Lord Jesus speaks as the Almighty King of Tremendous Majesty. By Joseph Costa


Jesus tells us, that: "The [satanic] wave advances. The wave of hate for the Teaching and Militant Church [= the Christian Church on earth]. And the war against the most holy liberty of man advances - against those things which God Himself does not violate: free choice, freedom of conscience, and freedom of faith and action."  [Apocalypse 12.15-18]

"Woe to those who decree iniquitous decrees, and the writers who keep writing oppression... ", said real Jewish prophet, Isaiah.  [Isaiah 10.1]

Impatiently, Hell awaits all the culprits responsible for the oppression!! For those violating man's natural right to be free.

Some countries, formerly Christian, by and large have now become thoroughly pagan, antichrist.

Christianity is a practice, a manner of living, NOT an identity label that one sticks on one's forehead.

We must never forget that the true Christian Church of Jesus Christ is composed, not of all the 'bricks and mortar' churches around the world, not of buildings, but of all the people who are in a state of grace.

The current corona virus plague is a divine chastisement, worldwide, because the people have been wicked, worldwide. This is the 'elephant in the room' that most people refuse to see!! And so sufferings and devastations continue. By analogy, in ancient times, it was only after much pain and sufferings by the pharaoh of Egypt and by his people, including the destruction of his army that was pursuing the ancient Hebrews, that pharaoh finally believed, without any doubt, that the God of the then ancient Hebrews was the true only God to be obeyed and adored, and not idols or other false gods.

The Dictations and visions recorded in "The Gospel as It was revealed to me," i.e. to Maria Valtorta, and formerly titled as "The Poem of the Man-God," that Jesus gave to Maria Valtorta, are numerous, voluminous, consoling: 'a new evangelisation of the Gospel for our times.' For today's wicked "end times."

Jesus sometimes refers to all these Dictations and visions as the "Work," the "Gift:" an immeasurable Treasure! But some men, including far too many clerics, have opposed them, criticising what they don't know or cannot understand. Their subtle arrogance, haughtiness, and fake 'pious talk' blinds them. Sadly, if they die unrepentant and unforgiven, most of them will go to Hell, and possibly join their ancient predecessor-opposers: the scribes and pharisees who, in their time, likewise opposed Jesus' Work: the Gospel. Only, that this time around, it's the Christian clergy-opposers and their laity lackeys, not the Jews, who are opposing Christ - from within.

Be aware that today we seem to be living within the meaning of saint Paul's, II Thessalonians 2.3-4.

Jesus below, speaks very, very severely, as King of kings, Lord of lords: As Almighty "Rex tremendae majestatis"  [= Latin for 'King of tremendous majesty'].

Too many in the clergy have been cursed by Jesus Christ, simply because they have opposed the Gospel and the numerous visions that He gave to 'victim soul,' and holy mystic, Maria Valtorta. Many have opposed Jesus' Work even by slandering holy Maria Valtorta personally - a vile heinous act, beyond words. She can hardly defend herself from the grave.

Those culprit clergy-opposers need to repent and "repair their unjust action." They have become the "new Jews." If they don't repent and repair, they'll understand this more fully when eventually they land in Hell. There are no human preferences with God.

Jesus Himself explains all this, and more, more fully, below.


Pursuant to the vision and Dictations that Jesus gave to holy mystic and 'victim soul,' Maria Valtorta - the "pen of Jesus:"

 "[Maria Valtorta speaks:]  Jesus appears to me [to Maria Valtorta, on 16 June 1950] in the glory of Heaven [with a glorified Body]. The glorious, imposing Jesus, true King of kings and Lord of lords, as He was after His Resurrection and Ascension. With His very beautiful Hands He has parted His regal mantle, closed at the top of His Breast by a sculpted gold clasp and which [mantle] falls down far beyond His Feet, forming an ample train beyond His garment, very long so as to completely cover His Feet.

"I admire Him, noting even in the power of shapes, to what most perfect physical harmony and regal and divine power He has arrived [at] after accomplishing all on Earth [i.e. after having accomplished everything on Earth that God the Father had ordered Him to accomplish].

