Divorce and Prostitution. By Joseph Costa


That divorce is forbidden, in no uncertain terms, by the true only God, the God of the most Holy Bible, can never be disputed, though disputed by those who don't want divorce forbidden by God.

That divorce is forbidden, has been known from the time of God's creation of Adam and Eve - Adam created from dust, Eve created from a rib taken off Adam.

That divorce is forbidden, is stated both in the New Testament and in the Old Testament of the Holy Bible.

In the New Testament of the Holy Bible, Jesus Christ tells us:

 "Every man who puts away his wife and marries another is an adulterer, and he too is an adulterer, that marries a woman who has been put away."  (Luke 16.18)

 "... have you never read, how He who created them, when they first came to be, created them male and female; and how He said, a man, therefore, will leave his father and mother and will cling to his wife, and the two will become one flesh. And so they are no longer two, they are one flesh; and what God, then, has joined, let not man put asunder."  (Matthew 19.4-5)

 "God, from the first days of creation, made them man and woman. A man, therefore, will leave his father and mother and will cling to his wife, and the two will become one flesh. Why then, since they are no longer two, but one flesh, what God has joined, let no man put asunder." (Mark 10.6-8)

In the Old Testament of the Holy Bible, it is written that:

 "Therefore a man leaves his father and his mother and cleaves to his wife, and they become one flesh."  (Genesis 2.24)

"Thou shalt not commit adultery."  [This being the sixth Command of God's Ten Commandments.  {Exodus 20.14; Deuteronomy 5.18}]

"Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's wife."  [This being the ninth Command of God's Ten Commandments.  [{Exodus 20.17; Deuteronomy 5.21}]

 " 'For I hate divorce,' says the Lord the God of Israel, 'and covering one's garments with violence,' says the Lord of hosts. 'So take heed to yourselves and do not be faithless'."  [Malachi 2.16]

The biblical authority against divorce is overwhelming. The Law of God is clear and unequivocal. No man on earth has the authority to countermand biblical authority: God. Rebelling against biblical authority is no different to Lucifer's rebellion against Jesus Christ, a rebellion that ended with Lucifer being fulgurated into newly created Hell, for him and for his many followers: and they all became hideous monstrous devils.

"One flesh" above does not mean carnal orgies between two spouses, 'copulating like two lustful monkeys,' as some sinful sex maniacs, having had their carnal hunger, their insatiable carnal lust, 'lit by the fires' of Satan, seem to think, thereby turning their respective nuptial beds into a brothel. Sex is intended for the purpose of giving children to God, not to indulge oneself in carnal orgies, to enjoy oneself.

In the Old Testament of the Bible, one reads that God separated the men and the women, not because of gender discrimination or because of similar silly stuff like that, but in order to prevent grave sexual misdeeds from recurring, that previously let to God's punishment via the Great Flood of water over the whole earth.

Towards the end of His three years' evangelisation, Jesus and his disciples were temporarily in a small town then named Nob, near Jerusalem, in the house of a certain elderly man called John (not related to saint John the apostle).

While there, a rich Roman lady, Valeria, then a near full covert to Christianity and also a close friend of near convert Claudia, the wife of Roman governor Pontius Pilate, went to Jesus for guidance on how she should act in relation to her failed marriage. Valeria's husband, seemingly an officer in the Roman legions near Jerusalem or Caesarea or nearby, had requested his superiors, and got, a transfer to Antioch, and ordered his wife Valeria not to accompany him there, but taking with him, his favourite slave women (for obvious inferred immoral reasons).

The Romans' rite of marriage, at the time, for the intended wife, had the ritual words: "Where you are Caius, there will I be, Caia." This is like the intended wife saying: 'where you are Paul, there will I be Paula.' This implied that the wife was duty bound to be where her husband was, to follow him. The Romans, at the very beginning, were once mostly up-right yeoman-farmers and virtuous... while they were still in Italy. They became corrupted in their morals only when they expanded their empire to the east of Italy, and so, in time, slowly became infected with the decadent morals of the people already living there.

