: Your angels, Your Father's angels are absent. But mine are ready to clothe themselves in the guise of angels to make You a crown and amaze this ignorant and wicked rabble.

  [Satan can indeed cause infirmities in men {Luke 13.16} and can easily dupe and appear to a man as a luminous 'angel of light,' as a messenger of God. {II Corinthians 11.14-15}]

 << [Satan continues:]  You do not know how to speak words of authority? [= a lie] I will suggest them to you. I am here for that [= a lie]. Thunder and threaten. Listen to me. Speak lying words. But triumph. Speak words that curse. Say that Your Father suggests them to You.

  [The road to Hell commences with lying, and triumphing by lying leads to Hell.]

  << [Satan continues:]  You want me to fake the Voice of the Eternal [i.e. of God the Father]? I will do it. I can do everything [not true, he cannot]. I am king of the world and of Hell. You are only the King of Heaven. I am therefore greater than You [= a lie: Satan deludes himself so]. But I put all at Your feet if You wish it.

 [Had Jesus wanted, He could easily have incinerated Satan to ashes or obliterated him without so much as a glance.]

<< [Satan continues:]  The Will of Your Father? But how can You think that He wants the death of His Son? You think He can delude Himself on its usefulness? You do wrong to God's Intelligence [God is never ever wrong, and can never be duped].

<< [Satan continues:]  You have already redeemed with Your holy Word those who are open to redemption. Nothing more is necessary [= a lie]. Believe it: whoever does not change through the Word [Jesus] does not change through Your Sacrifice. Believe that the Father wanted to test You. But Your obedience is enough for Him. He wants nothing more [= a lie].

 [Satan's relentless lying and seductions continue, mixing truths and lies - the signs of the presence of Satan - tempting Jesus to disobey His Father and ours.

 [In any supernatural revelation, if it's mixed with truths and lies, then it comes from Satan, even if he may cloak himself as a luminous angel of Light.]

 << [Satan continues:]  How much more You will serve Him [the Father] by living! You could run through the world. Evangelise. Cure. Uplift. O happy lot! The Earth inhabited by God!  [God is already everywhere, in Spirit.]  Here is the true redemption: to make of Earth again the terrestrial Paradise [another Garden of Eden] where man lives once more in holy friendship with God, and hears His Voice, and sees His Appearance. Happier still than the lot of those first Two [i.e. Adam and Eve, both of whom got ejected from the Garden of Eden by sinning]. Since now men will see You: true God, true Man.

 << [Satan continues:]  Death!  Your Death!  The torture of Your Mother!  The scorn of the world!  Why?  You want to be faithful to God?  Why?  Is He faithful to You?  No.  Where are His angels?  Where is His Smile?  What have You for a Soul now?  A rag: torn, sagging, abandoned.

[Satan's lies and half-truths, and his seductive temptations, are relentless.]

  << [Satan continues:]  Make up Your mind. Tell me: 'Yes.'

 << [Satan continues:]  You hear? The assassins [most of them were bandits dressed up as soldiers, solicited and hired by the then Jewish Sanhedrin] are coming out of the Temple [in Jerusalem]. Make up Your mind. Free Yourself. Be worthy of Your Nature.

 << [Satan continues:]  You are sacrilegious, because You allow hands filthy with blood and lust to touch You: the Saint of saints. [Some of this sacrilege is widespread today, done by sex-active persons who touch or handle the Eucharist.] You are the first sacrilegious Person of the world. You give the Word [Jesus] of God into the hands of swine, into the mouths of swine.

<< [Satan continues, now impatient:]  Make up Your mind. You know that death awaits You.  I offer You life, joy. I will bring Your Mother back to You.

  << [Satan continues, sensing failure, now changes tact:]  Poor Mother [Virgin Mary]! She has no one but You! Look at Her, how She agonises... [She was then praying fervently for Her Son in the house of the Last Supper, having long known, from the Annunciation, that She and Her Son were to suffer greatly]  and You are getting ready to agonise Her still more. What kind of Son are You? What respect do You bring to the Law [Ten Commandments]? You do not respect Yourself-God. You do not respect Her who bore You. Your Mother!... Your Mother!... Your Mother!..."