 "From His parted mantle His most Sacred Heart appears, a true Heart, but also a true flame or fire of an unbearable radiance. From It [Heart] descends a very brilliant cone-shaped beam, which widens always more as it draws nearer to the Earth. Also from His pierced Hands descend similar beams, and certainly thus from beneath His garment, from His pierced Feet - five swords [from Jesus' Heart, His two Feet, His two Hands {His 'Stigmata'}] of most intense fire, of dazzling light, which descend upon the Earth.

 "Jesus, Who turns His Back to the east and looks towards the west, appears severe but not wrathful. Rather, when He turns to speak to me [= Maria Valtorta] He is sweet; then, little by little as He speaks to me, He becomes the terrible [= Almighty] Rex tremendae majestatis [= Latin for "King of tremendous majesty"]: the Jesus Who punishes the merchants and usurers of the Temple [in Jerusalem], the unjust pharisees and scribes:"  [John 2.14-17; Matthew 21.12-13]

 [When Jesus walked the earth, He was gentle with the good and the repentant sinners - e.g. Mary Magdalene and Zaccheus; and severe with the wicked and the unrepentant sinners - e.g. the scribes and pharisees.]

[Jesus Christ below curses all the priests/clergy who oppose His Gift, the Work - they have become like the scribes and pharisees who, in their time, also had apposed Him in Palestine and who had opposed His Words of Life. Most of those scribes and pharisees are now in Hell for all eternity.]


 " « [Jesus speaks:]  Behold, Infinite Charity [= Jesus], which is My attribute, has drawn from this most Merciful Heart a new Gift of Infinite Mercy, of Divine Mercy for men: the Work. It was to serve to fortify the three Theological Virtues [= Faith, Hope, Charity] in their [men's] spirits [souls], and the four Cardinal Virtues [= Justice, Temperance, Fortitude, and Prudence], and to give My Love, the exact measure of Its dimension to those who are about to be overwhelmed by the hatred of Satan, of the Antichrist and of his servants. [We now, 2020, seem to be in those 'hatred' times.]

 " « And I gave the Work in time [finished on 28 April 1947?], before the dreadful appointment, so that It [the Work] might be spread: as manna and medicine for the multitudes so that they may not die [i.e. not be damned eternally in Hell], may not lose their faith because of the events, or curse God or deny His Existence, because, they [multitudes] will say, if He [God, Jesus] existed He would not have permitted these things - He Who, we were told, can do all things. [We must never, ever judge God, Jesus.]

 " « I gave [the Work] in time [finished on 28 April 1947?], asking from My first Servants, the Priests [the then local priestly Servites in Viareggio, Italy, where Maria Valtorta lived?], shepherds of souls, the very small, easy, just, and meritorious labour of granting Its [the Work's] publication - a minuscule labour compared to My very great Gift [= the Work] and to your very great labour, Maria [Valtorta], accomplished in your physical and moral conditions. [She was confined in bed as a paraplegic.]

 " « I gave It [the Work] in time [finished on 28 April 1947?], I Who am Wisdom and know all, Who am Charity and do all for love, Who am All-seeing and know the right hour [= the right time] for every event or manifestation. I have spoken in every way, with prayers, with prophesies already accomplished, with reprimands also for the Shepherds [= for the priests who are] non-shepherds who, foolishly secure in their well-being, do not have the compassion to be real Shepherds for their lambs [= the laity, the faithful Christians].

 " « They [too many priests] have mocked, derided, trampled My Will of love. They [too many priests] have afflicted and condemned to a long passion My servants. They [too many priests] have acted according to their own will, by the decision they have taken, though not having even the least reason for acting as they do, thus depriving souls [men] of My Gift [= the Work].

 [The opposers' reasons are sham, at best; parroting Satan's spittle, at worst and beyond.]

 " « What are they [priests] waiting for? That a world-wide cataclysm may permit them to justify their evil actions, and to say:

" « 'Given the particular hour which besieges the world, it is as impossible for us, as it would be for others, to allow it to be printed!'

[In their covert arrogance, haughtiness, and fake pious talk, many of them do not respond to emails and other correspondence.]