So we can now partially understand, therefore, how sad and grieved Valeria must have become by being denied accompanying her husband to Antioch, then a thriving colony of ancient Rome [= 'Roma' in the Latin and in the Italian].

Ancient Rome or Roma progressively conquered, dominated, sure, but the Romans, though vilified in movies as being cruel, also brought along with them civilisation: law, order, administration, and economic progress. Some of their bridges, for example, still stand intact today, not solely because of the Romans' engineering prowess, but also because the engineer in charge of the construction of the bridge had to give an account of his management in a rather severe way: by being required to stand underneath the newly constructed bridge when it was time to remove the scaffolding from under the bridge. Somehow, I hardly imagine that such a Roman engineer would have tolerated shoddy workmanship, such as we see from time to time in today's 'modern high tech' times.

With her little daughter Faustina, whom Jesus had once cured from near death, Valeria, obviously sad and depressed, went to Jesus who was then in Nob, seeking solace and additionally with the aim that He might sanction her husband's inevitable divorce from her. Instead, what she got was a stern lesson on the inviolability of the marriage oath, with Jesus saying to her, that:

"... a legal separation does not destroy the duty of a woman to be faithful to her marriage oath,"

 and that

 "... consorts have the reciprocal duty to improve the other consort."

Jesus also pointed out to Valeria that, then Israel had divorce, but that it had come:

"... as the wicked fruit of human lust, of the sin of Origin [= Original Sin], of the corruption of men. But it did not come spontaneously from God. God does not change His Word.  [Hebrews 13.8] ... ... ... There is sadness wherever there is no true life in God."

Yet some people believe, falsely, that life is in unmitigated carnal lust, and that this 'sadness' is widely attributed as being a 'mental illness,' when in fact it's a spiritual disequilibrium. The psychiatrists - subjective theorists - are WRONG!!  I have already discussed this issue elsewhere.

"God does not change His Word." But man, who thinks he's god, does! And we all know what happened to Lucifer, don't we, who also thought, and said, that he was god. He had also said, 'i am.' And He immediately became monstrous Satan and got fulgurated into Hell. Satan probably still thinks that he's superior to God. Satan is powerless before the cross.

Patronising and tormenting Jesus on Good Thursday evening at Gethsemane, Satan once told Him that he, Satan, was the king of earth and the king of Hell, whereas He, Jesus, was, is only the King of Heaven.

Only the true only God, the God of the Bible, can say: "I Am."

Jesus, true God and true Man, pursuant to the vision and Gospel that He dictated to holy mystic and 'victim soul,' Maria Valtorta - the "pen of Jesus, she being an invisible observer therein:"

 Jesus Christ elaborates further on divorce, via speaking to Roman lady, Valeria, thus:

 "... ... ... Divorce is legal prostitution, as it puts man and woman in a position to commit lustful sins. Only seldom a divorcée remains the widow of a living man, and a faithful widow. A divorced man is never faithful to his first marriage. Both he and she, by passing to other unions, descend from the level of men to that of brutes, which are granted to change female at each appeal of sensuality [of sexual appetite]. Legal fornication, dangerous to families and to the Fatherland [to one's own country? to Heaven?], is criminal towards innocent children.

 [A culture with strong families, with strong marriages - father, mother, and the children - becomes a strong culture. Departing from this truth, results in a weak and decadent culture, as can be readily seen around the world today.]

 "The children of a divorced couple must judge their parents. [Wisdom 4.6] The judgement of children is a severe one! At least one of the parents is condemned by the children. And the children, through the selfishness of the parents, are doomed to a mutilated affective life. Then, if to the family consequences of divorce, that deprives innocent children of their father or mother, a new marriage is added of the consort to whom the children have been entrusted, to the doom of an affective life mutilated of a member, a further mutilation is added: that of the more or less total loss of the affection of the other member, who is divided or completely absorbed by the new love and by the children of the second marriage.

 "To speak of marriage, of matrimony in the case of a new union of a divorcé or divorcée, is to profane the meaning and the essence of marriage. Only the death of one of the consorts and the consequent widowhood of the other can justify a second marriage. However, I think that it would be better to yield to the always just verdict of Him [God] Who controls the destinies of men, and to remain chaste [i.e. to live with no sex] when death has put an end to the matrimonial state, devoting oneself to the children and loving the dead consort in the children. A holy, true love, deprived of all materialism.

