Death of a Man who compromised on Christianity. Bishop Nasir


CNI. Gujranwala. The most influential and strong church leader, “Pope John Paul II” Head of the Roman Catholic Church died after a prolonged illness on Saturday the 2nd of April 2005. Heading a Church that claims to be the “Only” Catholic Church” while ignoring the “literal meanings” of the word “Catholic”. According to various dictionaries, we find the meaning of the “Word Catholic” is copied here. Cath·o·lic Pronunciation: 'kath-lik, 'ka-th&- Function: adjective Etymology: Middle French & Late Latin; Middle French catholique, from Late Latin catholicus, from Greek katholikos universal, general, from katholou in general, from kata by + holos whole
1 a. often capitalized: of, relating to, or forming the church universal b. often capitalized: of, relating to, or forming the ancient undivided Christian church or a church claiming historical continuity from it c. capitalized: ROMAN CATHOLIC
2: COMPREHENSIVE, UNIVERSAL; especially: broad in sympathies, tastes, or interests

Catholic. Adjective = 1. (Catholic)=Roman Catholic: Are they Catholic or Protestant? 2. A Catholic Church (often Catholic) (Technical) connected with all Christian or the whole Christian Church. 3. (Formal) Including many or most things: to have Catholic tastes (=to like many different things)

Catholic. Noun = Roman Catholic: They are Catholics (Catholicism).

Therefore we can conveniently say that the ”Word Catholic” does not mean or indicate the present or past “Roman Church” with is roots in Vatican City. As a Presbyterian we can call our Church as “The Catholic Presbyterian Church” or “The Catholic Anglican Church” or any other Church body any where in the world that has faith in Lord Jesus Christ. More over the Greek Orthodox Church, the Eastern Orthodox Church and the Russian Orthodox Church are all “Catholic Churches”. Yet the Roman Church that “ruled the Christendom” from “Fourth Century AD to 16th Century AD and persecuted any or all who did not submit to the “Papal authority”. History is witness to the fact that any or all who disapproved or rejected the “Papal Authority” was killed without mercy. Therefore we must try and teach the world that “Pope” has never been the “Spiritual Leader” of all Christendom. However we respected the “Spiritual Head” or the “Leader” of the “Roman Church” yet more than a billion Christians do not accept the “Pope” as their “Spiritual Leader”.

Pope John Paul II was a great leader of the “Roman Church”, who worked for the interests of the Roman Church and (as claimed) the demise of Communism in Europe. I am not hesitant to say that “Pope John Paul II” worked for “Catholic Christianity” only. He never recognized the Christianity or Church out side the “Roman Church”. In my views the “Roman Church” could never reach the Biblical Standards of A Church.

It was a gloomy day in December 2001 when Pope John Paul II sent his “authoritative” instructions to all Roman Churches to observe the Muslim Fasting on the last Friday of the Islamic month of Ramazan or Ramadan on 13th December 2001. According to Papal instructions, the Roman Church was forced to observe a None Christian tradition and not only misled the Roman Church but he also became a tool of desecration of all Churches around the world. In January Pope John Paul II invited leaders of various faiths including “Idolaters” at Assisi to pray for peace from their “gods and deities”. Yet ignored the “Protestant Church” that he always said to be “Rebellious Lot”. For world peace, Pope John Paul II compromised on the ”Prince of Peace” and earned a great fame and popularity among the people who reject Lord Jesus Christ. And he failed to control the “Roman Clergy” that was involved in sexual scandals and brought shame to Christian World at large.

With the death of Pope John Paul II, the Christendom has not lost its “Spiritual Father”, only Roman Church has lost its “Spiritual Father” which they will get back very soon. As far as the “Real Catholic Christianity”, the world has lost a man of great fame who had tried to find “Peace” without Christ. His services for “worldly peace and “Human Rights” will be remembered by the “Kings and Nations” of the world, I wish he is also remembered by our lord Jesus Christ. We must “mourn” the death of Pope John Paul as a human being who suffered bodily in his last days and died a natural death as all human being die, yet we do not mourn the death of an “Earthly Father” of many misled people.

Mourning the Death of Pope John Paul II

The deceased Pope John Paul II is reportedly been given the Title of a “Saint”. I my humble opinion, death of a “Saint”

Is not “Mourned”. If the death of Pope John Paul was a “Saint” the Roman Church should “Rejoice” that Pope John Paul II is with Lord Jesus Christ. Please remember that “Death of Saints has great value in the eyes of God”, and mourning a “Saint’s death” is sin.

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