 " « No. That reason is not valid. Because it is three years since I have finished [the Work] and asked that It be made available [to the people at large], so that many [men] could turn to Me for those Words of Life. And for three years they have opposed it. [from 1947 to 1950 - see above {and beyond}.]

" « They [too many priests] oppose It [the Work] by acting as they do, depriving souls [men] of having consolation in the hours that shall soon come [= a prophesy of hard times to come, or now actually upon us?].

 " « If in a very near tomorrow Humanity should be overwhelmed in a new whirlwind of ferocity, compared to which the last one of 1940-1945 [= World War II] would be nothing, in your perishing amid hellish anxieties you would not have, My poor children - through the fault of those [too many priests] who have violated My Will, hindering the publication and spread of the Word [= the Work] - you [men] would not have the consolation of those Words [in the Work], given so that you [men] might not die of despair.

 " « And I, from Heaven, shall curse these men [= these culprit priests-opposers] who arrogated to themselves the right of depriving you [men] of that Gift [= the Work] which I have given for Its supreme light and consolation in the terrible hour [that's to come upon the world - or are we there already, now, 2021???].


 " « I curse! Because I am hindered - and by the very ones who are My servants [= too many priests] - from being the King of kings and Lord of lords also on Earth as I am in Heaven: the Universal and Eternal King - Who has every right to benefit His subjects - the Shepherd [= Jesus] of shepherds [= priests] amid My flock [= the laity, the faithful Christians] assailed by so many material, moral and spiritual enemies: enemies to whom every liberty is granted, even that of using nature's resources for making lethal armaments of destruction to destroy not only God's Creation, but also faith in the Omnipotence and Goodness of God.

 " « To oppose these armaments, [Jesus' servants, priests] choose a human benefit so as to have a human good [tranquillity via silent complicity??], instead of choosing a suprahuman benefit.

 ["It is not right to acquiesce in the mighty things of the earth when they induce acts contrary to God's commandments."]

 " « And they [Jesus' servants, priests] do so with the same false excuses adopted by My enemies of Palestine [= the then scribes and pharisees] to justify - to attempt to justify - their actions towards Me. These are the [same] weapons [= false excuses] used by the pharisees, scribes, sadducees, Herodians [= then Jews], all the false servants of God, lying believers because they did not join right actions to their words; simoniacs [= those who buy or sell Church privileges - after Simon Magus who wanted to buy the power to work miracles {Acts 8.17-24}] who, in the presence of gold [= money] and power, and for the sake of these, trampled on justice.

[Some clerics in the German Catholic Church seem to be simoniacs.]

 " « But instead [of a human benefit] they [Jesus' servants, culprit priests] get evil, and evil is what they will have on Earth and in Heaven [i.e. in Hell after earthly life??]. Why do they [Jesus' servants, culprit priests] not raise their voice as free men, as real men of good will, even though it were to cost their head [= their earthly life], [and shout] against the greatest crime towards Humanity:

 " « 'It is not allowed!',

 " « just as My heroic Precursor [= saint John the Baptist] dared to shout at his earthly king [= king Herod of Judah]?  [Matthew 14.6-12]

 [Sometimes, God does indeed shout at sinners, at wicked people, through the mouths of men.]

 " « I curse!  All these [= Jesus' servants, culprit priests] I curse and I will curse if they do not repent, if they do not repair their unjust action.

 " « These [= Jesus' servants, culprit priests] stubborn hard-headed, stiff-necked [= proud] men [= Jesus' servants, culprit priests] who do not bend beneath the holy yoke of My Will as God.

 " « These hard-hearted men [Jesus' servants, culprit priests] who have no pity on you, Maria [Valtorta], nor on the crowds needing the Bread of My Word [= the Work].

  " « These men [Jesus' servants, culprit priests] who do not know how to say to the powers [= political leaders, legislators, other authorities] of every race and nation:

 " «  'Enough hate and carnage, and unjust actions! Because God, that God Whom you say you love but, in truth, either you do not, or you do so very imperfectly, [that God] preaches love and not hate. Because God - that God Whom you deny in His works of mercy, wisdom, charity, and Whom you persecute by persecuting those whom I have chosen as My instruments and whom you oppress by oppressing them even in their freedom of spirit - that God already hurls [curses] against you [i.e. against 'powers': political leaders, legislators, other authorities].'