"Poor children! To experience, after the death or the ruin of a home, the hardness of a second father or of a second mother and the anguish of seeing caresses shared with other children who are not their brothers!

 "No. There will be no divorce in My religion [Christianity].  [Many Christian clergy do not believe or do not want to understand this.]

 "And he who divorces by civil law to contract a new marriage will be an adulterer and sinner.

 "Human law shall not change My Decree.

"Matrimony in My religion [Christianity] will no longer be a civil contract, a moral promise, made and ratified in the presence of witnesses appointed for that purpose. But it shall be an indissoluble bond stipulated, confirmed and sanctified by the sanctifying power I will give it, as being a Sacrament. To make you understand: a sacred rite. A power that will help to practise all matrimonial duties in a holy way, but that will also be the sentence of indissolubility of the bond.

[A Sacrament is also a divine aid that helps to combat the powers of Satan who works tirelessly to drag people into Hell.]

 "So far [i.e. up to circa 32 A.D. - 33 A.D.] marriage has been a mutual natural and moral contract between two people of different sexes. When My law comes into force, it will extend to the souls of the consorts. It will therefore become a spiritual contract sanctioned by God through His ministers.

"Now you [Roman lady, Valeria] know that nothing is superior to God. Therefore what He has united, no authority, law or human whim will be able to separate. Your [Roman] ritual 'where you are Caius, there I am Caia' lasts in life to come in our, in My rite, because death is not the end, but a temporary separation of the husband from his wife, and the obligation to love lasts also after death. That is why I say that I would like widows to be chaste. But man does not know how to be chaste. And also because of that I say that consorts have the reciprocal duty to improve the other consort.

"Do not shake your head [referring to Valeria]. That is the duty and it is to be accomplished if one really wants to follow Me."

[Many people, including many clergy, are fake followers of Jesus Christ.]

Jesus' Words above, that:

 "The children of a divorced couple must judge their parents,"

seem to imply that such children might obviously have some say when their parents come before Jesus-the-Judge in their afterlife for Judgement. But Jesus also advises children to forgive their parents completely for any of their wrongs, as such forgiveness:

 "... hastens the forgiveness of God for your parents, and hastens it so much the more as your forgiveness is complete..."

In consequence of receiving Jesus' Counsel, Valeria bemoaned that He was being particularly severe with her, whereas He was merely stating the Truths. He also advised her to be perfect, i.e. to be holy despite her sad predicament, so that her little daughter, Faustina, might thereby grow up reflecting her mother's perfections, her virtues. Most times, daughters do indeed reflect their respective mothers' "whatever."

At the conclusion of Valeria's meeting with Jesus, she eventually went back to her home after staying temporarily at the home of some Jewish-Christian coverts lady friends of hers, and not much was later heard of her, except that she became a more virtuous Christian.

Not too long after all this, at night, while Jesus and His 12 apostles, elderly John, and elderly Eliza, were still staying in Nob and in the same large house, a woman outside the house knocked on the door saying:

"Oh! for pity's sake! I am all  alone in the road. I am cold and hungry. I am a poor wretch. Call the Master for me. He is merciful..."

Jesus knew she was lying, and said so to His nearby apostles, but nonetheless agreed to see the woman in the grounds, alone.

She was a prostitute, an actual fee-charging prostitute, very beautiful in appearance, who had come from nearby Jerusalem, where she was based. She was paid by Judas and some members of the Jewish Sanhedrin in order to attempt to seduce Him - a 'honey-pot' trap - hoping thereby to smear His Teachings.

When Jesus met her outside the house, He was initially severe with her, with what she had wanted to achieve, but He slowly became less severe and eventually succeeded in converting her.

Jesus, as Man, suffered temptations just like any other man, but He never, never, ever yielded to them.  [Luke 4.13; Hebrews 2.15]

Jesus has long told us that "we are tempted without our consent but we sin with our consent."

