J. Salik on Dove like Cross. PCP Report.


Islamabad April 5, 2003. Christian leader, convenor of peace Education Foundation and former federal minister J.Salik today hanged himself on ahuge dove like Cross to self-pity protest increasing killings of civilians specially children in the ongoing war on Iraq. The magnificient dove like Cross symbolizing peace and inflicting self sufferings for others, hinged on Hino truck took J.Salik to the streets of Islamabad. A canvas depicting flames of fire arising to engulf both church and mosque formed the backdrop. He plans to stay hung for twenty-four hours. J.salik had shut himself in a steel cage to protest continued bombing on Afghanistan during Islamic holy month of Ramadhan It was equally perturbing for him that attack on Iraq was launched during holy Christian fastings (Lent period). He organized a Cross bearers demonstration and held a single march on the streets of Islamabad. A long list of protests for peace punctuated the quarter century public career of J.Salik. To express solidarity with Muslim brethren J.Salik took to jute dress in 1981 for 12 years to register protest over the massacre of 300 Muslim minority members on the occasion of Eid in India. To protest against desecration of a mosque and the Holy Quran in Britain World Minorities Alliance, J.Salik blackened his face. The objective was two fold. Firstly to demonstrate that the tragic incident had blackened the face of the entire humanity and secondly to express solidarity with the Muslim brethren of London. To express solidarity with the Muslim world J.Salik under took a 2000 KM peace march in extremely cold weather to lodge protest and express grief over loss of several hundred thousand innocent lives and colossal material damage during the Iran-Iraq war. As a mark of protest J.Salik along with 25 others donned the coarse jute clothes. J.Salik protested over massacre of Muslims in the Philippine and as a mark of protest he wore black robes for 40 days. J.Salik lent support to 8 point peace program in 1982 of Prince Fahd for the Middle East. J.Salik burnt and buried the effigy of Christian militia over brutal Muslim massacre in Palestine. J.Salik organized hoisting of black flags over the houses of Christian comunity to protest against violence against Muslim minority in Burma. J.Salik organized a joint Christian-Muslim Ulema conference to press the release of 72 American hostages by Iran. J.Salik along with his family members reached Bosnia to express solidarity with the oppressed Muslims while the war was at its peak in that land. J.Salik's only son perceived the visit as a life risk. J.Salik replied that "if the bodies of mother, father and son arrived back in pakistan on the occasion of Christmas, this may help awake the world conscience and raise Pakistan prestige in the comity of nations. Despite being a Christian J.Salik was nominated on behalf of Islamic Republic of pakistan for Nobel Peace Prize.

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