 [N.B.: Only few 'powers' manage to avoid going to Hell, because only few of them are strong enough to resist the irresistible allure of corruption in public office. Jesus once explained this by explaining the very obscure 'apologue against Abimelech' that's in the Old Testament of the most Holy Bible. {Judges 9.7-15}]

 " « You see, O Maria [Valtorta], these [five] blazing swords which go forth from the [five] Wounds that My love for men opened in Me [by His Sacrifice, His Crucifixion]: the Man-God, Saviour and Redeemer?  I am Mercy.  But only for the good. For you [Maria Valtorta]. For those who, like you, are true children [of] their Father God.

 " « But they [Jesus' blazing five swords] are also a two-edged sword, like that which My beloved apostle, [saint] John, the Eagle, Love in the apostolic ensemble [= 12 apostles], speaks of in his Apocalypse. They are swords which cut, they are lightning bolts which strike him [any man] who has roused My divine anger. And these I curse, and I repulse them from Me. [That seems to mean going to Hell.]

 " « And My curse is a whip that strikes - and that sign will never more be cancelled - it strikes the merchants and traders, the false [religious] doctors [priests] of the new Temple [= the Church]: false, because they [priests] have the external signs - only those - of being My servants [priests]; but they have not the spiritual sign of being My servants [priests]: that sign which is Light giving light so as to see the truth, wisdom to distinguish with true justice, charity which gives what is good for souls [men], and justice without which holiness fails.

 " « [Jesus' curse] is a spiritual whip, but it is no less just and true, like that with which I struck, once and again [i.e. on two separate occasions], the merchants and traders of the old [Jerusalem] Temple [John 2.14-17; Matthew 21.12-13]. And it is a whip of words [= Jesus' curse] with which I struck and brought down the false priests of the Temple of Moriah [= the then Jewish Temple in Jerusalem] which later fell, like them, by divine chastisement. [= Destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem in 70 A.D. via the hands of the then Romans.]

 " « Because zeal for My Father's House - and My Father's House is the assembly of all faithful Christians, adopted sons of God, reborn by My Sacrifice [Crucifixion, Baptism] to this level of adoption and to Grace, these bewildered, oppressed sons whom you [= too many culprit priests of today] do not console, do not comfort, do not guide with all that I have given you for this purpose - as I well foresaw and preached to My first Priests [= 12 apostles?] - and worse still, you [= too many culprit priests of today] hinder Me from doing it with those pages [= the Work] of true Life:

 "that zeal, I say, for My Father's House of His sons of adoption and brothers of Mine by human blood, whom all of you [= too many culprit priests of today] collaborate in dragging into discouragement and doubt about the truthfulness of the Gift [= the Work] and of My Mercy: it is that zeal which inflames My indignation and consumes My Patience.

[Jesus is also our Brother, as we all have the same Father.]

" « Woe to you, rebel servants [= too many culprit priests of today]! Peace to you, My faithful lambs [= faithful Christian laity]!

 ['Woe' could mean going to Hell.]

" « Behold that Heart [= Jesus' merciful Heart] Which awaits your repentance in order to forgive you [= Jesus' rebel servants, too many culprit priests of today]! But Which pours out still more Its rivers of peace on those whom you [Jesus' rebel servants, too many culprit priests of today] make slaves of your unjust tyranny: a poor, fleeting tyranny which in a moment could become ashes, dust, nothing!

 " « Know that they, whom you oppress, are more in Me than all of you are with your powers and greatness of fleeting duration; and they suffer with Me, as I am in them and I suffer in them. They merit therefore, at the end of their faithful existence, all the joy of Heaven. And they will have it, to mitigate what you made them suffer on Earth, and to forget, in an endless and limitless bliss, all the sorrow which they had from your having held them prisoners morally and spiritually for so long a time, always fearful as they were of other crueller actions of yours, cruel and unjust actions, against those who rather deserved every honour. »

 " --- --- --- ---

[Below: Another Dictation given by Jesus to Maria Valtorta on 17 May 1953]

 " « My [Jesus'] Divine Mercy has given the Work out of mercy for infinite souls [men], lost or on the way to being lost - both lay and even consecrated souls [= consecrated priests] - so that they would again have eternal Salvation.