Pursuant to the vision that Jesus, true God and true Man, gave to holy mystic and 'victim soul,' Maria Valtorta - the "pen of Jesus," she being an invisible observer therein:

 [Jesus opens the conversation with the prostitute and, among the many other severe things He says to her, He continues to speak to her, thus:

 "[Maria Valtorta continues with the vision she sees and hears:]    «[Jesus continues to speak to the prostitute:] ... ... ... ... You [the prostitute] can see that I am not asking you [the prostitute] questions. I am speaking because I know, without having to ask.  [Jesus knows everything from eternity to eternity]  But if you know those two things, you do not know the third one. You do not know who I am, in addition to being a man and Jesus. You see the man. Other people say to you: 'He is the Nazarene.' But I tell you who I am. I am the Redeemer.

 " « In order to redeem one must be without sin. Look how I trampled on My possible sensuality [carnal lust] as a man. As I am doing with this disgusting caterpillar that in the darkness was moving from one heap of dirt to another for its lascivious sensuality [carnal lust]. That is how I always trampled on it. That is how I trample on it even now.

 " « And likewise I am willing to tear your disease [sins of prostitution, sexual sins] away from you and tread on it [disease - sins of prostitution, sexual sins], freeing you from it [disease] to make you holy and healthy. Because I am the Redeemer. Only that. I took the body of man to save you, to destroy sin, not to sin. I took it to remove your sins, not to sin with you. I took it to love you, but with a love that gives its life, its blood, its word, everything, to take you to Heaven, to Justice, not to love you as a brute. And not even as a man, because I am more than a man.

 " « Do you [the prostitute] know exactly who I am? You do not know. You did not even know the significance of what you were going to accomplish. And I forgive you for that, without you asking for it. You did not know.

 " « But your prostitution? How could you live in that state? You were not like that. You were good. Oh! poor wretch! Do you not remember your childhood? Do you not remember the kisses of your mother? Her words? And the hours of prayer? The words of Wisdom you heard your father explain in the evening and the leader of the synagogue on Sabbaths?

 " « Who made you [the prostitute] dull-witted and who intoxicated you? Do you not remember? Do you not regret it? Tell Me! Are you really happy? Are you not replying?

 " « I will speak in your stead and I say: no, you are not happy.

 " « When you wake up you find your shame on your pillow giving you the first daily twist of torture. And the voice of your conscience howls its reproach while you adorn and perfume yourself to look pleasant. And you smell an infamous scent in the finest essences. And a nauseating taste in rare dishes. And your jewels are as heavy as a chain. And they are. And while you laugh and allure, something moans within you. And you get drunk to overcome the boredom and nausea of your life.

 " « And you hate those whom you say you love for the sake of gain [for incoming prostitution fees]. And you curse yourself. And your sleep is heavy with nightmares. And the thought of your mother is a sword in your heart. And the curse of your father gives you no peace.

 " « And then there are the insults of those who meet you, the cruelty of those who use you, always mercilessly. You are a merchandise. You sold yourself. One makes use of purchased goods as one likes. One tears them, consumes them, treads and spits on them. It is the right of the buyer. You cannot rebel... And does that situation make you happy?

 " « No. You are in despair. You are in chains. You are tortured. On the Earth you are a dirty rag on which anybody can tread. If, in some moments of grief, you seek comfort raising your spirit to God, you feel the wrath of God upon you, a prostitute, and that Heaven is more closed to you than it was to [primogenitor] Adam. If you are not well, you dread death because you know what your destiny is. The Abyss [Hell] is for you.

" « Oh! miserable woman [the prostitute]! And was that not enough? To the chain of your sin would you like to add also that of being the ruin of the Son of Man [Jesus]? Of Him Who loves you? The Only One Who loves you?

 " « Because He clothed Himself with flesh also for your soul. I could save you, if you wanted.

 [Jesus is Infinite Mercy, Compassion, Forgiveness.]

 " « The Abyss of Merciful Holiness [Jesus] is bending over the abyss of your abjection and is waiting for your wish to be saved to draw you up from the abyss of your filth. In your heart you think that it is impossible for God to forgive you. You base this thought of yours on the comparison with the world that does not forgive you for being a prostitute. But God is not the world. God is Goodness. God is forgiveness. God is Love.

