Sadaf Saddique Advocate presents visit report to Pakistani Christian Asylum seekers in Bangkok


The last week was busy, wonderful and awesome with the Pakistani Asylum Seekers and Refugees in Bangkok, Thailand. There are approximately 7000 asylum seekers and the number is till growing as many more persecuted families from Pakistan are arriving in Thailand for the hope of better and safe life. Many of these asylum seekers are people from the cities Gojra, Lahore, Faisalabad of Pakistan etc. where the houses were burnt after blasphemy was alleged against them. Living in deplorable condition the asylum seekers and refugees do not get food and shelter support and living on their own and always wait for someone to help them with legal assistance and food and shelter support. It is illegal for them to work. One young boy, Waseem of Gojra city, told me that his first hearing of the asylum case is late in 2018 and some few other people have their first hearings in 2020 also. Until then they are at nowhere and with no support at all. In the room of 8 X 8 feet, their live almost seven people in one room and pitiable condition and they pay the room rents themselves. UNO and Thai government are not interested to support them at all. Thai government arrest and detain the people and bail them out on the cash money of 1500 $ US. I term this bail money as another income source for Thai government, whenever they need money they arrest people and free them after taking money equal to 1500 USD. They are not even interested to deport them, or else the Thai government will lose hope of earning 1500 USD whenever they arrest and detain people. I have observed that people have arrived here in Bangkok, Thailand, just with a hope that they want to be called refugees and they do not have lawful reason and documents to prove that they are persecuted on any ground. They seem to lack legal efficiency on their cases and only have a sentence to express "we are persecuted people." The western countries also are highlighting little focus on these suffering and persecuted people. Away from legal assistance, I and my friend Shahzad were able to take food support and share it among few 50 families. We had less support with us to help these dear people and most of the time we sacrificed our lunches and dinners to save money to help as much as we could, and we ate where we could eat free or we fasted to help refine our bodies to pray for them. It also saved money to help more families. And miraculously we did not feel hungry anywhere. It was a wonderful experience of love and obedience. Another problem we faced was that we could not gather many people together in one place because just a day before 200 Asylum Seekers were arrested and detained and people were afraid to gather together at one place. The pictures report can be seen here in this link: This is the little support that we could take to these dear people, and we are willing to help as much as we are abel to help. The most needful work for them is to work on their cases and resettlement. We can help them little by helping them with things and we will help them huge if we are able to help them winning with the respective cases. Much is needed to be done. Please keep praying for all the displaced people of the world. We are so very much thankful to you for joining with us in faith, trust, prayers and expectancy. Your help can help us save lives. Love Prayers and Blessings from Pakistan! Sadaf Saddique (Attorney at Law) Good Shepherd Ministry, Pakistan General Secretary Punjab Council of Pakistan Christian Congress PCC The Justice Foundation

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