 " « The Work was the practical application of the spiritual works of mercy which I have taught:

 " « ' Instruct the ignorant, convert sinners...'

 " « Those [culprit clergy-opposers] who have blocked It [the Work] for years, unjustly and without a true reason - rather only for a blameworthy reason - have not understood Its end, Its aim, or the power of My Gift [= the Work], and have profoundly wounded My Heart and made themselves responsible for the spiritual death [for the damnation to Hell] of so many souls, and for a great lack of charity and justice towards you, Maria [Valtorta].

 " « I have already said in the second year of My Public Life, in the first volume [of 'The Poem of the Man-God']:

 " « 'Every soul which has gone astray or been led astray - and it is to lead astray by distorting for oneself and for others My Word and My Work, and to hinder its diffusion - causes harm to God in the souls who are being lost. And every soul that is lost causes a wound in Me: God and Saviour.'


 " « And since it is five years [as at 17 May 1953?] now that I have been wounded unceasingly with unjust actions [by culprit clergy-opposers] towards the Work, I have halted the flow of Divine Wisdom which I wanted to pour again into you [Maria Valtorta], - My cistern of love and of grace for souls - by giving you [Maria Valtorta] the explanations of the Apocalypse, of the other Pauline Epistles (saint Paul's), and of those of (saints) Peter, James and Jude of Alphaeus. All the apostolic letters. »

The Holy Spirit too was going to elucidate the other Epistles of saint Paul that are in the New Testament of the Most Holy Bible, but did not do so because of the relentless hostile opposition that the then local religious order had for Maria Valtorta.

Jesus was going to strike them, the then culprit priest-opposers, for negating His Dictations, for negating the Truth, but Maria Valtorta interceded for them - much like real Jewish prophet Moses did on behalf of the ancient Hebrews at mount Sinai - to spare them, and so Jesus did not strike them. Some of those culprit priest-opposers might now be in Hell - they repeated the errors that the scribes and pharisees once made: negating the known Truth, which is a sin against the Holy Spirit.

Jesus, above, seems to have said nothing about the culprit non-clergy-opposers. Perhaps they get caught by what Jesus says below to Don [= Father] Ottavio Michelini.


In relatively recent times, in another unrelated private revelation, in His discussions with Don [= Father] Ottavio Michelini, of Mirandola, Italy, Jesus said to him:

 "You have verified the resistance that many priests oppose to this Work.

 "This also proves, son [= father Ottavio Michelini], that he [any person] who has not sensed in the Poem the savour of the Divine, the perfume of the Supernatural, has a soul encumbered and darkened." [i.e. such a person is in sin, how grave only he and Jesus know.]

To confirm this further, that the opposers are in sin: In His Sermon on the mount, circa 30-31 A.D., Jesus Christ stated the sixth Beatitude, thus:

 "Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see [understand] God." [Matthew 5.8]

So Jesus' rebel servants - too many culprit priests of today - and the culprit non-clergy-opposers, do not understand God because they are obviously NOT 'pure in heart.'

"Only those who are unrepentant unto death must fear the Christ, Who will be Judge after being Infinite Love."

And God the Father warns the sacrilegious, thus:

 "Woe to those who bring the contamination of sinful souls into the sanctuary!"

And God the Son, Jesus, tells us, that:

 "... angelic purity is required of My priests. Woe to the profaners who, with their bodies sullied by carnal union [by sex], touch the Body of God." [i.e. touch the Eucharist, which is truly God, Jesus: Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity.]

Copulating married and unmarried priests, and copulating married and unmarried Eucharistic ministers... listen, beware!!!

Sweet loving, adorable Jesus Christ continues to be, now and in eternity, true God and true Man.

Saint John says to us:

 "Let those who blaspheme by saying that Christ was not true God and true Man cease to blaspheme out of mercy on their souls."  [Implicit punishment not revealed.]

Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit.

Mary, Help of Christians, pray for us.

The foregoing is pursuant to the Gospel that Jesus dictated to Maria Valtorta, the Holy Bible, and my analysis.

All for the glory of Jesus our Lord God and Master.


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