Old Custom Impacts Terrorism and Freedom via Saudi Arabia and the Middle East!


New York, NY, August 19, 2003 - Although most Mid-Eastern governments, the general population of that region, and its ivy-league educated elite are seemingly pro-western, restriction there and terrorism continue to perplex the West with the question "What is provoking them?" The answer evidently lies in a very old custom. "Circumcision Factor - Ishmael to Islam" by Layman Showlight (assumed name) presents an original, frank and fascinating look at the circumstances surrounding this scenario, beginning with the Circumcision of Abraham. The study of this broadly accepted dogma reflects on restrictions and burdens, via this custom, on Saudi Arabia and associated nations where for many terrorism and faithfulness are synonymous, whereby their law, freedom and tolerance is strictly curtailed. The book analyzes the mystery of that circumcision, from its origin to its consequences down the centuries. Though widely practiced among Jews, Muslims and even Christians, it is a reality never truly scrutinized over the millennia, possibly due to tradition or simple hesitation to delve into this mystery. The analysis draws an undeniable correlation of scriptures and events up to our present time. Whether the chain of facts is scriptural reality, multiple coincidences or boxed-views is a choice for the reader. Readers may conclude whether nations can change what has been inscribed in the flesh, e.g. by the belated but important cooperation of Saudi Arabia with the US which is an unholy cooperation for many in the Middle East. Also, is the West assisting or can the West resist the forces symbolizing the once mighty powers of Egypt, Babylon and Persia? Not fiction, but a simple book based on events as presented in scriptures, customs and many nations' dressed-up democracies. It answers the question "What is provoking them?" leading the reader to have compassion for those effected by the Circumcision Factor.

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"Trial of Pakistani Christian Nation" By Nazir S Bhatti

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