  [Observe the foregoing formidable power of Satan's dialecticals, i.e. his skills in arguing, debating - mixing truths with lies with rhetorical effect. No one on earth can defeat him in debate, except God. So don't ever try, as you would surely lose. If ever Satan should come near, just tell him to nick off in the most holy Names of Jesus and Mary, and pray.]

 Jesus Christ explains further...

 "I answered [as a Man]... Maria [Valtorta] - I answered, gathering My strength, drinking the Tears and Blood that flowed from My Eyes and from My Pores, I answered [Satan, thus]:

 [In anguish and in agony, mentally harassed and somewhat dazed or hazed, Jesus, as Man, now answers Satan, in effect saying that everything is secondary or unimportant or non-existent, except doing the Will of God:]

  "I no longer have a mother. I no longer have a life. I no longer have divinity. I no longer have a mission. I no longer have anything. Apart from doing the Will of the Lord My God [i.e. to die painfully on the Cross and thereby redeem man, in obedience to the Command of the Father].

  "Go back, Satan!

  [Jesus, seemingly still answering Satan, but now referring to his previous two addresses to the Father, continues, thus:]

  "I said it [to the Father] the first and the second time. I say it again for the third time:

  [Jesus, now referring to his previous two entreaties to the Father, and now addressing Him:]

 "Father, if it is possible let this chalice pass from Me. But yet not My Will: Thy Will be done."

[Jesus, now seemingly turning to Satan, terminates Satan's tortures, thus:] 

"Go back, Satan.  I belong to God!'

 "Thus did I answer [as a Man], Maria [Valtorta]... And My Heart was broken in the effort. My Sweat became no longer drops, but streams of Blood.  No matter.  I conquered.  I conquered Death.  I.  Not Satan. Death is conquered by accepting death."

Through the fervent prayers of His Mother, Virgin Mary, Jesus was given some respite by the Father by sending Archangel Gabriel to show Him, Jesus, "the hopes of all those who would be saved through His Sacrifice, as medicine for His dying."

Angel saint Azariah revealed to Maria Valtorta:

  "After the dark temptation, Our Holy Lord Jesus was consoled by Gabriel [the Archangel], and Satan disturbed Him no longer. Men remained to torture the Divine Dying One [Jesus]. But, what are men compared to Satan? No matter how demonic, they [men] are nothing in the power to torture in comparison to Satan."

Always wear a replica of the actual Roman cross, that Jesus was crucified on. The power of Satan crumbles before the cross. Satan does not endure the cross nor the name of (Virgin) Mary. Recall that the obverse of the 'Miraculous Medal' has a cross surmounted upon the letter, M - M for Miriam, Maria, Mary.

Jesus tells us, that:

 "Mary is the Conqueress of Satan, and [just] the gleam of Her smile suffices to put him to flight. Against the snares of Satan and the weakness and appetites of the flesh, call on Mary... ... [by reciting repeatedly, this short prayer:] 'Hail, Mary, Mother of Jesus, I entrust myself to You'." [Try it. It works!!!!!!!]

Sweet loving, adorable Jesus Christ continues to be, now and in eternity, true God and true Man.

Saint John says to us:

 "Let those who blaspheme by saying that Christ was not true God and true Man cease to blaspheme out of mercy on their souls."  [Implicit punishment not revealed.]

Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit.

Mary, Help of Christians, pray for us.

The foregoing is pursuant to the Gospel that Jesus dictated to Maria Valtorta, the Bible, and my analysis.

"Italian physician and world renowned endocrinologist, the late Dr. Nicholas Pende, marvelled at Maria Valtorta's" astute narration of Jesus-nailed-to-the-cross dying in extreme pain.

Dr. Pende said, that:

 "As a physician, the greatest admiration and astonishment was aroused in me for the skill [in the original Italian language] with which Valtorta describes a phenomenon that only a few consummate physicians would have known how to explain. [Maria Valtorta, though educated, was not a physician.]

 "It is the scene of Jesus' agony on the Cross: the spasms of pain, the most atrocious suffering of the Redeemer [Jesus] from the wounds of His Head, of His Hands and Feet supporting, in those punctures, the weight of His Body. In Valtorta's account, these [sufferings] provoke rigid contractions of the whole Body - tetanus-like stiffening of the Trunk and Limbs - which do not cloud the consciousness or the will of the Dying Man [Jesus in His Humanity], even though they are the expressions of the greatest physical pain, produced by the greatest of tortures.