 " « You [the prostitute] came to Me, being paid to harm Me. I solemnly tell you that the Creator, in order to save one of His creatures, can turn into good even what is evil. And if you want, your coming to Me will be changed into good. Be not ashamed of your Saviour [Jesus]. Be not ashamed of showing Him your bare heart. Even if you wish to conceal it, He sees it and weeps over it. He weeps. He loves.

 " « Be not ashamed of repenting.

 " « Be as bold in repentance as you were in sin. You are not the first prostitute to weep at My Feet and to be led back to justice by Me... I have never rejected any person, no matter how guilty the person was. I have always tried to attract sinners to me and save them. It is My mission.

 " « I am not horrified at the state of a heart [i.e. of a person's sinfulness]. I know Satan and his deeds. I know men and their weaknesses. I know the condition of woman who pays, and justly, for the consequences of [primogenitor] Eve's sin more severely than man. So I know how to judge and how to pity.  [Jesus is Divine Pity.]

 [Woman pays "justly," says Jesus, because it was primogenitor Eve, a woman, who got man, primogenitor Adam, to rebel and sin against God at the beginning. But that does not mean that a man can thereby exploit a woman and become a despot over her. God's immutable Law of loving one's neighbour also applies to married couples, as each spouse is also a neighbour to the other. That some married couples do not obey that Law, does not invalidate that immutable Law. As Jesus has said above: 'God does not change His Word.']

 " « [Jesus continues:] And I tell you [the prostitute] that I am more severe with those who make women fall than with the women who have fallen.

 [This is obviously a dire warning to men who are promiscuous, moving from one conquest to another.]

 " « [Jesus continues:]  In your case [the prostitute], O unhappy woman [the prostitute], I am more severe with those who sent you than with you who came, not knowing exactly what you were lending yourself to. I would have preferred you to come urged by the desire for redemption, like other sisters [= like other repentant prostitutes like her, e.g. Aglae, perhaps Mary Magdalene] of yours. But if you countenance the wish of God, and you turn an evil deed into the headstone of your new life, I will speak to you the word of peace... »

 "[Maria Valtorta continues:]  Jesus, Who was severe at the beginning [of His conversation with the prostitute] and has become kinder and kinder, still remaining so... divine as to exclude all weakness of senses and also every possible error of evaluation of His Goodness, is now silent, looking at the woman [the prostitute], who has been standing all the time, stooping more and more, at about two metres from Him, and who, in the middle of His Speech has taken her hands to her face pressing her veil against it, two beautiful hands outstanding against the dark mantle and all adorned with rings. Bracelets are at the wrists of arms bare up to the elbows.

 "I could not say whether she is weeping or not. If she is, she is doing it so silently because I cannot hear any sobs or see any movement. She is so still in her dark clothes that she looks like a statue. Then all of a sudden she falls on her knees and curls herself up on the ground and then she really weeps without any reluctance to show it. Then, lying on the ground dejectedly, she begins to speak:

 [The prostitute speaks to Jesus, Infinite Mercy:]

 " 'It is true! You really are a Prophet [God]... Everything is true [Jesus is Truth]... They [Judas and some members of the Jewish Sanhedrin] paid me for this... But they told me that it was a wager... They would have found You in my house... But also close to You...'

 [Jesus speaks to the prostitute:]

 " « Woman, I will only listen to the story of your sins...  »

 "[Maria Valtorta continues:]  says Jesus interrupting her.

 [The prostitute speaks:]

" 'That is true. I am not entitled to accuse anybody because I am a dung-heap. Everything is true [what Jesus had said]. I am not happy... I do not enjoy riches, banquets, love affairs... I blush when I think of my mother... I am afraid of God and of death... I hate the men who pay me. Everything You said is true.

 " 'But do not drive me away, Lord. No one, after my mother, has ever spoken to me as You did. Nay, You have spoken to me even more kindly than my mother, who in the last days was hard to me because of my behaviour... I ran away to Jerusalem not to hear her any more...

