A few questions to you: By Bishop of Karachi


Bishop Malik you are the most senior Bishop of the Church of Pakistan as you prefer to be called and at the same time you are the so-called Moderator of a disputed Synod and love to be called a Primate as well. Would you please dare to answer these questions:-

Mr. Humphrey Peters has issued a letter dated nil calling it an extract of the minutes of the Synod Executive Committee whereby your disputed and now an Executive Committee with no moral values has unanimously declared that,

“Rev. Ejaz Inayat Masih at present is not a licensed Presbyter in any of the Diocese of Pakistan.”

Bishop Malik let me tell you that none of the Bishops of the Church of Pakistan is a licensed Presbyter of any Diocese and so I don’t need a license from any one of you.

1. Would you please tell me from where is your license?
When I was in your Diocese you kept on saying rotten things about the Bishops you didn’t like.

2. Have they changed now or you have changed?
Bishop Mano resigned and came back after a long time.

3. Was he elected again?

4. How come he takes the position which he had left to work with USPG?

5. Do you have a resolution of the Synod on that?
You know there is a status quo on the Synod, yet you held the Synod last year.

6. What made you change your stance on the verdicts of the courts? You very well know that there is litigation pending in the courts and yet you declared Sadiq Daniel as the Bishop of Karachi, because he has opted to be your front man in the sale of properties. The recent example is that of ten shops built recently at Sheldon Boys School, Karachi. The goodwill market value of these shops is 100 million rupees. Only 30 thousand have been deposited in the Diocesan accounts.

7. How much of the amount has gone in your pocket under the table?
Sadiq Daniel has managed the deal as an Attorney of LDTA.
The sad incidence of 11th April at the Brenton Carey Hostel for Girls is a black spot on the face of the Church of Pakistan whereby (Bishop) Sadiq Daniel stripped the Lady Administrator of the Hostel through his Diocesan workers and beat her severely.

8. Is it your human and Christian concern to defend him through your illegal Executive Committee which includes those Bishops who consecrated me as a Bishop in the Church of Pakistan? Are the other members as bankrupt ethically as yourself although you call yourself Chairman of Peace and Justice Commission which does not exist?

Would you dare answer all these questions? Please do.

The Rt. Rev. Ijaz Inayat Masih

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