Report about Immigration Detention Centre IDC Bangkok; By Bishop FS Bhatti


Yesterday 11th September 2015, I visit IDC with Papa and moma Thongchai Ariyawongwiwat, i observed very critical situation of Pakistani Christian Asylum seekers who are in prison of IDC. It is very miserable condition. It had come to knowledge very bitter situation of Pakistani Asylum seeker. We are thankful to Papa and Moma thongchai who loves Pakistani Christian, they visit them every Friday, and there are so many people who were not visited for last three, four, six months or year. What is reason! One person is allowed to see one specific person with room no and IDC no. But IDC is full of Pakistani Christian. Most of Christians are becoming patience of different of diseases, feeling helplessness, hopeless, physiological problems with deprivation. Almost Pakistani Christian Asylum seekers visas had been expired, without visas, they cannot visit IDC prison. If wife is in prison, husband cannot visit her because he is not allowed legally with visa and passport with expiry dates. Even their children cannot visit them without visa. They must have valid Passport and visa dates. My heart was crying for prisoners who are in great of moral and spiritual help. Even in prison, there is food issue of Pakistani and Thailand It is humble request to Pakistani Christian Asylum Seekers and Refugees to pray for each other. It is humble request to Pakistani leaders who are working for them, Please read this miserable condition, how miserable they are in IDC, Even Asylum seekers cannot do job, they have residential issues, foods issues, protection issues, It is humble request to Pakistani Christian seekers. Push down your person revenges, disputes, and personal fights of selfishness. Because your journey is becoming like Israelites who were fighting with each and idle worship in wicked things, please pray for each other’s. You must allow to Father God to help you to come out from these issues. What I have observed, people are trying to impose their experience and thoughts and we must give everything to Father God in Christ Jesus to do miracle for you to be blessed. What I have observed. It is ugly politics among people for personal, May God give them wisdom and blessing to be blessed. God bless you all.

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