 " 'But You... And yet Your kindness is like snow on the fire devouring me. My fire is dying down, it is a different fire. It was scorching, but gave no light or heat. I was as cold as ice and I was in darkness. Oh! how much I suffered through my own will! How much useless cursed grief I have caused myself!

 " 'Lord, through the half-open door [when she first arrived] I told you that I was an unhappy woman and to have mercy on me. They were the lies they taught me to tell You to lure You into the trap [the 'honey-trap']. They said to me that, afterwards, my beauty would do the rest...  My beauty!  My clothes! ...'

 "[Maria Valtorta continues:]  The woman [the prostitute] stands up. Now that she is standing I can see that she is tall. She tears off her veil and mantle and appears in her true beauty of a brown-haired woman with a very white complexion. Her eyes, enlarged with bistre, are large and beautiful and they have the look of amazed innocence, which is odd to be found in this type of woman. Perhaps they have already been washed by her tears.

 "The woman [the prostitute] tears and treads on the cloth of her mantle, she rends her veil, she pulls off the precious buckles from both and throws them on the ground, takes off her rings and bracelets, she flings away the ornaments on her head, she gets hold of her curly locks full of shiny clasps and tears and ruffles them to destroy their artificial beauty in a fury of sacrifice that is even frightening.

 "Her necklace, stretched violently, becomes unstrung and falls to the ground and her foot shod in ornate sandals treads on the gems crushing them; her precious belt and a clasp fastening her dress on her breast with artistic style, have the same fate. And all that takes place while in a low panting voice she repeats:

 [The repenting prostitute repeats:]

" 'Away! Cursed things. Away! You and who gave them to me. Away, my beauty! Away, my hair. Away, my complexion as white as jasmine!'

 "[Maria Valtorta continues:]  With a swift movement she gets hold of a sharp stone that she sees on the ground and she strikes her face and mouth till they bleed and she scratches herself with her painted nails. Blood falls in drops from her wounds, her features are swollen with blows... until her fury dies down and panting, exhausted, disfigured, unkempt, with clothes torn and stained with blood and earth, she throws herself on the ground at Jesus' Feet, moaning:

 [In effect, in principle, the prostitute was then unknowingly obeying some very, very severe verses of the Gospel. i.e. Matthew 5.29-30; Mark 9.42-48]

 [The now repenting prostitute speaks:]

 " 'And now You [Jesus] can forgive me, if You see my heart, because there is nothing of my past, nothing of... You have won, Lord, against Your enemies [Judas and the members of the Jewish Sanhedrin who tried to entrap Jesus into committing sexual sins] and against my flesh... Forgive my sins...'

 [Jesus speaks to the repentant prostitute:]

 " « I had already forgiven you when I came to meet you. Stand up and sin no more. »

 [The now former prostitute speaks:]

 " 'Tell me what I must do, so that I may do it.'

 [Jesus speaks to the former prostitute:]

 " « Go away from the places of your sins, from those who know who you are. Your mother... »

 [The former prostitute speaks:]

 " 'Oh! my Lord! She will not receive me any more. She hates me as my father died because of me, cursing me.'

[Jesus speaks to the former prostitute:]

" « If God Who is God receives you, and He receives you because He is a Father, can your mother not receive you, as she gave birth to you and is a woman like you?

" « Go to her with all humility. Weep at her feet as you are weeping at Mine. Make a full confession to her as you did to Me. Tell her your sufferings. Implore her mercy. Your mother has been waiting for this moment for years. She is waiting for it that she may die in peace. Bear her words of loving reproach [= love] as you bore Mine. I was a Stranger to you, and yet you listened to Me. She is your mother. It is therefore twice as much your duty to listen to her respectfully. »

 [The former prostitute speaks:]

" 'You are the Messiah. You are more than my mother.'

 [Jesus speaks to the former prostitute:]

 " « Now you say that. But when you came to tempt Me you did not know that I was the Messiah, and yet you have listened to My Words. »

 [The former prostitute speaks:]

" 'You were so different from men... so... You are holy, O Jesus of Nazareth!'

 [Jesus speaks to the former prostitute:]

 " « Your mother is holy as a mother and as a creature. Through her prayers you have found mercy with God. A mother is always holy! And God wants her to be honoured. »

[Mothers can indeed save their own children with their prayers.]