  "The whole phenomenal progression of the agony of Jesus, as described in this Work [i.e. in 'The Poem of the Man-God,' but now renamed as 'The Gospel as It was revealed to me' {i.e. to Maria Valtorta}], shows that it had been the immense pain of His Body which had stopped the breathing and Heart of the Son of Man [= Jesus]. The greatest pity and emotion invade the Christian reader on reading in Maria Valtorta's manuscript, this astonishing page, written in a truly medical style."

[The foregoing is reproduced with permission.]

Maria Valtorta was especially gifted with the skills to write well in Italian, for the purpose, of course, of becoming the 'pen of Jesus.'

Many others, including Blessed Gabriele Allegra, who was the first person to translate the Bible in Chinese, have also admired Valtorta's writings/Writings, as also constituting high-level Italian literature, quite apart from the value of their religious Contents and their Teachings from Jesus Christ and the other Heavenly persons. The world at large is not yet fully aware of this great Treasure, of this great Gift from Heaven, except for the few odd pockets here and there; and how great a mystic, holy Maria Valtorta was, apart from being a 'victim soul.' I have no doubts whatsoever in my mind that she's in Heaven, super-abundantly rewarded: a heroine of sanctity.

Woe to all those who have railed against the Dictations that Jesus gave to Maria Valtorta. A punishment awaits them in the afterlife.

Incidentally, Maria Valtorta was second in line to do the vast job that she did, writing down by hand all the Dictations she received, bed-ridden as she was. The first person chosen, a woman, not named, had disqualified herself by succumbing to a sin of some sort, and so did not even commence.

As regards to the 'Son of Man' mentioned by Dr. Pende: When on earth while preaching, Jesus, the Messiah, true God and true Man, told His listeners:

 "I want to be called the Son of Man because I lower Myself taking upon Myself all the miseries of man [via having acquired Human Nature, as a Man, in addition to retaining His Divine Nature, as God], to bear them [miseries, sufferings] as My first scaffold..."

Maria Valtorta's guardian angel, saint Azariah, has long explained the reasons why Satan and all his other rebelling devils will never be forgiven in eternity.

Very briefly, because it's been fully discussed and explained before, when:

  "... the Willing, Heroic, and Silent One [Jesus Christ] in pain cast forth the cry of His complete sorrow:

 'Father, why have You abandoned Me?'  [Matthew 27.46]

 "... that cry produced a trembling and exterminated the last tenacious thought that they [Satan and all the other devils] might one day be forgiven."

After the Last Judgement, the angels will rivet-shut Hell, and all the wicked will remain locked-up therein, in the flames forever.

And all the holy ones will live in continuous bliss in beautiful glorious Heaven forever - in the Heaven of the Bible. There are absolutely NO other heavens, except that maybe Satan thinks his Hell is heaven.

We must never forget that a man has until his last breath to repent of his sins and to seek forgiveness from Jesus, Who's Infinite Mercy, Compassion, Forgiveness. And He doesn't hold grudges once He has forgiven a sinner.


With the corona virus upon us, scaring the living daylights of so many people around the world and dubbed 'Covid-19' by WHO, it might now be propitious to recall the healing prayer of saint Maria Faustina, as follows:

 "Jesus may your pure and healthy Blood circulate in my ailing organism, and may Your pure and healthy Body transform my weak unhealthy body, and may a healthy and vigorous life flow within me, if it is truly Your holy will. Amen."

Recite the prayer as often as possible, even when not needed, and not treat it as a coin to be inserted into a juke-box whenever you want to listen to a song [a grace].

In the parable of the prodigal son, Jesus tells us that he remembered he had a father only when he got hungry. And so the prodigal son returned back to his father, humble and repentant, begging for forgiveness.

Maybe in today's times, as the hardships mount and mount due to the corona virus, people perhaps may remember that they too have a Father, and return back to him, humble and repentant, and beg for forgiveness.


Excerpts from the Writings of Maria Valtorta cited herein are with permission from the Italian publisher:

Centro Editoriale Valtortiano srl, Viale Piscicelli 89-91, 03036 Isola del Liri (FR), Italy.


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