Agnes Tabassam advocate suggests Dr. Stephen Gill to File Writ petition on stopping his CD Album by Government. Dr. E.C. King, LL.B. (Hons) From UK, Reg Moses from Canada and Nisar Malik from Denmark term it shameful act to prevent spreading message


Canada. August 10, 2005. Many leaders of different communities, writers and intellectuals have expressed grave concern on stopping CD album " Aman Ki Rah" composed in Pakistan of selected Peace poems of Dr. Stephen Gill.
Advocate Agnes Tabassum from Pakistan writes to Dr. Gill "This is your Constitutional Right to enjoy your poetry and books and send it to your friends all over the world. You may writ for your rights in the High Court of LHR.
Dr. E C King from UK expressed his concern as "We are outraged by your revelation of the Pakistan objection to release your "Peace Album" that is truly and unarguably your intellectual property right, unless they have cause to claim otherwise. We understand from your text that Pakistan had claimed that their refusal to release this Peace Album was in accordance with their Law. If this were so, then Pakistan should be reminded that the promulgations of Universal Declaration of Human Rights supercede any of the Pakistan's laws so far as individual rights of every human being are trampled upon or degraded in any way by any nation or through the national legislation of any country. In particularity, Article 27 states: "Everyone has the right to the protection of the moral and material interests resulting from any scientific, literary or artistic production of which he is the author". The above summarizes the dangers and the weaknesses inherent in Pakistan's excuse. If therefore Pakistan remains adamant and unbending to your demands for the release of your rightful work of art, it would be flagrantly breaching Article 27 of Universal Declaration of Human Rights Articles.
In the absence of the above breach, your case is an unprecedented saga in the sense that Pakistan had projected itself as a country dedicated to fighting any manner of terrorism and aggression, the antonyms, which evidently spell "PEACE". Is it not hypocritical for a country to pretend to be seeking peace and yet rejecting wonderful works of art that promote the same end - which is "Peace"? We would have supported Pakistan were your work to have been promoting terrorism and violence. But this had not been so.
To this end, our ruling is that Pakistan's actions imply that the country is diametrically opposed to peace while pretending to be for it and that they should release your work that is guarded by Intellectual Property Act without further delay.
Mr. Reg Moses, Treasurer, Canadian Christian Association of South Asians Canada, Says "A great injustice typical of the ways of dictatorships. Please highlight this issue with the media to see if they will allow the albums to be released"

"A shameful act of the blind beaurcratic system of the Pakistani authorities which must be condemn" Says Nasar Malik from Copenhagen.

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