 [The former prostitute speaks:]

 " 'I have dishonoured her. The whole village [where the prostitute grew up] knows that.'

 [Jesus speaks to the former prostitute:]

" « That is another reason why you should go to her and say:

 " « 'Mother, forgive me.'

 " « And it is another reason for consecrating your life to her to repay her for the pains she suffered because of you. »

 [The former prostitute speaks:]

 " 'I will do that... But... Lord, do not send me back to Jerusalem. They [some members of the Jewish Sanhedrin] are waiting for me... and I do not know whether I will be able to resist their threats... Let me stay here until dawn, and then...'

 [Jesus speaks to the former prostitute:]

 " « Wait a moment. »

 "[Maria Valtorta continues:]  Jesus stands up, He goes to the kitchen door, He knocks, and has the door opened. He says:

[Jesus calls elderly disciple Eliza to come:]

 " « Eliza, come out. »

 [Eliza, an elderly disciple of Jesus, was an elderly friend of Virgin Mary, from their early days when they both, as little girls, were consecrated to live in the then Jewish Temple in Jerusalem.  {This is yet another story best left at this point.}]

 "[Maria Valtorta continues:]  Eliza obeys. Jesus takes her [elderly Eliza] towards the woman [the prostitute] who seeing another woman [elderly Eliza], who is also elderly, come towards her [the prostitute], makes a gesture as if she [the prostitute] were ashamed, and she [the prostitute] tries to cover her face and immodest dress with what remains of her torn mantle and veil.

 [Jesus speaks to Eliza, an elderly kind hearted disciple of His:]

 " « Listen, Eliza. I am leaving this house [in Nob] at once. You [Eliza] will tell My disciples to join Me at Herod's Gate [in Jerusalem] at dawn. All of them, except Judas [Iscariot, who is by now a demon] who must come with Me. [Obviously to stop Judas from slandering Jesus.]

 " « You [elderly Eliza] will take this woman [the now former prostitute] to sleep with you. [meaning in Eliza's separate bedroom] You can take My bed [for the former prostitute] because I will not come back to Nob for a long time. Tomorrow, when [elderly] John gets up, you and he will take this woman [the former prostitute] where she tells you. You will give her an ordinary dress and one of your mantles. And you will help her in everything. » "

Recollect Jesus' comforting Words of Infinite Mercy... "I could save you, if you wanted."

Of course, these days, there are countless other prostitutes for 'gain,' for gain other than for actual cash in hand. Girls should leave their parents' home only to marry, as it once used to be the case, before sexual decadence and depravity became widespread, openly without shame, and become the prevailing norm in society... towards a living as Sodom and Gomorrah once lived, a living that eventually resulted in both cities being destroyed by God with fire and brimstone.

The foregoing incident with the prostitute was yet another vile treachery by traitor and thief and debauchee, Judas Iscariot, to ensnare Jesus into sin, so that He and His Teachings, His Gospel, might then have been smeared, discredited. But Jesus, being also true God, obviously knew beforehand that that was to transpire and had forgiven the repentant prostitute.

The prostitute was procured and paid for by Judas Iscariot with the moneys provided by the then Jewish Sanhedrin - yet another one of their many cabals against Jesus. I doubt that Judas did not "enjoy" a freebie from the prostitute beforehand, as he was, by now, a long confirmed demon and a long practising debauchee. He was also involved in the occult.

"Woe to those who decree iniquitous decrees, and the writers who keep writing oppression... ", said real Jewish prophet, Isaiah.  [Isaiah 10.1]

Sweet loving, adorable Jesus Christ continues to be, now and in eternity, true God and true Man.

Saint John says to us:

 "Let those who blaspheme by saying that Christ was not true God and true Man cease to blaspheme out of mercy on their souls."  [Implicit punishment not revealed.]

Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit.

Mary, Help of Christians, pray for us.

The foregoing is pursuant to the Gospel that Jesus dictated to Maria Valtorta, the Holy Bible, and my analysis.

All for the glory of Jesus our Lord God and Master.


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